Chapter 2


“Miss Zerhina Vigorio, can you read in front your life quotes?” I heard Professor Manzano call my name while holding a green index card. I stand up and slowly walk towards my Professor in front. She gave me the green index card with my name written on it.

“Life is a long Journey, I should be strong, strong enough to admit my weaknesses and used my weaknesses as a foundation to make myself even stronger.” those are the lines that I wrote on my one eight index card. Our English Professor Ms. Adelaide Manzano asked us to write a life quotes that shows how we conquer the struggles we faced in life.

“You’re not strong at all” one of my classmate shouted that makes the whole class laugh. I know the whole academy saw me as a weak girl who cannot protect herself.

“Miss Vigorio you can go back to your seat” our Professor said. I just nodded at her and make my way back to my seat. The class continued laughing, not minding the professor in front.

The moment I decided to leave the orphanage I told myself that the life waiting for me was a long journey. I must keep myself strong, and admit my weaknesses then use my weaknesses to keep me going until I reach my goals.

“Okay, class dismiss” the professor announced while arranging her belongings. I got up from my seat and stormed out of the classroom together with my classmates and went to the locker room to change into my P.E. uniform.

The next two hours is allotted for our P.E, and our class is assigned to play volleyball today. When it is my turn to change into my P.E. uniform I immediately entered the last cubicle.

“Girls, did you hear the news?” I heard a familiar female voice said and I recognized it as Monique Alcantara’s voice.

I know eavesdropping is bad but I can’t just cover my ears to prevent myself from hearing their conversation.

“The news about Mitzy Fuentes?” another familiar voice of a girl said and this time I’m certain that it is from Celine Marasigan, Monique’s loyal puppy I mean friend.

I felt my body froze when I heard the name. Mitzy Fuentes is the daughter of George Fuentes one of the stock holder of the academy. Mitzy Fuentes is also known for being the Queen Bee of the academy.

“I didn’t hear any news. What happened to her?” This time I heard Nicole Cordova asked and that made me come to my senses and continue changing into my P.E. uniform. After wearing my P.E. shirt I started putting on my rubber shoes. While tying my shoelace my ears are busy eavesdropping to my classmates’ conversation.

“She was found dead, the security guard found her body on the abandoned building. The girl who commits suicide was found on the same building months ago” And again, I was frozen on the spot while holding my shoe lace. I felt the sudden rush of fear consume my whole system. I’m not afraid on the girl who commits suicide; I’m terrified by the idea that they might have a lead on the crime that I have committed. “She was barely recognizable. She got a lot of cuts on her face; her body is covered with gashes of wounds probably from a whip and the worst part is the gun shot on her forehead.” Monique continued “Guess what? The school president invited Mr. Rowell Martinez the number one detective in the Philippines to handle the case” Monique added that made me tremble in fear.

Mr. Rowell Martinez, the famous detective in the Philippines. He closed all the cases that he handles. If Mr. Rowell Martinez will handle this case, it means I’m dead.

“I hope Mr. Rowell Martinez close this case. I don’t want a criminal wandering around the school” Nicole Cordova said before I heard the locker’s door being closed.

I immediately finished tying my shoe lace and walk my way out of the locker room. My mind is still pre-occupied by the idea that a famous detective will handle the case that I saw with my eyes. My hands won’t stop trembling due to the nervousness that I’m feeling right now.

“Okay Grade 12-STEM-1 I will divide your class into four groups. Group one versus group two and group three versus group four. Now let’s begin at the back count One to Four” Professor Gonzales ordered as we started counting.

“One” said Monique

“Two” I said when it is my turn counting. I took a glimpse of Monique and she’s smiling evilly at me when I utter the number.

That evil smile means one thing. She will surely target me on our game later, but I will do everything to avoid it. Monique Alcantara is a known member of the Women’s Volleyball Team of Don Antonio Valerio Academy and I know she will do everything to win this match. She hates losing after all.

“Good luck nerd, make sure you cover and protect your face while on the court” Monique whispered when she walked passed me. Her warning just confirmed my thoughts a while ago.

“Each group will play a single set against their opponent. The winner will be match up to the other winning group for the finals. The final winner will get a perfect score in this class. I will give you five minutes to have a game plan. After five minutes we will start the game” Professor Gonzales announced before striding outside the gym.

“Does anyone here know how to play volleyball?” Sandra Santiago made the initial move. Everyone in group two raise their right hand except me. I don’t freaking know how to play volleyball. They all looked at me in disbelief, their eyes says what-can-you-expect-from-a-nerd.

“Ehem” Sandra faked a cough to get our attention. “Jody Rivera, your height fits you to be the libero” Sandra said while assessing Jody’s height. “Michelle Santos and Zerhina Vigorio your height will increase our offense that’s why I assign the both of you to be our middle blockers. Michelle please led Zerhina in doing blocks.” Base on Sandra’s look she doesn’t trust me but choose to assign the position to me because of my height. “Linda Santos you will be the wing spiker, the same position as mine.” Sandra said. She seems to focus on this game. Maybe just like Monique, she hates losing. “The setter position will be handled by Ella Mae Ledesma. Every time you toss the ball to me, I want it high” We all agree on our position and give some remarks.

Linda Santos, the other wing spiker raise her hand “Any toss will do” she said while smiling.

I keep myself quite the whole meeting. I don’t have anything to comment that is why I think it is better to keep my mouth shut.

“Group one and group two you can now enter the court” Professor Gonzales announced the moment she step inside the gym.

I positioned myself in front of the net. Monique’s group wins the toss coin, which give them the privilege to take the service line. Their setter Nicole Cordova walks thru the service line and ready herself. I don’t know how to play volleyball but I seldom watch a volleyball league and because of that I can say that Nicole serve the ball smoothly but strong enough to make our libero stumble. The ball went up but high enough for our setter to toss it to Sandra that the latter spiked downwards to our opponents side of the court gaining us the first point of the game.

The game went on smoothly, I occasionally create mistake but my team mates always do something to cover it. The current score is 24-23; we take a one point lead and the match point.

“Toss the ball to my side, and I will give this nerd a lesson” I heard Monique whispered to their setter, I don’t know if it is really a whisper because I can clearly hear it. I know this time will come that she will hit the ball hard towards my direction.

I let out a heavy sigh before positioning myself. Due to the rotation, I am positioned now on the back row. Sandra positioned herself on the service line. She took a deep breath before throwing the ball up and then hit it with all her might as if giving all her strength to finally end the match. I saw how the other group’s libero saved the ball and it went up to Nicole and then she tossed it to Monique and the latter hit it hard towards my direction.

I felt the ball make contact to my head and all I can hear is the laughter of my classmates that echoed on the entire gymnasium while my body slowly descent on the cold gymnasium floor.

And then everything went black.

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