Chapter 3


“I don’t give any mercy to my victims” the demonic voice said and I heard a gun slide being pulled.

Wait, the demonic voice has a gun? The demonic voice owned a gun? No, this can’t be happening. Why am I hearing these things? I tried opening my eyes again hoping that I can save the girl or stop the possible death of the girl near me.

But I think I’m too late to help the girl.


I immediately open my eyes and found myself in a completely white room, no doubt I’m in the infirmary. I heave a sigh and realized that it was just a dream. Last night, when I tried to sleep that dream haunts me. Then I remember I passed out after Monique hit the ball hard towards me. She really hated me, but why did I do to her?

I gently got up from the bed and looked at my wrist watch. It’s already five o’clock in the afternoon meaning I slept for two hours. My head hurts but I just ignored it and went to the nurse station. I ask the nurse if I can leave the infirmary and she just nod at me.

When I’m outside the infirmary I realized that some classes are already dismissed because there are students walking on the school grounds.

The thought of the students walking on the school ground made me decide to take the other route to reach the girls dormitory which is the forest. I usually take this route to avoid other students. This forest has secret passages, good for students who wants to ditch their class. I love this forest; this is one of the places that I used to spend my leisure time. Aside from this forest, I usually go the building’s rooftop, library and my dormitory room.

While walking I realized something and I abruptly stop on my track. In front of me, was the abandoned building, the same building were in Mitzy Fuentes was killed. I started to ask myself different questions. Why am I here? What comes in my mind to be here?

“What are you doing here?” I heard someone said behind me, her voice is so familiar. I turned around and confirmed my theory, and then I saw her wearing her evil smile. The one who hit the ball towards my direction making me lose my consciousness. I clench my fist tightly to calm myself. I need to control my temper; I don’t what to hurt anyone again.

“Nothing, I am leaving” I said and turn around but then again I lost consciousness.

“You know what? You shouldn’t mess with me in the first place” A familiar demonic voice said, the same demonic voice that killed Mitzy Fuentes. Am I just hearing things? Or am I the one who owned that demonic voice?

“Please *sob* spare my life *sob* I don’t want to die” Monique’s voice echoed on the four corner of the room we’re occupying.

“Ohh, I am not the kind of killer who will spare the life of her victim that easily” the girl with the demonic voice said in sing song tune.

I tried opening my eyes and I saw a glimpse of ball launcher on my side directly aimed in front of me. Every time ball launcher fired a ball I hear a low groan. Probably from Monique Alcantara, but why is she suffering from this kind of torture? Does it have something to do with what happened a while ago?

“Please don’t kill me, I wi-will do everything. Just name it” Monique Alcantara said between her heavy breaths. I can sense the desperation on her voice.

“Dear, I can have everything I want. But right now I want you dead. That’s what I want” The demonic voice said with final conviction on her voice. She utters those words as if no one can stop her from killing her precious victim. Her demonic voice screams danger and blood thirst. “I just thinking, shall I’ll kill you the way I killed Mitzy Fuentes? Or just think of other way on killing you?” Those words scape her mouth as if she’s just reciting the alphabet.

“You-you killed her? You killed Mitzy? Why?” Monique asks pain is still evident on her voice.

“You’re curious? Want to know why I killed her?” the demonic girl asked while giggling.

That voice, I finally know and I am certain that the demonic voice belongs to me. I owned that demonic voice and realization hit me; I keep on mumbling words after I woke up. But, is it really me?

“Y-yes please” Monique whispered

“I will tell you the story, but in exchange you will give me your life and I don’t take no for an answer. I killed Mitzy Fuentes because she bullied me in front of a huge crowd and I hate too much attention. That is why I decided to kill her, isn’t it wonderful? She poured me a hot coffee and damn it hurts that’s why I poured her boiling water. I make some pretty cut on her face using a knife and I whipped her body because she pricked my skin using her nails, but the most exciting part is when I decided to end her life by simply pointing the gun on her forehead and pulling the trigger and boom she lay on the same spot where you are right now lifeless.” The girl with a demonic voice ended her story while giggling. “And it is your turn honey; I’m not satisfied on those balls. My hands are itching to kill you right at this moment.

“No please no, I want to hear more about your murders. Please” Monique pleaded but this time the girl remained quiet. “Please, I’m sorry” and Monique started crying hard.

“You know what I hate the most honey? I hate crybabies; every time I saw a cry baby I kill them” just then I heard the gun shot echoed.

I just did it again.

I just commit murder again.

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