Chapter 4


“Ahhhh, s-stop I-it p-p-please”

“Please *sob* spare my life *sob* I don’t want to die”


“Ahhhh, s-stop I-it p-p-please”

“Please *sob* spare my life *sob* I don’t want to die”


“Ahhhh, s-stop I-it p-p-please”

“Please *sob* spare my life *sob* I don’t want to die”


“STOOOOP” I shouted while catching my breath.

I just have a nightmare, a nightmare that haunts me every night. I adjust myself and hug my knees; my tears are now cascading down my cheeks. Last Thursday night I just killed Mitzy Fuentes the daughter of George Fuentes one of the stock holder of the academy and the fact that her daughter was killed he will surely seek for justice. Seeking for justice means incriminating the culprit and there is no doubt that I am the culprit. Then last night I killed Monique Alcantara, she belongs to one of the most influential family in the business world, and killing her means digging your own grave.

*I love you, you love me*

I turn my gaze on my cell phone when I heard my alarm.

*Let’s team up and kill Barney with the big shot gun boom Barney’s on the floor no more purple dinosaur*

That is my alarm tone since I was a grade seven student and until now. I hate Barney because his irritating, and when I heard that tune I started to used it as my alarm tone. I got up from my bed and headed to the mini kitchen of my dorm, no one wants to be my roommate and it is okay since I own the whole dorm alone.

When I am all prepared, I decided to go to the library to read some books. In my six years here in D.A.V. Academy I already finished reading Percy Jackson series, after that I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and today I want to continue reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. To be honest I loathed Professor Snape because he killed Professor Dumbledore but when Professor Snape died and he gave Harry Potter his memories, my hatred towards him vanished and it made me cry. All those times Professor Snape had protected Harry Potter.

“Ms. Zerhina Vigorio? Can you go to the Principal’s office and give this to her?” my attention shifted to the book from Ms. Mendoza, the school librarian. I look around the library and saw some students reading books. I returned my gaze to the librarian and give her a small smile.

“Yes ma’am, I will just return this to the shelf” I said while standing up.

“No need, you can bring that book but make sure to return the book after you finished reading” I just nod at her and walked out of the library. I stare at the document I’m holding and realize that it was the list of the book that the librarian requested from the Principal. When I arrive at the principal’s office I knock twice before entering the room, but the Principal is nowhere to be found. I was about to walk outside when I hear a voice. I tried to stop myself from eavesdropping but I just saw myself walking towards the kitchen and there I saw the school principal talking seriously to Detective Martinez.

“The janitor found another dead body on the abandoned building. This time it was Monique Alcantara” the detective informed Mrs. De Guzman the school principal, her face became serious yet nervousness was still evident. “The police took her body for a post mortem examination. Just like Ms. Mitzy Fuentes’ case, Ms. Monique Alcantara was shot on her forehead.” It just worsen her nervousness

From my position, I can clearly hear what they’re talking about. And it gives me chills knowing that they already figure out that Monique Alcantara was killed.

“Detective do you think we have a serial killer on the loose?” Mrs. De Guzman asked the detective while nervously fidgeting on her seat.

The detective looked at her “We are still looking in every angle. We can’t easily conclude that there is only one culprit in Ms. Fuentes and Ms. Alcantara’s case. But, I will do everything to-” I immediately went outside the Principal’s Office when I heard those words uttered by Detective Martinez. I’m sure he will do everything to catch me, the real culprit.

I took a deep breath and tried to compose myself before knocking on the door. I waited few minutes outside before the door opened and I saw detective Martinez making his way outside the principal’s office.

“Go-good morning Detective” I greeted him

“Good Morning miss” he greeted me back before turning his back on me.

“What are you doing here Miss Vigorio?” Mrs. De Guzman

“Miss Mendoza asked me to give this to you Ma’am” I answered politely and hand her the documents.

“Thank you Miss Vigorio, I will notify the school librarian that I already received the documents. You can go to your class now” I just bowed my head and walk towards my classroom.

“I know your secret” I heard someone said on the alley between the two buildings. I walked towards the alley but I saw no one. But I saw something, a paper with my name on it.

“You killed them, don’t you” that was written on the small paper. I clench my fist and slid the small paper on my pocket, thinking who knows my secret.

“No, this can’t be” I felt a tear on my cheeks but I wipe it away immediately.

I won’t shed a single tear again in this academy, I just can’t.

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