Chapter 6


“You killed them, don’t you?

“You killed them, don’t you?

“You killed them, don’t you?

“You killed them, don’t you?

“You killed them, don’t you?

The same question written on the small paper keeps on repeating on my mind. I don’t have any idea who sends that letter.

*knock* *knock*

I suddenly heard a knock, and that brings be back to the reality.

What if the one knocking on my door was the anonymous sender?

Shall I kill him then?


Shall I negotiate?

What am I even thinking?

I slowly walk towards my dorm’s door, and I can feel my hands trembling. Nervous on who might be knocking on my door.

I grab the door knob and slightly opening it.

“Hi Hina” I sighed deeply before opening the door wide, letting her to step inside my room.

“Hi Ghinn” I greeted her back when she close the door behind her.

She roams her gaze around my room, looking for some changes.

“Nothing change, your things are on its places. Hmm, ow wait. You have a new bed sheet” she said before seating on my bed.

She’s Ghinn Lyna Sandoval, the only friend I have since I step my feet in this academy. I almost forgot that I still have her as a friend in this academy.

“Yeah, I ask for a new bed sheet” I simply answered without looking at her.

Ghinn knows me too well, and I know she knows something’s wrong that’s why she’s here.

I tried fixing my stuffs on the coffee table, without knowing that my stuffs are neatly organized.

“Zerhina, I heard what happened in the cafeteria and on your Physical Education class” I shifted my stare from the coffee table to her before puffing a heavy sigh.

I know she knew those incidents. Ghinn was friendly, and I know that the news will reach her immediately.

“Yeah, I got bullied again” I return my gaze at the coffee table, but this time I’m not fixing my stuff.

Ghinn made her way towards me, and then she holds my left shoulder.

“I also heard what happened to them” she sighed “At first I thought you killed them” she said jokingly.

I looked directly at her my eyes are clouded with tears, and I don’t know what gotten into me but I saw myself crying in front of Ghinn. I wipe my tears away but my tears won’t stop. Ghinn’s presence makes me want to cry harder.

“Ghinn” I looked at her directly in the eyes. Shock is evident, but then she shrugs it off then hugs me. “You-you’re right, I killed them” I continued still crying on her shoulder after confessing the crime that I made.

“Shh, can you enlighten me please.” she said, her voice was full of concern.

That’s Ghinn Lyna Sandoval, and she’s a good friend to me.

“I don’t know, when Mitzy died I heard her pleading voice asking for mercy and when I opened my eyes Mitzy was already in front of me, already dead. Same thing goes for Monique, I hear her pleading voice and a demonic and scary voice, and I know that voice too well, and that voice was mine Ghinn, mine!” Ghinn cautiously listen to me, not giving side comments until I finished.

She sighed heavily before looking directly at my eyes. I can see how concern she is, and how she understand my situation.

“You’re not the killer okay? You’re not. Forget what you did, and if you can’t I will help you and prevent you from killing others. I know you won’t hurt me.” Ghinn said before hugging me again.

I am so thankful that I have Ghinn as a friend in the academy, I don’t know if I can survive my first year staying in this academy without her.

“Thank you Ghinn, thank you” I hugged her back.

“Let’s eat? I’ll cook” Ghinn offered and I just answered her with a nod.

She went to my mini kitchen and looked for some ingredients.

“I want pork steak” I requested and she just gives me thumbs up before getting the ingredients.

“Pork steak then” she replied then turn her back to me.

Looking at Ghinn’s back made me wonder why she befriended with me. When I first enter this academy, she was the only one who approached me without hesitation. I smiled widely when I remember my first day in this academy.

“Hey? You don’t look familiar. Are you a new student?” a beautiful girl with a warm smile on her face approached me.

I was seating on a bench near the soccer field. I was watching the players; amazement was visible on my face. I admire them for handling the ball and bouncing it on their foot, knee and head.

I looked back at the girl who approached me; she is indeed beautiful without a doubt.

I nodded at her, not intending to talk.

‘I’m Ghinn Lyna Sandoval’ she offered her hand in front of me but I did not accept her handshake.

‘Can we be friends?’ she asked again not minding the rudeness I showed to her a while ago.

She pouted when she failed to receive any response from me. When I saw her pout I can’t help myself but to smile. It was a small smile but enough for her to giggle.

‘Yieee, you smile. I saw it, you really smile’ she said while giggling. I returned my gaze to the soccer field and enjoyed watching the players again.

‘Zerhina Vigorio’ I said without looking at her.

She sat beside me and turned her gaze to the soccer field.

‘I really want to be friends with you’ she whispered but enough for me to hear it.

I ignored her, but I was thinking the same thing. I also want her to be my friend.

“Hey Hina? I’m done cooking, let’s eat” I came back from my reverie when I heard Ghinn called me. “You seem drowned on a deep thought, what is it?” asked Ghinn when I seat on the dining table. This girl really knew me too well.

“I just remember the day we first meet each other” I answered with a smile plastered on my face. I saw her smile widely at me.

“Haha, I asked you back then the obvious. You don’t seem familiar, obviously you’re a transferee” she giggled while reminiscing.

“Yeah, I thought you were idiot that time. Haha” I said jokingly

She looked at me with a disgusted face.

“Yah, this idiot you’re taking about cared for you for so many years” Ghinn said while putting some rice on my plate.

“Yeah, I know that’s why I’m so thankful that I accepted you as my friend back then” I whispered enough for her to hear it then I looked directly at her eyes and I smiled genuinely. “Thank you Ghinn”

“You don’t have to say thank you. I was the one who approached you meaning I wanted to be your friend and I’m thankful because you accepted me. I love you Hina, and even though I believed that you’re not the killer. I will still do everything to prevent you from killing others. But right now, let’s eat.” She said and I just nodded at her and started eating.

I’m so thankful to have you as my best friend Ghinn.

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