Chapter 7


“Good morning” Ghinn greeted me with a smile when I saw her outside my down.

She’s wearing her school uniform; Ghinn was not my classmate that’s why we rarely saw each other every day.

“Why are you here, Ghinn?” I asked her, but before answering me she kissed me on my cheek and for the second time she smile at me.

“I just want to inform you that I requested to be transferred on your section” My lips parted after hearing the news from her.

“Why? Are you being bullied by your classmates?” I asked her when I came back to my senses. She just can’t request to be transferred from my section!

She looked at me with a wide eye then she looked at her shoes as if it is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen.

“I’m not being bullied by my classmates; it’s just that, I want to be in the same section as yours. How can I stop you from doing ‘it’ when we’re not together?” she argued pointing out her reason why she chose to transfer from my section without mentioning the killings that I have done. “Don’t you want my idea of transferring from your section?” she looked at me and sadness is evident on the pair of black orbs she owned.

She has a point, and how stupid of me to think that her classmates will bully her? I forgot that her family has a 20 percent share in this academy.

“Sorry, it’s just that I was shocked hearing that news. And of course I’m happy that we will become classmates.” I answered her and the sadness in her eyes vanished and it was replaced by glee. “Are you transferring to my section now?” I asked her, excitement is visible on my tone.

She pouted then cling her arms on my arm. “Not now but definitely soon. My papers are being processed and I need approval. I don’t want to use my string of connections. You know, I want to be low-key in this academy.” She reasoned out still clinging on my arm.

That’s the other reason why I became friends with Ghinn. She’s not the type of student who will brag that her family owned 20 percent of share in this academy.

“I’m really excited and I can’t wait.” I honestly told her.

She stop walking, she’s still clinging on my arm that’s why I also stopped.

“Hina looked its Blake.” She said while he finger is pointing at the soccer field. And there I saw Blake with his teammates practicing.

“Yeah its Blake, do you like him Ghinn?” I teased her but she just glared at me.

“Really you’re asking me that? If my memory serves me right, the girl in front of me like him.” She blurted out; a teasing smile was plastered on her face.

“Really? When did I like that guy?” I exclaimed back, not wanting to be the loser on this teasing battle.

“When I approached you the first time we met, I saw you looking at him. Remember, I saw you on watching soccer? I also notice that every time we come across him you will immediately shift you gaze on the opposite direction. Now tell me you that you don’t like him” She hissed and I just found myself surrendering. I raised my hand in defeat and looked at her warningly.

“Shut up Ghinn, someone might hear you if you don’t stop telling things about him” I don’t want others to know what I feel towards Blake!

“But, Blake is walking towards our direction Hina.” She said while still looking at my back.

“Tell me you’re kidding me” I warned her but she remained serious while still looking at my back.

“Hey, Ghinn” I stiffened when I heard Blake’s voice on my back.

I don’t have the strength to face him.

“Hey, what can I do for you Blake?” Ghinn asked with a wide grin on her faced, obviously teasing me.

“Ghinn I need to go, it’s almost time for classes.” I said to Ghinn then I turn around and slightly bow my head to Blake.

“We can go to class together is you want, we’re classmates remember?” I heard Blake said while holding my wrist preventing me to take another step.

I looked at him with wide eyes, while I can saw Ghinn on my peripheral vision grinning wide.

“No I mean yes. Ugh, no we can’t go to class together, and yes I know we’re classmates.” I said then I returned my gaze to Ghinn and gave her dagger looks and her grin immediately fades.

“She’s right Blake; you can’t go to class together because you need to change your clothes, you just finished your practice remember?” Ghinn said looking for ways on how to help me scape from Blake’s grip.

“Oh, sorry I forgot” Blake said while scratching his head. “Can we eat lunch together? My treat” He offered while looking at me with pleading eyes.

“N-” I’m ready to decline his offer but Ghinn cuts me off.

“Yes we will gladly accept your offer. Right Hina?” She nudges me while still smiling.

No was definitely my answer but I saw myself seating in front of Blake in the cafeteria.

“What do you want to eat?” Blake asked while looking at me.

I just can’t believe that Blake will ask me to eat lunch with him. I’m not assuming things, but I just really can’t believe it.

“She prefers lasagna every lunch and water as her drink. And I can eat the same food as her” Ghinn took the liberty to answer Blake.

“Alright, I’ll just order our food.” Blake stood up from his seat and went to the counter.

I immediately glared at Ghinn who’s now grinning from ear to ear.

“Stop grinning Ghinn, can’t you see all eyes are on us? What if they bullied me again?” I asked worried was plastered on my face.

What if Blake is just the front act of their plan to bully me?

What if they knew that I like Blake that’s why they used him?

“Just enjoy the moment Hina, and remember I’m here they won’t hurt you as long as I’m here” she held my hand tight; assuring that no one can hurt me.

I trust Ghinn’s words but I don’t trust those people who surround us.

The first thing that came in my mind when I land my first step in this academy was not to trust someone, but when I met Ghinn, I told myself to trust only her.

“Thank you Ghinn, I trust you so much that I can’t blame you for this situation.” I said and I giggled a bit, still conscious of my surrounding.

Ghinn just hissed at me then point in front, telling me that Blake is now walking towards us.

I looked at Blake and observe him. When our eyes met he smiled at me but I just return my gaze to Ghinn.

“Let’s eat” Blake said after putting down the food trays. He even assists me and put the fork in front of me.

“I can manage, no need to help me” I said then give him a small smile. I don’t want to be rude.

“Sorry, I got carried away.” He said then he seat in front of me again.

I started eating; the atmosphere was awkward when Ghinn started a conversation with Blake.

“How’s soccer Blake? I heard you have a practice match against Saint Raphael Academy next week.” She asked after chewing her food.

I didn’t bother to look in front of me; I know his eyes are on me. I can feel it.

“The practice was better than before, but honestly I don’t think if we can win against them their strong after all.” He answered and returns his gaze in his food. “Can you watch the game next week? I think I can win if you watch” he said again directly looking at me.

I remained silent, not able to answer his question.

“HINA will surely watch your game. Right Hina? We will watch their practice game?” Ghinn answered him again without asking for my permission.

“I don’t think so. I have school works to do” I answered giving Ghinn a sweet smile which means we need to talk later.

“Will you watch if I help you finished your school works?” I looked at him, determination is evident in his eyes.

“I’ll think about it. Excuse me, thank you for the food.” I said then I make my way out of the cafeteria.

Why did you approach me? What are your intentions in doing so?

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