Chapter 8


“Hey Hina, wait up” Ghinn shouted while following me.

When I walked out of the cafeteria every eyes were on me, judging me with every word that came into their minds.

“Ghinn, what’s wrong with you?” I asked her when we reached the school garden, the only deserted place in this academy.

She looked at me with pleading eyes, realizing that she done something wrong. I looked away and seat on a swing.

“I’m sorry” she seat on the swing beside me. “I was just thinking that you and Blake might be a good match that’s why I’m pushing you” she explained after taking a deep sigh.

Being aware that I like Blake for a long time made her think and decide to push me more to him.

“But aren’t you suspicious of him? He acted as if he likes me or is it just me assuming things?” I asked her discomfort is visible in every word I uttered.

She just stared at me as if memorizing every angle of my face.

“I think he likes you too. Look at yourself; you’re just hiding your beauty. It’s not impossible for Blake to like you.” She said admiration was obvious on her face.

I looked away. I know she just wants to cheer me up.

“To be honest, there is another reason why I’m hesitant about Blake” I said honestly. I return my gaze to her and she just gave me a worried expression.

“You mean the killings? But I’m sure it wasn’t you doing those sorts of things Zerhina.” She said in a low voice, being vigilant on our surroundings, cautious that someone might be eavesdropping.

I simply nodded at her. She still believes that I’m not the one who killed Mitzy and Monique.

“I don’t know, we don’t know. But I’m certain that I was the one who killed them.” I said in a low voice, enough for her to hear me. “The feeling of that cold object I’m holding makes me tremble in fear every time I remember it.” I told her and I felt her hold my trembling hands.

She holds my hand until it stops trembling.

“What happened before you killed Mitzy?” she asked me still cautious.

I looked at my hand as it starts to tremble again.

“The cafeteria incident, I bump to her. She poured a coffee on my head, and she grope my arm tightly I even felt her nails.” I told her while reminiscing the incident in the cafeteria. “Monique, she bullied me on our volleyball game. She hit the ball hard towards me in purpose.

She turned her gaze towards the water fountain, drown on her own thoughts. She returns her gaze at me.

“It only means one thing; we must avoid those people who have intentions to bully you.” She reasoned out. “And I will help you.” She said with a sincere smile on her face.

“Are you sure Ghinn? What if you’re just putting yourself in danger because of me? What if I hurt you? What if-” Ghinn cut me off by hugging me.

I can feel comfort on her embrace.

“Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. I trust you Hina.” She let go of me then give me wide grin.

I know that grin, she’s thinking of something mischievous again.

“Ghinn, what are you thinking this time?” I asked her while raising a brow.

Her Grin widens and she giggled.

“Blake keeps a pair of tantalizing obsidian black eyes, those thick eye brows, his comb over hairstyles that suite his prominent jawline. His-”

“Stop it Ghinn, you don’t need to describe Blake’s physical appearance I can see it okay? I don’t care if Blake is handsome. I like him because he’s good in soccer, he also excel in class.” I cut Ghinn off, she keeps on blabbering unnecessary things.

“Yiiee, you keep on ignoring him but you really like him. By the way, you will watch their practice game right?” she reminded me

Do I really need to watch their practice game?

“Honestly, school works are just my excuse and I felt stupid for using that as my excuse. Imagine we’re classmates and I use it as my excuse? I’m really bad at lying.” I covered my face using my hands. “I guess I don’t have any choice?” I said then looked at her. “You will accompany me right?” I asked her using my pleading voice. She just looked at me and nod.

“Of course, I will. I made a promise remember?” she reminds me.

“Where can we find Blake? I will tell him my answer” I told her and for the nth time she gave me her teasing grin again. “Ghinn, will you stop grinning like an idiot?” I yelled at her and she just gave me a hearty laugh.

“Sorry can’t help it. But, I think Blake is in the field right now. Let’s go” she stands up and grabs my wrist, pulling me excitedly towards the soccer field.

I can feel my trembling knees while walking towards the soccer field. Ghinn stop walking then faced me.

“Are you sure you want to tell Blake about your answer? You’re trembling for Pete’s sake Hina.” She hissed and holds my arms, giving me support.

I looked away and sigh. “I will try, but can you stay by my side while talking to him? I need your presence, Ghinn.” She gropes my arm and pulled me into a hug.

“Don’t worry; I will always stay by your side. I won’t leave you, I promise that Hina.” I hugged her back. She let go of me but this time she hold my hand. “I will always hold your hand in that case you can feel that I’m always beside you” she said and we started walking.

My knees are no longer trembling but my heart keeps on pounding.

“Blake” Ghinn waved her hand to catch Blake’s attention.

Blake’s attention shifted to us, he waved back at Ghinn then turned his back to his team mates and run towards our direction.

“Hey Ghinn Hi Zerhina” he greeted us with a wide smile. “By the way, what are you doing here?” he asked Ghinn, while looking at me from time to time.

I fixed my gaze at him, admiring him even more.

“Hina wants to tell you something” Ghinn said then Blake’s gaze shifted to me. Our eyes met and he smiled at me.

“What is it, Zerhina?” Blake asked me, still looking directly at me.

I squeeze Ghinn’s hand and she squeezed it back.

“Sorry for what I did in the cafeteria. By the way, I was just making excuses earlier.” I said and looked at my shoes.

“Hmm, don’t worry I understand.” He answered while scratching his nape.

“Can I watch your practice game?” I asked him and his eyes widens in shocked and excitement.

“Of course you can. I will surely do everything to impress you.” he replied and held my hand. “Thank you Zerhina” he said and kissed the back of my hand.

His sudden move surprised me making me pulled my hand away from him.

“Sorry, I’m not used to things like that.” I said and I felt my face heating up.

I felt so embarrass right now and it worsen when I heard Ghinn’s giggles. I pinched her belly and she automatically stop.

“No I’m sorry, I was carried away.” When I looked up at Blake and his face was as red as mine. His ears were as red as a tomato. “This is so awkward” he said and looked away, avoiding my gazes.

“You two looked good together. Both of you are as red as tomatoes.” Ghinn tease us that made us feel even worst.

I glared at her but she just gave me a meaningful look.

“E-excuse me, we have a practice. See you tomorrow Zerhina” Blake said and make a sudden move that I least expected.

Blake kissed me on my cheeks before turning his back against us and run to his team mates.

Ghinn pinched me while giggling. “He’s you first kiss” she giggled again and started tickling me.

“Stop it Ghinn, it’s embarrassing.” I said and walked away, leaving Ghinn behind.

I just can’t believe it, Blake just kissed me in my cheeks.

Such an embarrassment.

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