Chap 16: A glimpse into the past - Part3

Flashback continued...

At a Mansion, hidden in the depths of a dark forest, a vampire dragged a frail-looking woman to a room. Her name was Sybil, and she was a witch who was caught by two vampires and brought to this Mansion in the middle of nowhere. 

Another vampire sat on a high chair near the fireplace, but Sybil's attention was not on him but on the moonstone placed on a table in front of him. 

She gasped, seeing it, and exclaimed," How did you get that? Did you get hold of Mr. Black? I-Is s-she free?"

" It didn't work. She is still trapped. Did you lie to me?" spat the vampire Daniel who sat on the high chair.

" Then how come the moonstone is here? Nobody except the descendent of the Black family could touch the enchanted rock protecting the moonstone, " said Sybil.

" Our plan was foolproof. We forced Shawn Black to come to the cave and move the rock. I even shot him with an arrow so that his blood would spill on the moonstone and release her, but it didn't work," Daniel screamed out the last words.

Sybil felt a sense of relief upon hearing the evil dark witch was still trapped inside the moonstone. Seeing her expression, Daniel got up and held Sybil's jaw tightly, " Are you hiding something? It was you who told us Samara could be released from her trap with Black's blood."

Sybil tried to get away from Daniel's hold, but it was impossible as Daniel's twin Micheal held her arms from behind. 

Just then, Daniel heard a voice in his head that said, " Let me speak to her directly."

" Can you do that?" asked Daniel calmly.

" Yes! I am no longer trapped inside the enchanted rock, so few of my powers have returned. Now even if she doesn't want to, I can force myself into her mind," smirked Samara.

Daniel left Sybil and moved a step back, and suddenly, Sybil could hear a voice in her head that spoke to her sweetly. "I am so happy to see you, Sybil. You are one of us, so you should be helping me. Together we will rule the World and show the filthy creatures like humans their actual place. I know you are the most talented and knowledgeable witch. You know every dark secret of every species. So join hands with me and help me come out of this trap."

" Your hypnosis trick won't work on me, Samara. My knowledge is not to help an evil person like you. The humans are not filthy; you are. Because of your deeds, the whole witch and wizard clan has got a bad name, and everyone doubts our intentions. Whatever you say, I will never join you," spat Sybil.

Samara was furious listening to those words, and the moonstone was vibrating continuously on the table. Daniel and Micheal backed away in fear while Samara screeched, " How dare you? A weakling like you dare to talk to me like that. I will make you regret your choice."

Now Samara spoke to Daniel, " Kill her right now."

Daniel was scared but said, " C-Calm down M-My Lady. We can't kill her now. We need her help to release you from this stone."

Samara was annoyed as she knew Daniel was telling the truth. There was a time when she was the ultimate power. Every being was scared of her mere presence. It all changed when the damned wolves trapped her in this sacred moonstone given to them by the Moon Goddess. It was already past thousand years, and she was still trapped. 

Luckily for her, these power-hungry vampire twins sought her, and she was at least free from that dreadful enchanted rock. 

As Samara did not respond, Daniel guessed she had calmed down. He moved towards Sybil and threatened, " I think you do not value your daughter's life anymore."

Sybil was suddenly scared at the mention of her daughter. "Please don't harm my daughter. I already told you whatever I know because of which you even managed to get the moonstone here," begged Sybil.

" Then why is Samara still trapped inside even after being spilled with the Black family blood?" asked Daniel annoyed.

Sybil thought for a while and asked, " How did you make Mr. Black spill his blood on the stone?"

" I shot an arrow on his hand."

Sybil shook her head and signed, " I told you beforehand he should be giving his blood at his own will. The spell on the moonstone would break only when Mr. Black offers his blood on his own, that too on a full moon night. He himself has to do it."

Daniel and Micheal were repenting for their mistake, while Samara was infuriated. " You fool! How could you miss such an important fact?

Daniel was embarrassed and pleaded to her, " We are sorry, My Lady. Give us one more chance. We will make sure not to repeat this mistake."

Samara had no other choice as all her previous followers had abandoned her, scared by the power of the Moon Goddess and her creations. " Fine! Make sure you are successful this time."

Daniel faces his twin brother Micheal. " We need to have a new plan in place. You lock her up in the dungeon; then we will get to work," Daniel instructs, pointing towards Sybil.

Micheal starts to drag Sybil out of the room while she begs, " Please, I have told you everything. Why don't you let me and my daughter go?"

"You and your daughter will not be released until Samara is trapped in here," he says, pointing towards the moonstone. 

" At least let me meet my daughter. How do I know you have not harmed her yet?" asks Sybil in frustration.

" You don't! But you have to trust us. What choice do you have?" says Daniel sarcastically.

Before Sybil could say anything more, Micheal takes her out of the room, screaming and kicking.

Daniel takes the moonstone in his hand while Samara was busy thinking of a plan to get that Black family dog to help her get out of this trap.
This time she couldn't trust these foolish vampires. She has to make sure her plan does not fail as she was eager to be free and rule the World. She wanted to crush everyone who did not obey her beneath her feet, and she would start with the Black family."

At the Blackwood pack, Clara awoke and saw Shawn was sleeping on the chair beside her bed. She held his hand, and Shawn was awake. 

He was active as soon as he saw Clara. " Are you Ok? Do you need anything?"

Clara smiles at Shawn. " I am fine.

" Are you hurt somewhere?"

Clara shook her head and asked, " What happened? How did I come here?" Then Clara seemed to have suddenly remembered something, and she got up panicked, " Lea, how is she?"

" Lea is fine, honey, and she's sleeping in her room." Shawn holds her and asks, " We found you two unconscious in the cave. How did you get there?"

" I sniffed her scent and found her in the cave. I don't exactly remember what happened after that," says Clara, thinking about the previous day's events. " How are the kids? Are they hurt?"

" Everyone's fine. Nobody was hurt."

Clara breathed a sigh of relief and asked, " Why were we attacked suddenly?"

" Even I am not sure, but Matthew is investigating it. Stop thinking about these things and take care of yourself. You had me worried yesterday, " says Shawn giving a peck on Clara's lips.

Clara puts her hands around his neck and says, " Sweetheart, you are not going to get rid of me so easily." Both smile at each other and share a passionate kiss.

They are interrupted by the sound of the door opening. Matthew and Lea were stood at the door, giving them a teasing smile. Clara blushes and backs away from Shawn, and Lea comes and hugs her. 

While Lea and Clara are busy with each other, Matthew takes Shawn out of the room and says, " I have found out about the two vampires who attacked us."

"Who are they?"

"Their names are Daniel and Micheal, and they are twins. They were from the Plasma clan but were banished as they tried to kill the clan elder in their quest for power. Both the twins are well trained in fights. Daniel is a shapeshifter, and he can shift into different animals or birds and even insects. Micheal is exceptionally fast and even has the ability to levitate," remarked Matthew recalling the information he had collected.

" No wonder he vanished in the middle of the fight," states Shawn thinking about his fight the previous night. " Do they know dark magic?"

" No, there's no proof of them ever doing any dark magic."

" Then what was that what we felt in the cave? There was definitely some powerful entity there," remarked Shawn.

" No idea. We need to investigate further," signed Matthew.

Shawn agrees and says, " Arrange for a pack meeting. We need to alert the pack members to be careful. I am sure those vampires and their allies will try to get to us again."

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