Chap 17: A glimpse into the past - Part4

Flashback continued...

At the pack meeting, Shawn urged the pack members to be safe. He warned them not to leave the pack premises alone, and also, the security around the pack was increased.

After a few days, Clara and Lea went to the city with a few pack guards. During their return to the pack, they are attacked by rogues.

While the guards were busy fighting the rogues, Clara was kidnapped by Daniel and Michael. Lea was worried and immediately informed Shawn.

Shawn wasn't sure where the vampires had taken Clara, but he did not have to wait very long. He gets a call from Daniel, who instructs him to come to the cursed cave alone.

Matthew wanted to accompany Shawn because he was sure it was a trap, but Shawn could not risk his mate's life.

Meanwhile, Daniel had shifted into a raven bird and was keeping watch outside Blackwood's pack. He saw Shawn leaving the pack alone in his jeep. Daniel follows Shawn just to make sure he does not play any trick.

As Shawn reaches the mountain, he parks his jeep at the same place he had parked the last time he came here. After that, he runs into the forest, shifting into his wolf form. When he finally reached the cave, the entrance was already open, so he dashed inside.

Once he reached the chamber, he saw Clara was lying unconscious on a bed made of stone. One of the vampires and a woman stood just beside Clara, and the vampire held a silver dagger to her throat.

Shawn gave a furious howl and lunged at Michael but was stopped by Daniel. "Move an inch, and your mate will be dead." Micheal slightly cut Clara's neck to emphasize his point, and Shawn gave a ferocious growl but did not move.

He shifted into his human form, wore his shorts, and asked the vampires, " What do you want?"

Daniel smirks, "Straight to the point, huh?"

" Don't waste my time and tell me what you want so that I can leave with my mate," growls Shawn.

Daniel raises his hand and says, " Ok, ok, calm down." He takes out the moonstone and shows it to Shawn. " I want you to put your blood on this stone."

Shawn raised his eyebrow and asked, " Why?"

" To save your mate. Is that not a good enough reason?" sniggered Daniel.

Shawn was shaking in anger and was contemplating what to do. He observes the vampires and the woman, and while Daniel is distracted, he tries to attack Michael but is stopped by an invisible force.

A low evil laugh escapes Daniel's lips as he sneers, "Do you think I am a fool? I know your strength, Alpha Shawn. The woman here is a witch, and she has cast a shield spell around your mate. No one can enter the shield until the spell is removed."

Sybil desperately wanted to help Shawn, but Daniel still had custody of her daughter, so she was helpless.

Daniel approaches Shawn and says, " If you want your mate alive, do as I say." He stretches his hand to hand over the stone to Shawn.

Shawn takes the stone, and he feels the same sensation he felt the last time he touched it. Dark energy was emanating from the moonstone, and he sensed that something was trying to get out, and somehow his blood could help it accomplish that. He was reluctant to agree to Daniel's demands, but he was also worried for Clara.

Shawn looked from the moonstone to Clara, and suddenly he saw a wooden stake flying towards Michael. It pierced directly into Michael's heart, and within seconds, he was turned to ashes.

Sybil backed away in shock while Daniel cried out, " Michael..." He angrily looked around when he saw Matthew emerge from the shadows.

" You killed my brother,' Daniel screamed and lunged at Matthew, but he was stopped by a forceful punch from Shawn. Shawn punched him one after another as if he was ready to kill him.

Daniel realized he was no match for Shawn's strength, so as a last resort to save himself, he shifted into a firefly and flew off.

Shawn was left staring at nothing. He yelled in anger, "Where are you, you coward? Fight me!".

Daniel was unperturbed by the threats and secretly fled out of the cave when Samara called for him, "You bastard! Come back right now!"

Daniel realized the moonstone was left with Shawn, but he did not have the guts to face him while he was injured and bleeding so much. He thought he would get back at Shawn with a better plan, but right now, escape would be the best option.

Matthew approached Shawn and said, "Let him go, Shawn; first, we need to help Clara."

Shawn moved towards Clara but was again stopped by the invisible shield. He looked towards Sybil and screamed, " Get rid of this shield now."

Sybil recovered from her shock and chanted the spell to remove the protective shield.

Shawn tried again and did not feel any resistance. He ran towards Clara and tried to wake her up. After a few minutes, she got up and saw Shawn standing in front of him.

Clara remembered being kidnapped by the vampires and embraced Shawn, who was relieved to see his mate was all right.

Matthew noticed Sybil and asked her, " Who are you?"

" My name is Sybil," she whispered.

" Be careful, Matt, she is a witch, and she was with those vampires," sneered Shawn.

" Are you with those vampires?" Matthew asked Sybil while he was on his guard.

" No, I am not with them," said Sybil with disgust towards the twins.

" Then why were you helping them?" asked Shawn.

" I was forced to help them as Daniel has my daughter, " cried out Sybil.

" How can we trust you? What if you are lying?" questioned Matthew.

" I don't know how to make you believe me, but please, I need your help to get my daughter back, " pleaded Sybil.

" You are a witch who can do magic; they can't you get your daughter back?" asked Shawn.

" I am not as strong as you think. I can just cast a few simple spells. I can't fight with Daniel and his rogue allies alone. Please help me get my daughter back, and I will tell you about that moonstone," Sybil said, pointing towards the moonstone which Shawn was holding.

Shawn was still skeptical, but Clara said, " I think she is telling the truth, honey. I don't think she would lie about her daughter. Let's give her a chance."

Shawn helped Clara get down the stone bed and said, " Ok, but let's get out of here first."

Everyone leaves the cave while Shawn asks Matthew, " How did you come here?"

" I was reluctant to let you go alone, so I was keeping a watch secretly. When you left the pack grounds, I saw a raven bird following you, and it looked suspicious, so I followed you all the way. Now I am sure that bird was Daniel," replied Matthew.

Shawn patted Matthew on the back and said, "Thank you, Matt, for saving Clara. I owe you this."

Matthew says, " Don't be so formal, Shawn. We are a team."

They smile at each other and leave to go to the Packhouse.

As soon as they arrive at the Packhouse, Shawn safely keeps the moonstone inside his room's locker.

The following day Sybil tells Shawn and Matthew about the Mansion in the dark forest where she was trapped for so many months.

Shawn, Matthew, and a few warriors attack the same night as they couldn't risk the child's safety.

Daniel had expected Sybil to come for his daughter, but he did not anticipate it would happen so soon. Unprepared, Daniel fled the Mansion immediately.

Matthew and his warriors quickly got rid of the few rogues who were foolish enough to stay to fight them. Shawn and Sybil searched the Mansion for Sybil's daughter, and they finally found her locked up in a room guarded by two rogues who couldn't even stand up to Shawn for two minutes.

Sybil entered the room and saw her six-year-old daughter was lying unconscious on the bed. She checked her pulse and was relieved to see she was alive.

" Is she fine?" Shawn asked, concerned.

Sybil nodded, and Shawn smiled at her. "Let's get away from here then."

Sybil picked up her daughter, and they left the room. They met Matthew and the others outside and immediately left the dark forest.

As they reached the Packhouse, Shawn asked the pack doctor to check Sybil's daughter. The doctor did a quick checkup and said she was perfectly fine.

Clara looked at Sybil's daughter and asked, "Your daughter is so pretty. What's her name?"

"It's Sera. She is six years old," replied Sybil with a smile.

" Why did the vampires kidnap you? " asked Shawn.

"Daniel wants to free the dark witch Samara from her trap," says Sybil with disdain.

After a moment, Clara gasped, "Are you referring to the powerful dark witch who lived a thousand years ago?"

"Yes, she is pure evil, and her only wish is to rule the World. She is extremely powerful and has mastered dark magic. During her time, she had managed to gather many followers who were equally evil. They all tortured people just for fun. Many great warriors of that time tried to defeat Samara and got killed by her. Currently, she is trapped inside that moonstone, and I don't know how much destruction she will cause if she is freed," signed Sybil.

"But what has it got to do with us? Why did Daniel ask for my blood?" questioned Shawn.

"Don't you know how she got trapped in the moonstone?" asked Sybil.

Shawn shrugged, and Sybil responded, "Your ancestor and his mates trapped her with the help of the sacred moonstone given to them by the Moon Goddess. Now she can be released only when a person from the Black family bloodline willingly offers his blood."

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