Chap 5: Two mates

The next week at the Silverlake pack passed in a blur. By now, everyone in her pack had come to know Adele was Alpha Chris’s mate and would be soon leaving their pack. Being a loved member of the pack she was busy with all the pack members who wanted to meet and congratulate her before she left.

Even with her busy schedule, she found time to confront the rogues who were caught on her brother’s wedding day. After some torture, they admitted they and few other rogues were asked to keep an eye on the three most powerful packs, The Blackmoon Pack, The Silverlake pack and the Firemoon pack. They admitted they had come on the wedding day as all the Alpha’s would be present there and they had got orders to keep an eye on them. Even after repeated questioning they never admitted to who gave them the orders. They just said we felt someone giving us instructions in our mind and we were forced to follow them. Axel and James believed the rogues are lying and trying to protect someone but Adele felt something was not right. Her sixth sense told her there is something more sinister that is controlling these rogues. Adele had observed their eyes when they were confessing, it seemed like they were entranced as if someone had cast a spell on them and had made them repeat the same thing again and again. She had read a lot of supernatural books and she remembered reading about spells and magic. She wanted to delve more into this matter but Axel suggests she concentrate on her mate and leave these matters to him. Adele decides she will speak to Chris once she meets him as it seems to involve the Blackwood pack as well.

The day before Adele was leaving for Blackwood pack, her brother arranged a party for her. Everyone reminisced about the past and talked about their time together.

The next morning, Chris arrived to pick Adele and they left for Blackwood pack.

At the Blackwood pack, all the pack members were told that Alpha Chris had found his mate.
The pack members already knew about Liam and Chris’s relationship but they had been instructed by Liam not to disclose it in front of Chris’s mate. The pack members were too loyal to their Alpha so they would never disobey him. They already knew his family history and sympathized with him. So accordingly, everything was arranged for Adele’s arrival.

Liam was too tensed from the morning. His wolf seemed particularly restless. He knew that Chris’s mate was about to arrive but he couldn’t understand why his wolf was suddenly so uneasy. While Liam was checking a few documents in his room, his Gamma Trevor comes and informs him of the arrival of Chris. Liam was feeling edgy but he still follows Trevor outside. As Liam was heading out he could smell an exotic smell of forest and lavender.

Adele and Chris had arrived at the entrance of the Packhouse but Adele stops herself abruptly as she could smell the unique scent of rain and vanilla. She was shocked. This felt similar to when she had found her mate Chris, but his scent was different. She then looked at a man standing at a certain distance from her. He was extremely good looking with light brown colored hair and blue eyes. He was tall, though not as tall as Chris but around 6’2”. He had a well-built body and quite large muscles. Though her mate was standing just beside her, Adele could feel an attraction towards this stranger. Even Alexa was dumbfounded but after a few seconds she whispers the words “Mate”.

Chris saw Adele stopping suddenly and saw her intensely staring at Liam with desire. He was pissed off seeing his mate looking with lust at another man let alone the man he loved. This woman was pathetic. He clenched his fists in anger but his anger increased tenfold when he looked at Liam. He couldn’t believe Liam was also staring back at Adele with longing and hunger clearly visible in his eyes.

Chris dashed towards Liam and pulled him aside and said gritting his teeth “ What the f*** Liam? What do you think you are doing?” Chris could distinctly smell the arousal emitting from Liam.

Liam came out of his daze and looked at Chris and stuttered “ W…W…What happened?

“What happened? You tell me what happened? You were nearly eye-fu***ng my mate” sneers Chris.

“M…m...mate? Is she y…y…your mate?” asked Liam worried.

“Yes,” says Chris. He looks at Liam’s worried face and asks “ Why do you look so worried?

Liam didn’t know what to say. Chris said the girl was his mate, then why did he feel she is his mate too? Why was Lex saying she is their mate? Did he do a mistake? Or did Chris misunderstand?

Liam was lost in his thoughts and Chris was getting frustrated by his behavior. He held his arms and asked “ What is it, Liam? We have already discussed this? Why do you look so flustered now? Don’t you trust me?

“I’m not worried about that,” said Liam.

“Then what is it?

“ I…I…I feel like she is my mate too. I can feel the mate pull towards her” whispers Liam.

“What” screams Chris.

Few of the pack members who were standing nearby jumped up in fear. Adele was so confused herself that she was lost in her own thoughts.

Chris looked around and pulled Liam further away and whispered “ What do you mean? How can she be your mate?

“ I…I don’t know how? Can’t you see I am also confused about this? Lex agrees with me too. Even if I am mistaken how can the wolf be wrong about his mate?” says Liam annoyed.

Chris looks at Adele. Even she looked confused and flustered. Could it be she felt the mate pull towards Liam too? He looked at Liam and asked “ A..A…Are you sure?

Liam just nods.

“Well… There’s one way to confirm it” says Chris.

“What is it?” asks Liam.

Chris looks at Adele. She was looking down as if lost in her thoughts. He then looks around and his pack members were all staring at them contemplating what is going on. He decides to talk in his office. He tells Liam to wait in his office and goes towards Adele.

Adele was in a mental battle with Alexa. She asks her “ Do you also feel the mate pull for 2 people or is it just me?

Alexa snorts and replies “ I feel it too. Isn’t it obvious? Our spirits are entangled with each other. We feel the same things.

“But how can we have 2 mates?

“ How do I know?

“ Wolf spirits live for thousands of years moving from one human to another. Did you have had 2 mates in your previous lives?” asks Adele.

“ Even though we have lived for thousands of years that do not mean I remember it. We are also like humans. We don’t remember our past lives”  replies Alexa.

“ Is it common for werewolves to have two mates?

“ No. Not common at all. I heard it happened 1000 years back but I am not sure if it's true” says Alexa.

“ So you mean to say it is possible?” asks Adele.

“ I really don’t know Ade. And you are the one who is always interested in knowing about supernatural history. Have you not read it anywhere?” 

“Unfortunately No. I think I have to look more” mumbled Adele.

She then saw Chris coming towards her. He seemed agitated. Adele was embarrassed and looked away. She realized how she must have looked gawking at another man right in front of her mate.

She wanted to explain herself but Chris stopped her and said “ Not here Adele. Let’s go to my office and discuss.

Adele nodded and followed Chris to his office.

Liam was desperately waiting for Chris in his office. He saw Chris entering the office with his mate. Liam observed her and thought Chris was right. She is indeed beautiful.

“ This is my Beta Liam.” Chris introduces Liam to Adele.

“ And she is my…… She’s Adele” he says to Liam.

Both Adele and Liam were staring at each other not knowing what to do and how to react.

“Why don’t you two have a handshake,” asks Chris.

“What?” Both Liam and Adele were confused but Chris was urging Liam pointing towards Adele. He says “ I just introduced her to you.

Liam stretches out his hand towards Adele and she does the same. When their fingers touch they immediately feel the sparks. Adele immediately retreats her hand back.

Chris saw her reaction and could guess she felt the sparks. He looked at Liam for confirmation and he nodded. But how is it possible? How come she has 2 mates? Or is it only Liam is her mate and I am not? Could I have been mistaken?

Chris moves towards Adele and touches her arm. He could feel the sparks and tingles too. He was racking his brain thinking about the unusual situation and soon he came to a realization.

Adele felt the sparks on her arm and jumped aside. She was really confused now. She puts a hand on her head and whispers to herself “ I don’t know what’s going on.

Adele tries to explain herself. “ I…I…I don’t know why but I can feel the mate pull towards the both of you.

“Yeah, I can see that… This seems to be an abnormal situation” says Chris. Liam stares at Chris. He didn’t seem as bothered as him about this whole situation.

“ I think it is a lot to take in. We have travelled for hours so you should rest now. We will discuss this tomorrow” says Chris. He wanted to discuss it with Liam first.

Adele agreed with him because even she needed some time to accept the fact that she has two mates. Maybe she can discuss it with her family too.

Chris mind-links to someone and after a few minutes, a lady of around 50 enters the room.

Chris introduces her to Adele.” This is Maria. She takes care of all the pack members.

“ And she’s Adele, my mate. Can you show her to her room?” Chris says to Maria.

Adele smiles at Maria and she smiles back. Maria then gestures for Adele to follow and Adele leaves after her.

As soon as Adele was out of earshot Liam says “ You seem to be very cool about everything.

Chris gives him a huge smile and pulls him in for a tight hug. Liam was surprised. What’s wrong with him?

Liam pulls back and asks “ Are you not worried ?

“ There is nothing to worry about rather it's good for us” smirks Chris.

“What do you mean?

Chris holds his hand and says “ You were so worried about finding your mate and you planned to reject her right?

Liam nods and says “ Looks like I have to do just that, now that I know she is your mate too.

“No... you don’t have to reject her anymore. Moon-Goddess seems to be on our side for now. Our problems are solved on their own” says Chris cheerfully.

“Can you be more specific?” Liam asks in an irritated tone.

“ We both were worried about each other’s mates ruining our relationship. Now that we both have the same mate we can share her. Moreover, that’s one less woman to deal with.

Liam finally seems to have understood what Chris was getting at. He was rather right. But will it be as simple as he’s stating? “ What you say is right, but do you think she will agree to it?

“ What choice does she have? She’s the one who has been given two mates by the Moon-Goddess. She has to accept her fate” says Chris casually.

“She has a choice, Chris. She can reject one of us. I would rather hope it would be me than you”

“ Instead of thinking about her rejecting one of us, we can rather focus on how to stop her from doing that and agree to accept both of us.

“ Why are you so worried about that? I don’t mind if she rejects me” says Liam as if it was no big deal.

“ Why don’t you understand Liam. She is of Alpha blood. Our offspring’s from her would be strong and healthy.

“ You don’t understand Chris. That’s not my priority. My priority is you.

“We can have everything, even after being each other’s priorities we will have whatever we wish for,” says Chris with determination.

Liam could see the determination in Chris’s eyes and he did not want to dampen it, but he had a weird feeling in his heart. Was it fear? or guilt? Suddenly, Adele’s face flashed in front of his eyes. He thought maybe he is feeling uneasy because of the newfound mate bond and decides to ignore it.

Maria leads Adele to her room. The room was quite spacious and huge, similar to her room in Silverlake pack. Maria seemed to be a nice lady. Adele heard her talking so lovingly about her pack and pack members. She liked to talk a lot. She was talking continuously and Adele was just content with listening to her as even she wanted to know more about this pack which will be her new home.

Maria was born in this pack. Her parents died when she was young. She never found her mate so she ended up taking care of the pack members making them her family. Within a few minutes of meeting her, Adele felt like she knew this lady for a long time. Even Maria was a good judge of character and she immediately knew Adele was a nice girl with a pure heart. She felt a little bad for her thinking about Chris and Liam’s relationship. They were like her own son’s and though she sympathized with Adele, she could not go against Chris either. Maria knew that in future, Adele will have a hard time at this pack and she wanted to help her as much as possible, so she tells her she could come to her for anything. Adele agreed and Maria left her room asking her to rest.

Adele’s luggage was already in her room. She decides to unpack it later, as there was too much on her mind. Adele wanted to talk to someone so she calls her mom Ariel and tells her about everything. Ariel is shocked to hear her daughter has two mates.

“You should discuss the matter with both your mates before making a decision. I firmly believe if Moon-Goddess has given you two mates, then there must be a reason for it” suggests Ariel. “ I always knew my daughter was special “ adds Arial praising her daughter. 

Adele instantly feels calm listening to her mom’s words. She assures her that Chris was very understanding and said they would discuss the matter the next day.

After speaking to her mom, Adele goes towards her room window and looks around. Coincidently, even this room was facing the forest and Alexa suggests they take a run. Adele agrees and jumps out of the window changing into her wolf mid-air and races towards the forest.

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