King Of Aces

By Anna-S


55.57k words

35 chapters



Table of Contents


Carter Dane Hawthorne, also known as the King Of Aces, rules the halls of North-Winds High School, just like his father runs the town. Crossing him meant social suicide, getting on his bad side meant actual suicide, and throwing your drink on his favorite shirt? Well, even the devil would applaud your courage and stupidity.
But new transfer student Ellie Kellerman doesn't know that, and in an effort to get to her class early, spills her hot coffee all over Carter.
What happens, when the King Of Aces gets disrespected? Well, you have to act the part of the Queen Of Hearts to keep your head on your shoulders.
"If you're planning to kill me, get on with it." I murmured, tossing my old backpack aside.
Of course I wasn't planning on going out without a fight. If he even steps a feet closer to me than he already was, I'll jam my knee where the sun doesn't shine, and make sure to at least break one of his bones.
"On the contrary..." he began, his heavy British accent dripping with undisguised sarcasm. "I want t



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2023/1/6 Reply

K.S. Orion

I diligently followed the updates on this book until the very end. I love Carter and Ellie together, but at the same time I feel so sorry for poor Jason and his one sided love. The humor in this story again... Oh God... I laughed so hard when Ellie held in her fart in that romantic moment 😹😹😹. At least you proved to us that romantic moments need not to be that angelic and unrealistically perfect. I so much missed my high school days after finishing this story. Thumbs up Author.

2020/10/24 Reply