Chapter Three

Reaching there I became suddenly apprehensive it has been so long since I saw the Alpha. Oh, moon goddess help me, sensing my anxiety grandma took my hand in hers.

"it okay I am here you don't have to worry okay dear," she says holding my hands tightly.

I reply with a nod bottling my fears before walking into the house receiving greetings from the pack's omega and some pack members.

A young omega directed us to the kitchen were my father and my brother were seated eating.

My father is a very selfish man even to his own beta preferring the life of a loner, he hates interacting with anyone even his beta, so his beta stays with his family at a house not very far from here.

I could very well feel the tension in the air, my father's eyes lock with mine in a ferocious stare before glancing away.

I have always been told by Ma I look so much like my Mum having her brown hair and beautiful amber eyes making that the more reason Dad hates me because I reminded him so much of Mum.

But I know I look nothing like her because she was pure and caring but I am the opposite of that always taking darkness everywhere I go.

Then my brother Hunter who looks exactly like Dad in so many ways, black hair, gray eyes, vicious temperament, and pride wide as the vastest ocean.

I ignore the stares while taking a seat between Hunter and Ma"Good evening Alpha. Hunter," my grandma says with a slight bow of her head.

"going straight to the point not to adorn your presence here," he says in his alpha's tone ignoring Ma greeting.

"Today is your eighteenth birthday marking the day of grief and loss to us all," he says glancing my way pushing daggers dipper into my heart with every word he says.

What a way to wish someone a happy birthday.

Refusing to give him the gratification by seeing me in pain I harden my eyes giving nothing away.

" Alex(grandma's name) you and Kate will be moving after Kate's graduation which is two weeks from now Into the king of Lycan's pack," he says nonchalantly.

"you can't be serious, " I say abruptly before I could stop myself, gaining a glare from Ma.

"you should be happy he is sending you to a strong pack and not to a place you could get killed "Hunter inject throwing daggers my way.

" Oh shut up you and I both know who needs the protection the most, "I say with a glare of my own.

"I would watch my mouth if I were you because you don't want to suffer as a result of your insolence " he threatened.

"enough you two" The Alpha command putting an end to the argument, I glare at Hunter before glancing at the Alpha "you leave after your graduation and that is final," he says before leaving the room.

Hunter smirks before leaving, I felt dumbfounded, agitated, appall, and many other emotions.

My emotions were everywhere, I can't understand why he would decide to send me away unexpectedly, I never liked being here and I was hoping he would grant me the permission to leave this pack but not this way especially not forcing me to join another pack the pack of the most wicked and arrogant king.

I understand he doesn't care about me but that doesn't give him the right to send Ma from this pack, a pack she sacrifices a lot for, she spent her whole life here he can't just send her out of her home just like that.

I can't let him do that, I am leaving but Ma will stay, he can't use the hatred he as for me against Ma.

I got up immediately walking towards the Alpha's office where I will speak my heart out and he will listen to everything I have to say.

But before I could make it to his office MA pulled me by the wrist stopping me from taking any step forward," Kate listen to me "she requests softly.

I gave deaf ears to her word, all I could feel was anger has my body shake eyes flicking between red and Amber "Ma let go this man has to hear what I have to say" I say pulling my hands but her grip was so tight.

"take a deep breath and relax " she orders pulling me into a tight hug.

I let her pull me outside the packhouse back to the house while people watch us as we walk by. She unlocks the door pulling me into the house with her before pulling me into her embrace letting her sweet berry sent feel my nostrils calming my heartbeat.

I enjoyed her presence and care for a few minutes before pulling away "Ma I am so sorry because of me you are being told to leave this pack" I plead pain and regret shining in my eyes.

Her lips form a smile leaving me in a state of confusion "it doesn't matter where I am being told to go all that matters is my baby is right next to me"

I hug her with a smile she always understands "thank you so much, I love you with everything" I say pulling away from the hug.

I smile one last time before walking towards my room after wishing her goodnight.

I take a relaxing shower then change into my nightwear, I climbed into my soft welcoming bed letting the stress of today bewail me down.

"Tiara what do you think about this?," I ask staring at the roof.

"I don't know what to say maybe this all for the best," she says sounding unsure.

I felt waves of sadness and hope at the same time coming from her before she shut me out leaving me demoralized with everything happening "moon goddess don't you think I deserve a break just yet? " I mumbled weakly.

I had hoped to wake up from this rollercoaster and see that everything is a dream, a very terrible dream.

Then I would be able to see my Mum, have a beautiful family who loves me but now I that this just the dream and wish of a naive little girl.

But now that stupid little girl knows best, she knows where she stands and ends, she knows what her share in this world is, which is filled with misery and heartache.

She has to fight every day, fight to wake, fight to live, and now all she knows is how to fight.

I stayed awake for a few hours before I fell asleep once again to a dreamless night which let me forget reality for some time and go into nightmares, welcoming the demons at night.

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