Chapter Four

These last two weeks have been the shortest weeks of my life with Hunter getting on my nerves always nagging me about how 'he can't wait for me to leave and the Alpha made the best decision ever' what a vermin.

I was hoping for the Alpha to change his decision but that didn't happen since today is the day I am to leave this pack and nothing has changed in his plans to get rid of me.

I should be delighted because I am finally leaving but how can I be pleased when a father's birthday gift to his only daughter is by sending her to the most feared pack.

The rumors have it that the king of lycans is awfully rigorous taking over packs for fun, killing, and obliterating life's, he derives so much satisfaction in taking away equilibrium.

But I don't believe in rumors since I am also a subtopic but then again the pack is home to all lycan.

Lycan's are known to be faster, and stronger than an Alpha, they are known to be deadly creatures.

I am not scared just anxious because I keep having this feeling that something is going to happen that might cause a drastic change in my life.

Ma feels different in fact she is very happy to leave, she keeps saying something great is waiting for us over there. weird right?

But anyways she apprised that we are just like visitors not pack members and we can also decide to join the pack but what I need do is to prepare myself for whatever is to come our way, hoping on the moon goddess to take it easy on me this time.

I jolt hearing the sudden sound of the alarm ringing" seriously" I say glaring at the clock on my nightstand before closing my journal then placing it into my bag.

Now it's time to start getting ready for the long journey ahead.

I can be so dramatic at times.

"Tell me about it, okay now stop being lazy and get ready before grandma comes in here, "Tiara says grinning widely.

"oh keep shut" I growl walking into the bathroom to do my morning routine since I packed all of my things yesterday I just have to get ready for the journey.

I pack my hair into a neat bun before changing into black ripped jeans, red cropped hoodie before slipping into my black sneakers.

Satisfied with my look I decided to see what ma is up too"Good morning "I salute walking into the kitchen

"Good morning dear. How was your night? " she asks placing two plates of bacon and sausage on the counter while I take my seat on the kitchen stool.

"like always "I shrug looking at her blankly.

"Okay take your breakfast, our flight is by 9:00 am this morning, " she declares taking one plate before leaving the kitchen.

"yes ma" I call after her taking my food from the kitchen counter with a glass of apple juice.

After eating I decided to watch a movie checking the time I have one hour more to get ready.


Pulling the last of mine and ma luggage into the back seat of the car while taking a bite from my apple I look around for anything important we seem to be forgetting," ma, I am done let's go " I call for her walking towards the door.

"okay get the key from the key holder I will be down in a minute " she yells.

I do as she says taking the house key from the holder since the car we are taking to the airport is for the Alpha we were ordered to leave the house and car keys with the driver

The drive there was silent but not uncomfortable just peaceful.

Finally leaving this pack, I can't say if it for a place better or worst then here.

Thirty two minutes later we arrived at the airport, after waiting for one hour we were called to board the plane.

We board a plane going to Mexico the land of bliss, I have never been on a plane before making me uneasy, I had to plead with grandma to let me sit by the window obviously she could not resist my plea and she let me.

I look at the window taking deep breaths to calm my nerves and with the support of ma by my side, I will survive this.


I wake up to the feeling of someone shaking my shoulders "stop sleeping Kate we are getting down in five minutes" can't this person leave me alone for crying out loud. This so pesky.

"Kate Darby David get up now O so help me," grandma threatened.

GRANDMA! she going to be so pissed, I immediately got up to face a very pissed woman.

" Sorry grandma I am just too depleted," I whine giving her my puppy dog eyes which always thaws her heart.

"whatever, just fasten your seatbelt because we are landing in four minutes from now, " grandma explains rolling her eyes with a slight smile creeping up her lips.

"Okay ma," I say while doing what she asked of me.

I finally, my butts was almost becoming numb from sitting down for hours, I thank the moon goddess as we step out of the plane five minute later.

After taking our luggage ma directed us towards a fancy looking car waiting with a driver and a young man standing by the car with eyes focus on us.

He must be the royal gamma or the royal beta through the power radiating off him, he looks intimidating so I am going to let him have that but I am not intimidated I just feel a bit threatened.

" hi I am the royal gamma Jack Alvin you must be Kate David and Alex Cara," he says bringing is hand for a handshake.

I shake his hand feeling the need to hassle him, "Yes, Kate David and my grandma Alex Cara nice to meet you, Jack. nice car by the way" I say smiling innocently locking eyes with him in mockery.

"Thanks but it is royal gamma Jack to you two," he says clearing his throat disturbed.

I like it, a self-absorbed asshole, I just gave him a mocking smile once again before replying "okay royal gamma Jack" I mock stopping myself from pulling his cheek.

We got into the car seating in silence until my grandma mind link me"Kate stop making him uncomfortable "

"I am doing nothing here, " I say innocently

"I can feel the tension and dominance you are giving out " she grunts.

"okay, but I am not to be blamed because he finds my presence intimidating," I say nonchalantly releasing the tension before hearing Jack sigh of relief

"behave yourself when we get there don't keep doing this when you meet someone of higher rank, " she says before looking at Jack with apologetic eyes.

Rolling my eyes at her "okay grandma I will try but don't expect me to be quiet and take nonsense from anyone" I say closing the mind like, she just shoots a glare in my way.

After that incident 'royal gamma jack' as he calls himself didn't even converse with us he just kept staring at me curiously, I was so tempted to teach him a few lessons on respect but just kept at bail because of ma.

I Don't get what his problem is just because he is a royal making him speculate he is better than others, but I really don't blame him for think so.

He is graceful every girl's pursuit, black straight short hair paired his captivating brown eyes, currently dressed in black suit and pants meaning business except for he's rude character standing off.

We arrived at a clear field coming to stop in front of a closed gate, which must be the border.

Immediately the gate was pulled opened letting us drive in my mouth falls open at the site in front of me.

A big mansion standing out among houses around it which were larger than our packhouse, the place was welcoming surrounded by forest, people going on with the daily activities, pups screaming and playing.

It was a sight to beyond, it looks more Lively than my old pack, this is nothing like I imagined.

when we step out of the car we were greeted by two elderly people a woman and a man looking to be in their twenties.

"welcome I am Thomas Clifford and my mate Elisa Clifford we are the parents of the king" the man with brown hair and honey brown eyes and very tall compared to my alpha.

Parents to the king but they don't look older than twenty.

"Nice to meet you. You must know who we are already," ma greets smiling politely.

"yes we know but I didn't know the Alpha had a daughter or his mother is alive until a few weeks ago," the gorgeous woman named Elisa with black straight hair and hazel eyes giving a welcoming feeling.

"he doesn't like Kate being called his daughter and Kate just calls me her grandma we are not related by blood, "ma says before glancing my way, while just stare blankly.

At least he had the decency to introduce me as his daughter to the king.

" Beautiful, you have to meet my daughter you both will get along just fine," says Elisa before pulling me into a hug, I stood confused with my hands by my side finding this situation really uncomfortable and odd.

"This is so awkward" Tiara whisper nonchalantly.

"Tell me about it" she finally pulls away releasing me from her embrace with a smile still gracing her lip.

"come in let me show you to your rooms. Thomas go tell the children our visitors are here," Elisa says letting us in.

If the outside was magnificent then I don't even know what to say about the inside, the place looks to magnificent screaming royalty, everything looks luxurious.

She opened a door asking us to get in, the room was bigger compared to our home back at the pack with a queen size and a plasma hanging on the wall, the bright curtain opened letting the ray of sunlight in making the room more elegant.

I walk towards one of the doors still daze by the beauty of this room, I gasp in shock seeing the sight before me.

This bathroom is bigger down my home back at the pack, this is my first time seeing a bathtub and it is so big.

I take in a deep breath enjoying the honey and banana sent of the bathroom with a smile on my lips, I use my finger in feeling the texture of the neatly fold towel below the sink feeling the softness on my skin.

After inspecting the bathroom I walk out of the room to fined Elisa and ma conversing like long lost friends" this is your room Kate I hope you like it?" Elisa asks grinning widely.

She just so energetic and happy "yeah I like it " I shrug running my hand on the bed which is very soft and looks comfortable.

"okay I leave you to it now, come down when you freshened up for dinner, okay dear," she says giving me a motherly smile which is so creepy to me don't get me wrong her smile is so energetic but I am not used to seeing strangers or anyone expects ma smile at me in that manner.

"yeah I will do just that your highness, " I say without emotion don't get me wrong, she just gave me a motherly vibe and I am not one to receive this feeling or accept feelings like this.

"Elisa," she says making me confuse "just call me Elisa"

"Okay, Elisa? "

" let go Alex to your new room," Elisa says while leaving my room 'my room' quick improvement.

I explore the room which includes bouncing on the soft bed and sniffing the pillows and bedsheets enjoying the same honey and banana sent.

I decide in taking a long bath in the tub enjoying the feeling of the water and additive scent of the bathing soap.

I wrap a towel around my body deciding to explore the second closed-door which turns out to be a walk-in closet which contains clothes, shoes, bags and even undies which are not mine but are actually my size,

I run my fingers through the clothes which are meant for different occasions, the shoes include heels which I have never dreamt of wearing, ever.

I feel like a princess already with all these beautiful things around me, I guess my Alpha made the right choice of bringing me here.

I find my bag containing my belongings I brought from my pack placed by the corner, someone brought it in when I was in the bathroom.

I pull my bag, opening it up deciding on wearing something I own instead, I got ready wearing black jeans and a loose shirt before trying to cool my nerves down.

I hear a knock on the door as I close the door of the walk-in closet door before grandma walks in already freshened up dressed in blue jeans and black t-shirt, "ready? " she asks, I replied with a yes before leaving the room towards the dining room with her leading the way.

"Trust me you are going to love here," she utters with a smile

"This place is not that bad from what I have seen" I return the smile.

We were greeted by different pack members some giving us curious looks before getting direction from a pack member towards the dining room.

A smell of something sweet like forest and pine fruit fills my nose making me sniff the air.

My wolf is going crazy with happiness, delicious it must be the food, the smell grows stronger as we walk going towards the dining room, I can't wait to have a taste.

Immediately the door was opened the smell comes in full force almost knocking me off my feet, closing my eyes I sniff the air enjoying the sweet scent of the forest mixed with pine fruit and a bit of raspberry.

I may look crazy right now but I don't care, I open my eyes searching for the source before locking my eyes with the most beautiful eyes I ever have seen but the word that comes out of his beautiful soft lips. (Don't ask how I know it soft)stops my heartbeat "MATE" it can't be, I didn't ask for a mate, I am so doomed.

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