Chapter Five


A smell of something sweet like forest and pine fruit fills my nose making me sniff the air.

My wolf is going crazy with happiness, delicious it must be the food, the smell grows stronger as we walk going towards the dining room, I can't wait to have a taste.

Immediately the door was opened the smell comes in full force almost knocking me off my feet, closing my eyes I sniff the air enjoying the sweet scent of the forest mixed with pine fruit and a bit of raspberry.

I may look crazy right now but I don't care, I open my eyes searching for the source before locking my eyes with the most beautiful eyes I ever have seen but the word that comes out of his beautiful soft lips. (Don't ask how I know it soft)stops my heartbeat "MATE" it can't be, I didn't ask for a mate, I am so doomed.



You must be kidding me, I raise my eyes to the ceiling saying a silent prayer to the moon goddess "why shall this before me?" how can you pair me with the king of lycans why me? the lycan king, king of kings moon goddess I expect worst but this is beyond me.

I glance back at him noticing he wasn't a bit affected by all this because he was already addressing someone looking unfazed.

It's not like I was anticipating anything different "oh Tiara, it seems our mate is a complacent asshole" I facepalm.

"Stop being so pessimistic wait for a few minutes he will enunciate us later," Tiara says in an unimpressive manner.

I meet his eyes once again surveying his hazel eyes then moving my gaze to his black hair looking disheveled like he kept running his hands through, his face sculptured to perfection, sharp jawline, and thick eyelashes.

He so beautiful, striking every girl will fall at his feet and boys envy a Greek God like him. How can such beauty be bestowed upon someone?

Noticing the awkward silence enveloping us I coughed awkwardly to get the attention away from me.

I deliberated either running to the safety of my room or confronting what awaits me here before going with the latter taking reluctant steps towards the curious eyes watching me.

I took a seat between grandma and a girl having the same hair color as Elisa grinning happily showing a set of white teeth, she must be Elisa, daughter.

The dinner consists of Elisa, Thomas, royal gamma Jack, the beautiful girl by my side, and two other guys, It took me time looking around the dining room which was beautifully designed to meet royal standards.

To say these people are floating in extravagance is an understatement because in all my years of exiting I never seen such luxury devoted to a place. Maybe that comes with being the royal family.

The dining room was sparkling just like other parts of the mansion, I am definitely privileged to be seated here about to enjoy a meal.

I was snapped from my thought by Thomas "from what my son just made us all realize is that you are his mate correct ?" he questions taking a sip from his glass of wine while staring at me intensely.

Is he trying to be daunting because I am trying my best not to boost out in laughter?

I bit my tongue putting up a stiff look" I am not his mate because from what I know I don't have a mate " this what we call tinkering.

If only looks could kill I will be six feet below the ground from the intense glare the king is currently sending my way " and why do you feel you don't have a mate? " he ask with a raised eyebrow

"I was anathematized to never have a mate so I don't know what he meant by I am his mate, " I utter in a nonchalant manner.

The expression on everyone's countenance is exquisite maybe I should consider being a humorist because this is so mirthful.

"she is only quipping your Majesties, " ma says apologizing before glancing at me warningly.

"enough of these jokes" the king growl gaining everyone's attention, I shudder from the melodious sound made" she is my mate and this should be kept as a secret, " he announces daring me to concede with his intense gaze on me.

I bit my tongue to stop myself from making a smart-ass reply, after that, we all ate our meal in tension so thick could be cut through by a knife, which was suffocating until broken by the beautiful girl " I am Lillian Clifford Lawrence sister" she says politely with a wide grin.

"Lawrence ?" I inquire taking a sip from my glass of water not really interested in this dialogue.

she chuckled harmoniously "that is the king's name"

"oh okay," I answer shortly in an unconcerned manner, after this I really need to rest because today has been one hell of an erratic day.

"We should go shopping me, you and a girlfriend of mine, we can call it a girls time out," Lillian says grinning happily.

It will hurt me to break her plans but I got to set things straight "I will love to but I don't do sure things " I say indifferent like I said before I don't like having friends.

"okay no problem but what do you do for fun? " she sounds like my grandma right now.

" Umm... I plan out ways to commit carnage without being caught " I say sounding serious earning a slap on my head from ma.

"you are eccentric and I like you already, " she says laughing.

Wait until you see the real me " but for real what interests you? "

"I read for fun, " I say smugly.

"I love reading a lot, so what do you love reading about? " she asks.

"not to be rude or anything but can you stop interrogating me already? " I say getting disturbed by her questions.

"Sorry, I am just always curious," she says placing her hands on her lap before averting her gaze towards ma "you must be Alex, Kate grandma. It's a pleasure meeting you" she says with a smile.

"me too dear"

She points to a guy sitting beside her " this is Anderson Desmond my mate and royal beta" the guy looks handsome with brown curly hair and chocolate brown eye, he smiles politely at us before going back to his meal.

"And this my younger brother Levi" she points to the guy sitting beside Elisa and opposite ma.

Looking at Lillian she looks more like her mother with black short hair and gray eyes while Levi looks more of Thomas with honey brown eyes and brown hair.

"you welcome maybe by tomorrow I and my sister can show you around, what do you say?" Levi ask.

"yes we will love that, right Kate?" grandma says smiling mischievously at me, I am in for a long oration.

"yes, we are up for it, " I say pushing my chair back before getting up to leave the room "Thanks for the meal, I am retiring to my room now" I announce before leaving the room leaving everyone in shock.

I sigh audibly while trudging towards my room, this day is getting crazier by the minute I can't wait for tomorrow 'note sarcastic term there'.

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