Chapter Six

Lawrence pov :

I run my hands through my hair with a loud sigh, I am currently in my office going through pack details and prerequisites, having in mind that later I will be having a meeting by 10:00 am with two packs having a controversy among themselves.

Because unfortunately, some Alpha's always let their pride rule over better judgment.

I receive a knock on the door interrupting my trail of thought, "come in" I say before my beta walks in with a confident and mischievous smile on his face.

He drops a brown envelope with a file on my desk before taking a seat "anything new on the attack last night" I ask looking down at the files on the desk.

Those Rouge's and their turmoil always trying to cross into pack borders, some pack are having rouge issues recently and it is getting out of control because they seem to be increasing in numbers and no one knows how this is happening with all the confrontations they are causing I will end their miserable life in no time.

" yes it already settled and the Alpha's precious daughter and her grandma will be escorted by Jack immediately they get off the plane " yeah I almost forget about their arrival.

But I don't get why the Alpha would send his daughter over here with an excuse of something about protection but I can't complain because after all, my duty is to protect supernatural beings in need.

"Is everything ready for the meeting?" I ask going through the brown envelope he placed on my table.

"yes, everything has been put in order" he replies with a nod.

"Okay, you may now take your leave, " I say dismissing him but being Anderson he didn't make any move of evacuating.

I glance at him with raise eyebrows"can't I just spend time with my best friend?" he questions with a playful smile.

"Stop acting silly Anderson you can now leave, my sister will need you more than I do," I say before returning to my work.

"don't remind me, okay man, if you need anything mind link me," he says before leaving me in silence.


I Just ended the meeting which took four hours of listening to grown male wolves behaving like pups " let go for a run" my lycan Travis says.

"okay let me round all this up" after signing what was needed to be signed I left for a run.

My lycan is white in color which is very rare, he is arrogant, pride and blood tasty loving the smell of fresh leaves and the way the soil stumble under my paws while I move in a speed of light dodging through trees easily, running helps me relieve stress and my aching muscles.

while running I got a mind link telling me to come home to receive the Alpha's daughter and her grandma to the pack.

when I got home I want straight to take a relaxing shower before heading to the dining room where everyone was seated except for our expected guest.

"Lawrence come sit our guest will be down soon," Mum declares noticing the confused look on my face.

"son have you heard from Elder Mathias" Elder Mathias he is more of a father to me he has been my guide and one of the reasons I am who I am today.

When I need fatherly advice he has always been there but right now he took a trip to a neighboring pack working on packs distribution and establishment for me.

"yes it going well, he will be back tomorrow, "I say deeply pride in his achievements over there.

I made little talks with Dad, Anderson, and Levi before my sense was blocked with the most luscious scent ever.

I sniff the air savoring the sweet redolence of sweet strawberry rose and a mix of honey but it was not coming from the food but from behind the closed doors.

This is a sign I am about to see my mate step through that door, immediately the door was opened I saw the most beautiful girl having brown hair, radiant amber eyes, and full pink lips. she is an angel "MATE" my lycan declares before I could stop myself.

The urge to run towards her, hug and kiss her soft pink lips floods through my being but I could not because something was pulling me back from doing any of those things to her.

"Man. finally you have found your mate, and by the way she is beautiful," Anderson whispers beside me with a smile evident on his lips.

I shoot him a glare before hearing her cough awkwardly making her way towards the dinner table moving seductively slow.

She takes a seat next to Lillian but Dad had to open his mouth "from what my son just made us all realize is that you are is mate correct ?" he raises a question taking a sip from his glass of wine while staring at her intensely.

She tries hiding a smirk as she stares back looking bored with everything around her.

" I am not his mate because from what I know I don't have a mate, " she says smugly sounding disrespectful.

She girl most be feisty with all the attitude and a look of boredom plastered on her face.

I gave her an intense glare, she is a wild one who needs to be put in place, to be tamed.

"and why do you feel you don't have a mate? " Dad asks with raised eyebrow not impressed by her attitude but still looks amused.

Everyone watch's her silently with undivided attention wanting for her sassy reply. I am also curious.

"I was anathematized to never have a mate so I don't know what he meant by I am his mate, " she says with an attitude.

Everyone was shocked and surprised, I actually would believe her if not for the way she held herself from laughing out loud.

"she is only quipping your Majesties " a young-looking lady which must be her grandma apologize before glancing at her warningly.

I receive a mind link from Jack "you just got rejected by your mate, I can tell she will be trouble in paradise " I growl at him. she is playing a game she shouldn't bother starting.

She really needs to be tamed, I will so derive pleasure taming her.

I felt disgruntled and slighted by her attitude not even acknowledging my presence here as her king "enough of this jokes" I growl gaining everyone's attention, " she is my mate and this should be kept as a secret nobody should know about this "I order while daring her to say otherwise with my intense gaze on her.

I stare at her for a few minutes before going back to my meal.

The silence went as nobody dare to break it before Lillian being Lillian speaks " I am Lillian Clifford. Lawrence sister" she says politely with a wide grin.

"Lawrence ?" she asks before taking a sip from her glass of water.

she chuckled harmoniously "that is the king's name"

I zoned out of the conversation focusing on my meal and thoughts but throughout the dinner, she talked coldly to everyone who dared to make conversation with her.

She left after a few minutes leaving her food untouched having only water.

I growl loudly slamming my hand against the table feeling once again insulted by her, How dare she walk out with me still seated on my chair.

I make a move to go after her but Anderson's hand on my wrist stops me from running after her.

Mom glared at me meaning business or better yet time for berating " what was that for I swear if you dear choose that slut over your mate you are in for destruction " she says angrily.

I release a growl feeling disrespected by her, she might be indignant but that doesn't give her the right to talk that way.

"son she right you can't do that, you waited for three years for this and she is here how can you let it go," Dad says with a serious look" I know she might be difficult from what I have seen but she just what you need right now "

"um excuse me can I take my leave," Alex says pushing her chair back waiting for my reply.

I reply with a nod letting I leave.

"Mum I never said I was going to reject her, I only said it should be kept as a secret and I don't see anything wrong with want I said, " I say trying to keep my voice calm as possible" You all saw how she just disrespected me".

why can't they let me take care of this my own way, they are overreacting?

"Whatever you say but don't think of rejecting her and please take it slow with her," she says before leaving pulling my father out with her.

I run my hands through my hair in frustration " I trust you have this under control " Anderson says patting my back " but if you need any advice I will be here"

" I rather ask Jack for advice " I scoff.

"really? " Jack asks with a smile.

"no, I was only playing with you"

"Okay man I and Lillian have work that needs to be completed," Anderson says holding out his hands for her.

"better be something you can tell me about, "I say with a smirk.

"yes it will be," he says looking at Lillian who is as red as a tomato.

I left after them making my way to the gym to burn some stress out, "what do you have to say to all this Travis?" I ask thoughtfully.

"If I tell you to go see our mate will you ?" he inquire.

"no, forget I even asked, " I say blocking the mind link while throwing angry blows at the boxing bag.

A few hours later I was through with training, after taking a relaxing bath I lay in bed cogitating over today's event.

I could not help but think of her when I look into her eyes it was sparkling with unshaded tears and I could sense lays covering her true nature.

I just can't believe my mate is the Alpha's daughter.

I fell asleep to just one thing on my mind those amber eyes.

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