Chapter Eight

unknown pov: years ago before Kate's birth.

Today has been filled with bad news mostly for my best friend Alisa.

With all this new discovery concerning her unborn pup and the complications of keeping the pup.

I am currently on my way to see Alisa in the packhouse, she is mated to the Alpha making her the Luna of this pack, and she also my best friend because we practically grew up together.

I feel for my friend I see and notice the stress weighing down on her but I can't do anything but watch her go through this phase of her life.

Reaching the packhouse I receive greetings from a few pack members while making my way towards Alisa's room.

I knock on the door before being asked to come in walking into the room to find her seated on her bed folding clothes slowly.

She grins widely noticing my presence in the room. Alisa has always being a beauty to behold having brown wavy long hair packed into a bun and her amber captivating eyes looking weary and restless with bags building under her eyes.

when we were little I always wished I had her eyes because of how welcoming it looks but not everything we wish comes true "how are you feeling?" I inquire walking towards the bed before taking a seat beside her.

"The pain is getting worse but I am good, " she explains sadly placing her hand on her big round belly.

"it will get better okay," I encourage trying to lighting up her mood with a smile " so...what did the doctor say after running the test on you? " I question helping her fold the clothes.

A sad smile appears on her features as her eyes glimmer with tears making me feel unease " she gave me drugs to reduce the pain but this pup is making me and my wolf weak, if this pup is not removed on time I will die"she sobs stuffing her face into her palm.

I push the clothes away embracing her letting her sob on my shoulder while sending a comforting vibe through our bond.

Questions still run through my mind from her words, "what do you mean by dying Alisa?" I ask pulling from the hug with a confused look on my face.

She wipes the tears under her eyes before giving answers to my questions," yes I am dying slowly if we don't let this pup go, but ..." she was interrupted by a knock on the door before her son push the door open running towards us on the bed.

She picks him up placing him on her lap "what is going on hunter?" she questions curiously placing a kiss on his eyebrow.

He giggles "Mum, Dad said I should tell you to met him in his office," Hunter informs before diverting his eyes towards me with a smile on his lips," hi aunty "

"How are you dear? " I ask taking him from his Mum placing him on my lap.

"fine, aunty you said you were going to get me a new toy, " he says wrapping his little hands around my neck with a smile.

"I promise to bring it with me tomorrow, " I declare with a smile before placing him on his feet.

"Okay, aunty. Bye!" he yells running out of the room " Hunter stop running or you will break you little legs" Alisa yelled.

"Sorry Mum" he replies.

She shakes her head with a smile on her lip "I want you to come with me, I will need you close to me" she says.

I help her stand on her feet before we leave the room walking towards the Alpha's office.

"How is the Alpha talking all this? " I ask as we make our way towards Alpha Janes's office.

"I think he is angry with me but I understand he just worried " she frowns.

I nod in reply not knowing what to say because Janes can be difficult at times, he does well to hide his emotions from everyone but he treats my best friend with love.

Alisa pulls the door open with me behind her, Alpha Janes looked up from his book he was reading sensing our presence in the room.

He looked exhausted with heavy bags under his eyes and his hair looking disheveled.

"Take a seat, " he says flicking his eyes between Alisa and me.

We took a seat opposite him with Alisa focusing her gaze on her hands placed on her laps looking anxious" Alisa you heard what the doctor said so when are we going to remove that child" he says sounding a bit too harsh.

"I can't kill this pup," she announces sounding weak with her gaze still downcast.

"you can't do that I rather lose this baby than lose you," he says angrily placing his fist on the table.

"you have to understand I feel this child means something great for us, I can't do this to my unborn pup," she says sounding agitated.

Her shoulders shake from anger or fear I can't really tell which.

" I will give you few minutes to think about this and agree or I will forcefully make you agree," he warns.

"clam down both of you," I say getting their attention on me " we have to think through this in a logical manner and not by getting angry or by yelling "

Janes sighs standing up " please talk to her I will be back after you are done explaining it to her," he asserts sending an intense look to the both of us before leaving.

Immediately he left I turned to my best friend, her head bowed while her shoulder shakes slightly taking her shakily hands in mine" you have to try understanding him from his own perspective, he is scared of losing you," I say pausing momentarily.

"I am scared of losing you, we are all scared of losing you," I say wiping the little tear that escapes my eyes " you are the Luna of this pack, what is a park without a Luna, and what about your three years old son who needs a mother you can always have another pup after this one so please do this for me, for hunter, for your mate, and for this pack," I say staring into her eyes pleadingly.

She stuffs her face into her palms and quaked with sobs "but I can't bring myself to kill this pup" I soothe her as she cries.

" I get it you are a mother, but think of everyone else. Think about the pack, the Alpha needs you in heading over this pack"

She meets her gaze with mine for a few seconds contemplating my words "okay I will do this, please mind link Janes to come in" she says wiping the tears from her cheeks.

" she ready come in Janes " I mind link him.

" Okay," he says coming into the room.

"Thank you very much, let's go meet the pack doctor then," he says pulling Alisa up before placing a kiss on her forehead" I promise everything is going be alright love"

"okay let go and you are coming with me," she says holding my hand.

I hope all this goes well because I want the smile back on my friend's face. I want to see that cheerful look on her face once again.

~~~~~~~~ present

I wake up covered with sweat. why is all this coming back to me now, this happened eighteen years ago.

Is this a message to go back or a reminder of the sin I committed.

What does this mean?

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