Chapter 10 No love anymore

As soon as Murong Yunshu entered the Imperial Palace, the warmth that pounced on her face made her feel comfortable.

She heard the voice of the imperial physician from inside, "Your Highness is very poisoned. If there is no antidote, Your Highness's eyes will probably be crippled."

"What!" Su Mo replied in disbelief, "This poison is aimed at people's eyes."

"Right." The imperial physician replied, "If the eyes are crippled, then she can only use the eyes of others. Otherwise, Your Highness will never be able to see things in this lifetime."

The imperial physician woke Fu Yan up and cried sadly. Murong Yunshu saw Fu Yan jump into Su Mo's arms and cried, "Your Majesty, if I am blind, I will never see you again. What's the point of living!"

"It's fine, Yan'er." Su Mo comforted Fu Yan in a gentle voice, "I will think of a way to cure the poison on your body."

After he finished speaking, he looked at Murong Yunshu who had come in.

When Murong Yunshu entered, Su Mo saw it.

No matter when, as long as she appeared, Su Mo would be able to detect it.

"Murong Yunshu, hand over the antidote." Su Mo looked at Murong Yunshu and said sternly.

Murong Yunshu knelt for a long time and her legs were a little weak. After a while, she raised her head and looked at Su Mo.

In the past, Su Mo would never treat her like this!

He changed his mind and didn't love her anymore.

"I don't have an antidote." Murong Yunshu said indifferently. Her gaze fell on the sobbing Fu Yan. Murong Yunshu understood what Fu Yan said to her at the banquet.

Fu Yan feels that harming her is not miserable enough and wants to destroy her eyes.

"Even if I have an antidote, I won't take it out." Murong Yunshu said indifferently.

Hearing Murong Yunshu's words, Su Mo's expression sank. He pushed Fu Yan away from his embrace and stood up to walk towards Murong Yunshu.

How could there be such a vicious woman like Murong Yunshu in this world! How did he marry her back then?

Regarding the past between him and Murong Yunshu, Su Mo's memories was blank. He only knew that he was married to Murong Yunshu because of Murong Jing. The person he loved was Fu Yan. Apart from disgust towards Murong Yunshu, he also hated Murong Yunshu.

"Murong Yunshu, if you don't hand over the antidote, then pay with your eyes." Su Mo was too angry, but he didn't really want to dig out Murong Yunshu's eyes.

Her eyes are beautiful, but every time he looks longer, his head starts to hurt.

"Haha." Hearing Su Mo's words, Murong Yunshu laughed mockingly.

"I have nothing to do with her poisoning. Where can I get the antidote?" Murong Yunshu said. She was not explaining to Su Mo, she was mocking Su Mo's stupidity, mocking her infatuation.

"She is really blind. You will dig out my eyes and give them to her, won't you?" Murong Yunshu stared at Su Mo and asked with a smile.

Su Mo looked at her and didn't like her bitter and ugly smile.

"No." Before Su Mo answered, Fu Yan on the bed spoke first and said, "Although elder sister poisoned me, I can't treat her badly."

"Your Majesty, let me be blind. As long as the elder sister's heart is at ease."

Su Mo believed in such nice words, but he didn't believe anything Murong Yunshu said.

Murong Yunshu's heart became as cold as her body, "Su Mo, you will dig out my eyes for her, won't you?"

Su Mo said indifferently, "Hand over the antidote. I won't care about your poisoning!"

"But if Yan'er is blind, I will definitely dig out your eyes for her!" Heartless and cold words pierced into Murong Yunshu's heart.

Murong Yunshu's face immediately turned pale as tears rolled down her eyes. Yunshu ah Yunshu, look at what kind of man you fell in love with!

"Alright!" Murong Yunshu pursed her lips and smiled.

She smiled and looked at Su Mo, "Su Mo, let me ask you something. Is my mother dead?"

Su Mo did not expect that Murong Yunshu was still thinking about Murong Jing. It was also because Murong Jing loved Murong Yunshu the most. The mother and daughter were dependent on each other, and their relationship was very deep.

He opened his mouth, not wanting to answer.

"Who told you?" After he found out about Murong Jing, he immediately ordered the people of the harem to shut their mouths and not spread the news to Murong Yunshu's ears.

"How did my mother die!" Murong Yunshu asked sternly.

"Did she die miserably? Did she have her head cut off?"

Su Mo watched as tears fell from Murong Yunshu's eyes. He softly said, "Your mother's death was an accident."

When he received a letter from Murong Jing asking for help, he immediately sent reinforcements over, but it was still too late.

"Sister, General Murong's death really has nothing to do with His Majesty. Even if you hate His Majesty and me, you shouldn't have crippled my eyes, right?" Fu Yan, who was on the bed, interrupted.

Murong Yunshu shouted coldly, "Fu Yan, shut up!"

"What does it have to do with me if you're poisoned and your eyes are crippled?"

"Isn't it enough for you to snatch Su Mo from my hand?"

After Murong Yunshu finished speaking, Fu Yan lowered her head and started crying. However, she gave Murong Yunshu an answer in her heart, "Not enough. She snatched away Su Mo, and she wanted him to be completely her own."

"However, I don't want him anymore." Murong Yunshu smiled. She looked at Su Mo sadly, "I don't want him anymore!"

After five years of love and two years of waiting, she was tired and didn't want any more.

When Su Mo heard her say no, his heart ached.

"Murong Yunshu, hand over the antidote. I can ignore everything." Su Mo softened his voice and decided to concede.

In the future, he would dote on Murong Yunshu and give her a child, for Murong Jing’s sake.

When he thought of this, he had a strong feeling that was going to rush out of Su Mo's chest. He looked at Murong Yunshu, who was crying and laughing, and wanted to go forward and hold her in his arms.

But before he could do anything, Murong Yunshu raised her hand and took off the hairpin on her head.

Under the candlelight, the sharp silver hairpin hurt Su Mo's eyes. Su Mo's voice became hurried, "Murong Yunshu, what are you doing!"

Murong Yunshu tightened her grip on the hairpin in her hand. Her fingers were in pain, but she couldn't care less about the pain. With tears in her eyes, she took a few steps back.

"Don't you want my eyes?" She pursed the corners of her lips and sneered, "I don't have the antidote. In the end, for Fu Yan's sake, you still have to dig out my eyes and give them to her."

"Su Mo, for so many years, I love you so much that I can give up everything. I won't give you anything you want!"

"Right now, it's just a pair of eyes." As she spoke, Murong Yunshu stabbed her hairpin into one of her eyes.

The air was immediately filled with a strong smell of blood. Murong Yunshu cried out in pain. Her eyes were covered in blood.

The blood on the bright red made Su Mo tense up. He stared at the blood flowing out of her eyes and hurriedly walked towards Murong Yunshu. "Murong Yunshu, you're crazy!"

Murong Yunshu pulled the hairpin out of her eyes. Her face turned snow white with pain and half of her strength was sucked away.

As Su Mo approached her, she took a few more steps back.

"Su Mo, I hate you, and I hate myself even more!"

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