Chapter 11 Give you my eyes

"Since you want these eyes so much, I'll give them to you."

As she spoke, Murong Yunshu's hairpin swept across her eyes, and it was bright red and beautiful blood. She sat powerlessly on the ground and raised her head to stare at Su Mo with her good eye.

"For the first time, I did it for my child and Luo'er."

"Second, it's for mother."

"My mother helped you win the throne and take against dissidents. You actually lost your humanity and wanted to kill her."

She put her hairpin to her good eye and pursed her lips into a sad smile. "Now it's for me."

"I'm blind and in love with you. I know that you've changed your mind and abandoned me, but I'm still stupid. I have to wait for you to turn back."

"If I was sober early, mother and Luo'er would be fine."

"Su Mo, I misloved you." After Murong Yunshu finished speaking, her hairpin went towards her eyes.

She stabbed down again, and Su Mo's heart jumped out as if it touched his throat. When he rushed out with panic, he blurted out the word "Yunshu".

Someone was one step faster than Su Mo. It was Su Yan who hurriedly ran over from outside the hall and pulled Murong Yunshu into his arms.

Murong Yunshu stabbed her eye with all her strength for the first time. Then, there was no strength left because of the pain.

Su Yan took off the hairpin in her hand. He came late. Murong Yunshu's face was covered with blood, and one of her eyes was red shockingly.

"Yunshu!" Su Yan cried out in sorrow. He ignored the etiquette between the monarchs and subjects and hugged Murong Yunshu in his arms.

If he had married her forcefully at the beginning, he would never let her end up like this.

The imperial doctor was called by Su Mo to the Imperial Palace to detoxify Fu Yan. Su Yan had invited a doctor from outside.

Ever since Su Yan carried Murong Yunshu back to Mo Ran Palace, Murong Yunshu did not say a word. Even though the treatment process was very painful, she gritted her teeth fiercely and did not shout.

Such Murong Yunshu made Su Yan's heart ache.

The doctor said that Murong Yunshu's eye was crippled and could not be cured.

Disabled? Hearing this, Murong Yunshu did not feel too much sorrow and pain. She was as blind as a bat, so what if she did not have this eye?

After the doctor left, Su Yan wiped Murong Yunshu's face and hands. When silk handkerchief touched Murong Yunshu's fingers, the pain made her withdraw her hand subconsciously. Su Yan blew on her fingers panic, then gently wiped them.

"Does my mother really die." Murong Yunshu asked Su Yan.

Su Yan was stunned, and his throat became dry. He paused, "Right!"

A female general was plotted against and died outside Border City. Afterwards, her head was cut off by the barbarians. The corpse was separated, and the outcome was bleak.

"Mother said that she would come and take me away after winning the war a while ago. Why did she break her promise?" Murong Yunshu's eyes reddened as she spoke, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"If I hadn't been so willful and paranoid, Luo'er wouldn't have died, and neither would mother!"

"They're all dead. I'm the only one left." Murong Yunshu said indifferently. She hated herself so much that it was nothing to poke her eyes blind.

"Yunshu." Su Yan said softly, "You still have me!"

After failing to win the throne with Su Mo, he decided to go to the fief and not fight for power with Su Mo. However, for Murong Yunshu, he returned to the imperial capital and did something that his subjects shouldn't have done.

For example, in the quiet night, he accompanied Murong Yunshu without avoiding suspicion.

"Yunshu, your mother wants you to be safe. You won't have a peaceful day here. I'll take you away!" Su Yan said softly.

He thought very clearly that he would do anything to take Murong Yunshu away.

Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan and shook her head.

She knew very well that she was Su Mo's queen. No matter how much Su Mo hated her, he would not let his wife and other men leave.

"Prince Yan, thank you." Murong Yunshu said, "Yunshu is unable to repay your kindness to Yunshu. From now on, don't come to the Mo Ran Palace."

She had killed Luo'er and her mother, so she could never implicate Su Yan again.

Su Yan smiled, not to respond Murong Yunshu's words in a hurry.

"Yunshu, I only said half of what I told you last time."

Murong Yunshu was surprised and did not understand Su Yan's meaning, "Huh?"

"I asked your mother to marry you. Not only are you Murong Jing's daughter, but also because you are Murong Yunshu."

Su Yan pursed his lips and smiled, "I like you!"

"When you and Su Mo came to the imperial capital, I was on the second floor of the inn. When I saw you holding his hand and smiling brightly, I was moved."

"This is the best smile I've ever seen." Su Yan continued, "I fell in love with you at first sight. And I was infatuated with you at the second sight."

Su Yan said softly. He finally spoke out what was in his heart.

He had been in love with Murong Yunshu for three years. At first, he thought that this was just a liking. Later, as time passed, he realized that he had a deep affection for Murong Yunshu.

"I only came to the imperial capital because I knew you were out of the limbo. I want to see how you are going."

"I didn't think that Su Mo's ruthlessness towards you would break your heart." Su Yan looked at Murong Yunshu, who lowered her head. "I'm not taking advantage of others' danger. It's because you're having a bad time. I want that you're safe and sound. I want to see your smile again."

"If you're willing to go with me, I'll go and talk to Su Mo. He wanted to take back the military in my hands. I'll trade it for you, and he might agree."

Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan in surprise when she heard that finally Su Yan would use military to trade her. "Su Yan, you can't take out military."

How could Emperor be afraid of Prince Yan, who had no military?

"It's fine!" Su Yan smiled, "It's just an external object."

"I just want you be safe. I just want to get you out of here."

Without waiting for Murong Yunshu's reply, Su Yan stood up and said, "Yunshu, you don't need to answer me in a hurry. I'll give you time to think about it."

As he said that, he covered Murong Yunshu's blanket, "I'm leaving now. May you have a good rest."

Murong Yunshu watched Su Yan leave, her eyes felt sore and tears rolled out again.

When Su Mo went to the Mo Ran Palace to see Murong Yunshu again, he was stunned.

How could Murong Yunshu be like this?

Her thin body, pale face, and weak fingers, one of her eyes was wrapped with gauze. When the other eye met his gaze, it was so dim that it did not shine a bit.

He walked towards Murong Yunshu. Murong Yunshu looked at Su Mo in front of her. She did not have the expectations as before and even took a step back in fear.

She was afraid of him!

Su Mo looked at Murong Yunshu dodging him and his expression sank. He remembered what Su Yan had come to say to him, and his anger grew even more.

"Murong Yunshu, you’re great!"

Murong Yunshu did not understand his words, nor did she want to understand them.

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