Chapter 14 She was still in the fire

When Murong Yunshu saw that she couldn't open the door and window, tears rolled down her cheeks.

How could she still be so stupid! She thought that no matter how much Su Mo hated her, he would not be so cruel to take her life.

In fact, he even destroyed their children, Luo'er's mother, her fingers and eyes ruthlessly. How could he not take her life?

"Hahahaha!" Murong Yunshu laughed miserably when she thought of this.

This is her ending because she loves the wrong man.

"Su Mo, Su Mo, why did you treat me so ruthless? What exactly did I do wrong!"

She really didn't understand. Su Mo, who loved her so much, abandoned her after meeting Fu Yan and even killed her for Fu Yan.

The fire grew bigger and bigger, and Murong Yunshu was surrounded by the fire. She could not get out, nor did she want to go out again.

Her heart was dead, there was no meaning in living!

Murong Yunshu walked to her zither and sat down. Her zither had been repaired by Su Yan. After being taken back, she did not touch it again.

One was that the zither was broken, and the other was that her fingers were crippled.

When her fingers touched the strings of the it and plucked out the first note, her fingers were in pain. Murong Yunshu did not stop playing the zither. She concentrated on playing seriously.

"Here I am. If I could just be married to him.

With apricot flowers blown full on my head.

My destiny would be for e’er set.

In that young fellow in yonder path.

Granted: he might at last forsake me.

More than romance and love, I have read.

I’d have nothing whate’er to regret."

One sentence by one sentence, Murong Yunshu said softly. At the end of the sentence, her tears mixed with blood flowed on her face.

Her eyes were not healed, so she could not cry loudly. Her tears were full of blood, bright red and miserable.

Su Mo dreamed again. In his dream, Murong Yunshu smiled beautifully. Her eyes were crystal clear, full of smiles and affection.

"Mo, what do you like about me?"

"I like you everywhere."

"What do you like most about me?"

"Eyes! Yunshu's eyes are the same as the stars."

"I prefer to see you smile."

"Then you are not allowed to mess with me. If I get angry, you must make me laugh. Otherwise, I will ignore you for the rest of my life."

He gently looked at Murong Yunshu, who was smiling in his arms. Before the word "well" could be spoken, Murong Yunshu's eyes were suddenly filled with blood as the eyes rolled out one by one.

"Mo, why did you treat me like this! Why did you dig out my eyes for Fu Yan!"

"I don't love you anymore. I don't want you anymore."

In a dream, Su Mo woke up in panic, cold sweat soaking his clothes.

She doesn't love him anymore! She didn't want him!

Su Mo's mind was filled with these words, and his head started to ache violently, Yunshu! Yunshu!

He desperately shouted this name in his heart. The more he shouted, the more he thought, and the more his headache became.

"Eunuch Xu." Su Mo endured the pain and walked out of the inner room with one hand on his painful forehead. He saw Eunuch Xu outside the hall, and he walked over.

"Go bring the decoction over."

He remembered drinking the medicine before he went to bed, but when he woke up, his head still hurt so much.

His heart ached as well.

Eunuch Xu, who was staring blankly in the direction of the limbo, heard Su Mo's call. He came back to his mind and replied, "Your Majesty, is your head hurting again?"

Su Mo ignored Eunuch Xu and his gaze fell on the place where the fire had started.

In that direction...

"Where is the fire!" Su Mo asked. Even Eunuch Xu could hear his voice trembling.

Eunuch Xu lowered his head and remained silent.

"Where is it!" Su Mo's voice became fierce. Eunuch Xu knelt on the ground in panic, "It's the Queen's..."

Without hearing the whole sentence, Su Mo had already run past him.

Su Mo's footsteps were chaotic, no, his entire body was chaotic.

Empress? Murong Yunshu, is she the one who caught fire?


Su Mo was very afraid of what was going to happen suddenly. He could not believe that the fire would burn. What should he do if Murong Yunshu were burned?

"Murong Yunshu, wait for me!" He ran quickly and kept saying in his heart.

When he arrived, Su Mo hurriedly grabbed a eunuch who was splashing water to put out the fire and asked, "What about the Empress?"

When Eunuch saw Su Mo, he smashed the bucket in his hand onto the ground.

When they saw the fire on this side, the fire in the limbo was already very big. They knew that there was a queen who was about to be crippled living inside, and no one was willing to go and rescue the queen.

"The Empress" Before Eunuch could answer Su Mo's question, a woman's voice and zither music came from the raging fire.

The zither music was pleasant to the ear. No, Su Mo heard it harshly.

There was also her voice, desolate and sorrowful.

"I was always abandoned ruthlessly. Can't have a rest!"

It was Murong Yunshu. She was still in the fire.

As soon as Su Mo heard Murong Yunshu's voice, he ignored the fire in thelimbo and immediately went to the limbo.

He rushed in carelessly, but was stopped by Eunuch Xu and Fu Yan who were rushing over behind him.

"Your Majesty, what are you doing!"

"Yunshu, save Yunshu quickly." Su Mo shouted.

When he arrived, some guards had already broken through the palace door and rushed in. However, the fire was too big, and as soon as they entered, they were smashed by the beam that fell from the palace.

In such a situation, no one dared to rush in again.

"Yunshu." Su Mo saw such a big fire. He saw Murong Yunshu at the innermost part.

She was playing the zither, and when she heard him calling for her, she turned around and smiled at Su Mo.

"If there is an afterlife, we will never see each other again."

After she finished speaking, the beam in the hall became even more powerful, blocking Murong Yunshu.

Su Mo couldn't see her. He pushed away Eunuch Xu and Fu Yan who were holding him and rushed towards the limbo.

There was no fire in his eyes, only Murong Yunshu.

"Yunshu, don't be afraid. I'll save you." He said loudly. After rushing in, he did not find Murong Yunshu.

Wasn't the fire too big, and she was hit by a cabinet or a pillar?

"Yunshu, Yunshu, where are you!" Su Mo was so anxious that tears came out of his eyes. He couldn't lose her, he loved her!

The three words suddenly entered Su Mo's mind, causing him to be stunned.

He loved Murong Yunshu?

Is that him? It was him. The person Su Mo loved was Murong Yunshu.

"Su Mo, do you love me?"

Who said it to his ear, who smiled at him.

"Love! I only love you, Yunshu." Who said that to Murong Yunshu?

It was him! It was him-Su Mo.

Those memories that he had forgotten suddenly flashed into his mind, "Yunshu, where are you?"

"Come out!" Su Mo used all his strength to shout Murong Yunshu's name in the fire, "I love you! I love you!"

He shouted Murong Yunshu's name and told her that he loved him.

However, apart from the sound of the fire, only his own heartbeat could be heard by the surroundings.

Su Mo walked forward again. He had already ignored the fire, and when the beam above his head fell, he did not care.

The beam came down and landed on his back. Su Mo fell to the ground and saw Murong Yunshu playing the zither not far from him. Tears fell to the ground one by one.


He called out softly and slowly closed his eyes.

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