Chapter 15 Fu Yan's secret

Su Mo was rescued from the fire. Fu Yan did not expect that Su Mo would actually remember Murong Yunshu at this time.

She looked at Su Mo whose back had been burned into a mess, and then heard him shouting "Yunshu Yunshu" again and again. This name made her panic and uneasy.

After the imperial doctor treated Su Mo, he handed over the plaster and other medicines to Eunuch Xu.

He said that probably Su Mo would wake up tomorrow.

After the imperial doctor left, Fu Yan let the other maids retreat, leaving Eunuch Xu alone.

"Eunuch Xu." Fu Yan said to Eunuch Xu.

Eunuch Xu looked at Fu Yan. He was afraid and disgusted with the vicious Fu Yan in front of him. Back then, he was so obsessed with money that he created the current situation. He had torn apart a pair of lovers and made them separated.

"Don't forget to feed His Majesty medicine later."

Hearing Fu Yan's words, Eunuch Xu looked at Fu Yan shockly. "Your Highness, the Empress is dead. There's no need to feed this medicine to His Majesty."

This medicine is a secret recipe, and he wonder where Fu Yan found it.

Two years ago, Fu Yan saved the unconscious Su Mo and tried to give him this medicine.

After drinking it, Su Mo woke up and fell in love with Fu Yan, but he hated Murong Yunshu who loved him.

Eunuch Xu was Su Mo's personal attendant. During a service, he discovered Fu Yan's secret.

Fu Yan used money to bribe Eunuch Xu. Eunuch Xu initially thought that it was just a medicine that made people lose memory. Who knew that it wasn't?

This kind of medicine is very efficacious. It will make the person who drinks it hate the person he loves. Moreover, it was very harmful to the body of the person who drank the medicine.

As long as the person who drank this medicine recalled the past, his head would be definitely painful, and it would be incurable.

"Eunuch Xu, if His Majesty remembers what happened between him and Murong Yunshu, do you think he will let me and you off?" Fu Yan sneered and threatened.

"Only by continuing to give His Majesty medicine and letting His Majesty continue to hate Murong Yunshu can we be safe and sound."

After Fu Yan finished speaking, Eunuch Xu turned to look at Su Mo who had been calling Murong Yunshu on the bed. He really didn't want to do this again.

Murong Yunshu was already dead, but Su Mo did not recall his past with her and continued to hate her.

This was too cruel to Murong Yunshu.

But people are selfish. Eunuch Xu has no choice. He answers Fu Yan with tears. "I, your servant, know that."

Fu Yan was satisfied with Eunuch Xu's answer. She turned around and returned to Su Mo's side. "Su Mo, when you wake up, you will forget Murong Yunshu. From now on, the person you love can only be me. You can't think about that bitch Murong Yunshu anymore."

Murong Yunshu had a long dream. In the dream, Su Mo hated her to the extreme. He forced her to drink abortion medicine, crippled her fingers, broke her favorite zither, and her mother and Luo'er died because of her. She hated him to the bone, hated herself for being blind and poking her eyes blind.

The emperor was ruthless. In the end, in order to give his beloved woman status, he wanted to burn her with a big fire.

Thinking of this, Murong Yunshu felt more painful.

She cried loudly in her dreams, crying as she was awakened by the intense heartache.

In her eyes, it was neither the Mo Ran Palace nor the limbo. Murong Yunshu, who was full of tears, looked at the strange maid and suspected that she was going to hell.

But does the hell have fragrance of flowers? Does it have warm blankets and beautiful maids?

"Miss Murong is awake!"

"Hurry up and tell others that Miss Murong is awake." When the maid saw Murong Yunshu open her eyes, she shouted happily.

Then, the voice of "Miss Murong is awake" sounded from outside. One after another, the sound came from different people, but their voices were filled with joy.

Murong Yunshu looked at the unfamiliar maidservant. She realized that something was wrong with her, but she couldn't tell what was wrong.

"Miss Murong, is there anything wrong with you?" The maidservant smiled and asked Murong Yunshu, "My name is Lan'er."

Lan'er introduced her to Murong Yunshu. She continued, "I have already sent someone to call the prince and the doctor. They will be here soon."

Murong Yunshu heard Lan'er's words clearly. She asked, "Your Highness? Is it Su Yan?"

Su Mo only had one half-brother, and there was only one prince in the empire.

Lan'er nodded, "Yes."

"My prince is Prince Yan."

Murong Yunshu slowly recalled her memories in the Imperial Palace. The stories in her dreams were all true. Su Mo hated her so much that he ordered a fire to burn her to ashes.

She remembered playing the zither in the fire and planned to go to hell to apologize to her mother and Luo'er.

The fire was too violent, and she fainted on the ground. Before she fainted, she saw Su Yan jump in through the window behind the palace. He was the one who saved her.

"Miss Murong has been unconscious for ten days, which made His Highness very anxious." Lan'er said.

After she finished speaking, anxious footsteps came from outside.

It wasn't just Su Yan who entered, there was also the highly-skilled doctor he brought over.

"Doctor, she's awake. See if there's anything wrong with her." Su Yan urged the doctor to see Murong Yunshu.

Murong Yunshu watched as the doctor walked to her bed. She turned around and looked at Su Yan. She only saw Su Yan's clothes, not other guys.

The doctor came over and checked Murong Yunshu's hand and the place where she was burned carefully.

Because Su Yan came in time, her arm was burned and nothing else happened.

Murong Yunshu stared blankly at the doctor as he reached out his hand to Murong Yunshu's eyes.

That eye isn't...

After the doctor finished his examination, he turned around and looked at the worried Su Yan. He replied, "Miss Murong's injuries are no longer serious, and there is nothing strange with her eyes."

Eyes? Murong Yunshu touched her right eye. When she saw her hand, she knew why she felt something wrong when she woke up.

In front of Su Mo, she had stabbed her right eye blind obviously, but now, not only was her eyes fine, but she could see clearly.

"Thank you, doctor." Su Yan thanked the doctor politely and asked Lan'er to send the doctor away.

He walked towards Murong Yunshu's bed. Murong Yunshu looked over and when her gaze fell on his face, she froze there.

"Yunshu, is there anything wrong with you?" She heard Su Yan ask her gently.

Murong Yunshu also stared at Su Yan. After a long time, she asked Su Yan, "Your eyes!"

Su Yan smiled. When Murong Yunshu stared at him, he knew what she was looking at.

Su Yan raised his hand and touched his right eye that was covered with black gauze. He pursed his mouth and smiled gently, "It's good that you're fine."

He said softly.

Murong Yunshu got up and Su Yan hurriedly went over to help her.

"Su Yan, why are you so stupid!"

After seeing Su Yan, Murong Yunshu was very sure that her right eye was healed because he had used his own to exchange for it.

"The fief just has a miraculous doctor. After I brought you here, he told me that your right eye has a chance to recover, but you have to change it."

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