Chapter 16 Her retribution

"He said that if you change your eyes in three or four days, there's no hope. I can't cruelly dig out the eyes of other living people and change them for you."

"So I have to use my own."

Hearing Su Yan's words, Murong Yunshu felt quiet uncomfortable.

She was covered in bruises by Su Mo, hating Su Mo's ruthlessness, so she stabbed her eyes blind. However, Su Yan gave his eyes for her.

"Su Yan, even if I'm blind, I still deserve it." Murong Yunshu smiled bitterly.

If she wasn't blind and in love with Su Mo, how could she let Luo'er be beaten to death by the staff, and how could she let her mother's head be cut off by the enemy?

Everything was her retribution.

"Yun Shu." Su Yan smiled, "I want you to be safe."

He did not regret giving his eyes to Murong Yunshu. Seeing her intact, he was happier than anything else.

"How am I supposed to repay you!" Murong Yunshu said lightly.

It would be unfair to Su Yan if she were to return Su Yan's kindness by using herself.

She was hurt too deeply by Su Mo and did not dare to love other men. She was deeply afraid that that person would be the next Su Mo.

When they fell in love, he swore that he loved her. One year after his marriage, he changed his mind and sent her to hell.

This kind of love was enough once.

Moreover, she had just woken up and was not ready to start a new relationship.

"I don't need you to ask anything else." Su Yan replied, "Yun Shu, I've changed my eyes for you. There's indeed selfishness in it."

"I want you to remember me, and I want you to stay by my side."

"Even if you leave in the future, you will still leave with my eyes. At the very least, you will remember me for the rest of your life."

"Su Yan." Murong Yunshu called out softly, not knowing what to say.

Su Yan smiled and shook his head. He stood up and said to Murong Yunshu, "You should rest here and recover."

"I secretly rescued you, so people in the imperial capital think you're dead."

"After your body recovers, you can go wherever you want. I won't stop you."

Su Yan's words moved Murong Yunshu. She could only say to him, "I'm sorry."

"I'm the one who should say sorry." Su Yan said, "If I had been stronger and snatched you back from Su Mo's hands, you wouldn't have suffered that kind of punishment."

"Even if you didn't love me at that time, at least you'll be fine, and your mother will be fine."

This sentence reached the deepest part of Murong Yun's heart.

Yeah, if she hadn't loved Su Mo so much back then, then neither Mother nor Luo'er would have died.

"Yun Shu, you should have a good rest first." After Su Yan finished speaking, he turned around and left her room.

He wanted Murong Yunshu to have a good rest, but he didn't know how to get along with Murong Yunshu.

Su Yan's fief was South City. It was like spring all year round. When the windows of the house were open, he could smell the fragrance of flowers.

As Murong Yunshu stayed in Prince Yan's mansion, her body gradually recovered. Even her eyes, which could not adapt to the light, could slowly feel the sunlight.

The only drawback was that her fingers could no longer play the zither.

Her fingers had been badly injured, and she was playing the zither in the sea of fire with all her might. Her fingers were completely crippled.

Normal gripping movements are fine, but neither playing the zither nor picking up heavy objects.

The life here was very comfortable, and it also made Murong Yunshu live comfortably.

Lan'er, who took care of her, had a lively nature and was very good at teasing Murong Yunshu to chat. Lan'er would tell Murong Yunshu all the interesting things about South City and secretly tell her that Prince Yan would visit her four or five times a day.

Su Yan did not want to put pressure on Murong Yunshu. He did not show himself much, but he always hid in the dark and looked at Murong Yunshu.

"My prince is fine." Lan'er spoke on behalf of Su Yan. The entire palace could clearly see Su Yan's deep affection for Murong Yunshu.

"He doesn't have a princess, nor does he have a concubine. Miss Murong, if you marry my prince, you will definitely be happy."

Every time Murong Yunshu heard Lan'er's words, she agreed.

If she didn't have a good relationship with Su Mo, what she gave Su Yan was a clean self, a clean relationship.

After being hurt so much by Su Mo, she didn't dare to love him anymore.

If Su Yan was the next Su Mo, what could she do?

Moreover, deep down in her heart, she would always miss the Su Mo who doted on her and loved her.

After raising her body for a month, Murong Yunshu felt that she had recovered. She wanted to go back to the frontier fortress to take a look.

It was said that her mother's head was still hanging on the city gates. Her mother was so weathered that she could no longer recognize her mothers' original appearance.

Murong Yunshu wanted to find Murong Jing's corpse and bury it underground.

This was the only thing she could do as a daughter.

When Murong Yunshu and Su Yan proposed to leave, Su Yan's face immediately turned pale.

He knew that Murong Yunshu was leaving, but he didn't expect it to be so fast.

"Alright!" However, Su Yan still replied.

Murong Yunshu was stubborn. She would not stay. This was within Su Yan's expectations. If she really didn't leave, that would be an accident.

"I'll take off my mother's head." Murong Yunshu said.

Hearing that Murong Yunshu was going to do this, Su Yan frowned and stopped, "Yunshu, I have to accompany you on this matter."

He was worried that Murong Yunshu went alone.

"Su Yan, I've already troubled you too much."

"Yun Shu, I don't want you to get hurt again." Su Yan replied, "You should know that your mother has fought against the barbarian slaves for many years. They hate your mother to the bone."

"If you go, they will definitely catch you if they know it's you. If you fall into their hands, the outcome might be the same as your mother's."

Thinking that something would happen to Murong Yunshu, Su Yan became even more resolute. "You don't have anyone, be alone. Even if you go there, it's impossible to take back your mother's head."

"I'll accompany you." Su Yan looked into Murong Yunshu's eyes and said seriously, "Don't worry, I will definitely help you retrieve your mother's head."

After Su Yan said that, Murong Yunshu thought about it. It was indeed the same as what he said. If she went alone and could not retrieve her mother's head, she might be captured by them.

"Alright." Murong Yunshu replied. She accepted Su Yan's help.

Murong Yunshu's "yes" made Su Yan very happy. When Murong Yunshu watched Su Yan go to the border, she looked at his back. In this lifetime, she really couldn't return Su Yan's affection. If he didn't mind, she wanted to use herself to return it.

Su Yan quickly picked the right people and took Murong Yunshu to the border.

Just as they were about to leave, Su Yan received news that Murong Jing's corpse, including the head hanging at the city gate, had been retrieved by Su Mo.

Su Mo proclaimed the world, saying that Murong Jing had died for the empire, making her a loyal and righteous general.

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