Chapter 18 The Wedding

When Su Yan got married, South City was very lively.

The entire Southern City was discussing how Su Yan doted on the new princess. For the sake of the Yun family's daughter, he built a palace and paid a lot of money for the betrothal gift. A single zither was a priceless treasure.

Such a big wedding reminded people of the scene when Emperor Qiwei married Murong Yunshu three years ago. Isn't it also a grand wedding, with ten-mile red dowry and the exclusive love from the Emperor?

In just one year, Murong Yunshu was thrown into the cold palace. Three years later, Murong Yunshu died in a big fire.

Therefore, Su Yan's marriage made people even more curious. After a year, would Su Yan also be happy with the new and tired of the old, falling in love with other women?

Murong Yunshu, who was in the Yun Family, looked nervously at herself dressed up in the mirror. Behind her, Madam Yun smiled and praised her for her beauty.

The Yun Clan's master and madam could roughly guess her true identity, but they were Su Yan's subordinates. Su Yan had sent people to the Yun Clan to show that he believed in the Yun Clan. This was a privilege for the Yun Family. They were willing to recognize Murong Yunshu as their daughter.

Murong Yunshu looked at her unfamiliar mother. Madam Yun treated her well. Regardless of whether it was because of Su Yan or not, it was enough for Murong Yunshu.

She had a new identity, a new parent, and a new husband. Then, after she revived for another life, she could only be Miss Yun and Su Yan's wife in the future. Then, she would live with Su Yan in peace of mind for the rest of her life.

If he did not disappoint her, she would accompany him forever and join hands with him until they were old.

If he let her down, she would leave the palace and let go.

After bidding farewell to the Yun Family couple, Murong Yunshu was covered by a piece of red handkerchief. Madam Yun held her hand and said her blessings, hoping that she would be happy with Prince Yan in the future.

Madam Yun's blessing reminded Murong Yunshu that three years ago, when she married Su Mo and entered the palace, Murong Jing had also blessed her this.

However, Murong Jing added after her.

"Yunshu, if Su Mo treats you badly, mother will take you out of the palace and bring you away." Thinking of this, Murong Yun's eyes turned red. He bowed to Madam Yun and called out, "Mother!"

In Prince Yan's mansion, Su Yan brought Murong Yunshu in. After Murong Yunshu agreed to marry him, he fantasized about countless such scenes.

He looked at Murong Yunshu with a smile on his face and said softly, "Yunshu, I love you."

Su Yan's mother had died in the palace battle already. He placed the memorial tablet of his mother and the previous emperor. When Su Yan and Murong Yunshu were about to pay their respects, a big commotion came from outside the Prince Yan's mansion. Su Yan saw the housekeeper running in quickly. His expression faded. His uneasy emotions made Su Yan hold Murong Yunshu's hand.

"Your Highness, His Majesty is here!"

Hearing the butler's reply, Murong Yunshu, who was under the red handkerchief, tensed up. Then, she thought about it. When the fire burned down the cold palace, Su Yan found a corpse that had just died as her.

The entire empire, including Su Mo, definitely knew that she had been burned to death by the fire. He would never have thought that she was still alive.

With this thought, Murong Yunshu relaxed.

Su Mo brought people in, and everyone knelt in front of him.

The emperor was high above, and his gaze landed on the bride beside Su Yan.

"Get up." Su Mo smiled and said, "Today is Imperial Brother's wedding day. There is no need for everyone to be so formal. I came here to congratulate you and ask for a cup of wedding wine."

It was not unprecedented for an emperor to participate in his highness' wedding banquet. However, Su Mo's relationship with Su Yan was not good. No one would have thought that Emperor Qiwei would come.

"Thank you, Royal Brother." Su Yan extended his hand to welcome Su Mo to sit down.

Su Mo was the Son of Heaven. Later, he and Murong Yunshu were going to bow to Su Mo.

Su Mo sat in the upper seat and watched Su Yan and Murong Yunshu bow towards him. For a while, his heart ached again.

When Su Mo heard the sound of "completing the gift and sending it into the bridal chamber", he came back to his senses. He suddenly stood up and grabbed Murong Yunshu, who was about to leave.

Murong Yunshu's hand was not well. When Su Mo suddenly grabbed it, she cried out in pain.

"Your Majesty!" Su Yan called out and pulled Su Mo back to Murong Yunshu's line of sight.

Su Mo smiled and released the bride's hand.

"I heard that the Yun Clan's daughter is a peerless beauty. I want to see her elegant demeanor." As he spoke, Su Mo's hand moved towards the bride's red headscarf. He wanted to pull it off and see who she was!

"Your Majesty." Su Yan stood in front of Murong Yunshu and said indifferently, "This is against the rules."

"If you want to see it, I will bring the princess to salute you tomorrow."

Su Mo's behavior aroused the discussion of the others on the stage. He gently pulled his lips and smiled, and his gaze still fell on Murong Yunshu.

"Alright!" In the end, he returned a single word and left Prince Yan's Mansion with his attendants.

Murong Yunshu and Su Yan returned to their rooms. Su Yan withdrew the servants. He heard Murong Yunshu ask, "Why is he here?"

She was worried that if she bowed to Su Mo tomorrow morning, he would definitely recognize her. What should she do then?

"Don't worry." Su Yan said indifferently. Sooner or later, Su Mo would know that the person he married was Yun Shu.

"Yunshu, don't worry. With me here, everything will be fine." Su Yan comforted Murong Yunshu in a gentle voice, "He doesn't care about you. What right does he have to snatch you away again?"

In Su Yan's opinion, Su Mo did not love Murong Yunshu. Even if he knew that Murong Yunshu had been rescued and married by him, Su Mo cared about the emperor's face and would not spread the news.

"Tomorrow, when we have sex together, he will have to turn a blind eye."

Hearing Su Yan's words, Murong Yunshu blushed. Fortunately, her handkerchief hadn't been lifted.

Su Yan's face also turned red. He said gently, "I'll lift the headhandkerchief for you first."

"Yes." Murong Yunshu replied.

He was going to jump Murong Yunshu's red handkerchief when the sound of swords colliding with each other came from outside. Then, the maids shouted, "There's an assassin."

Su Yan was worried because he didn't know who had chosen to make trouble during King Yan's wedding. He apologetically said to Murong Yunshu, "I'll go out and take a look first."

"Alright." Murong Yunshu replied, "Su Yan, be careful."

Hearing Murong Yunshu's concern for him, Su Yan raised a smile and said, "Yunshu, wait for me to come back."

The sound of Su Yan's footsteps and the sound of his saber and sword faded away. Murong Yunshu sat here uneasily.

Not long after, Murong Yunshu heard movement again. She stepped into the room with footsteps and the surroundings became even quieter.

Although her head was covered by the handkerchief, she could feel that the person who had entered was standing right in front of her.

If it was Su Yan, why didn't he lift his head-handkerchief?

Murong Yunshu's heart was in a mess. She couldn't help but say, "Su Yan, the assassin caught …"

Before she could finish her sentence, the red handkerchief on her head was abruptly removed. The four eyes met, and Murong Yunshu saw the man's cold face.

It wasn't Su Yan, it was Su Mo!

Murong Yunshu's expression immediately changed. Perhaps not only did she, even Su Yan would not expect Su Mo to return.

Perhaps the assassins from Prince Yan's Mansion were also arranged by Su Mo.

Murong Yunshu's guess was correct. The assassin in Prince Yan's Mansion was arranged by Su Mo.

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