Chapter 2 Two Years in Limbo

Fu Yan smiled contemptuously. She did not want to see Murong Yunshu either, but after knowing that Murong Yunshu had let go of the limbo, she was extremely anxious.

"Sister, look, I'm pregnant again. This child is Your Majesty's first child." Fu Yan stroked her waist and walked to Murong Yunshu's side. The smile at the corner of her mouth became even more evident.

"Thank you for helping me back then." Fu Yan provoked her again. She reached out to support her head ornament and said, "If it weren't for my elder sister causing me to lose my child, I wouldn't have received Your Majesty's favors."

"Shut up!" Murong Yunshu shouted, "Your abortion has nothing to do with me."

Fu Yan smiled and said softly, "I know."

Murong Yunshu was stunned for a moment. After hearing Fu Yan's words, anger surged into her heart.

"Because I abort that child myself." Fu Yan said in Murong Yunshu's ear with a smile.

"That's your child!" Murong Yunshu had long thought that Fu Yan had done this herself, but she felt that Fu Yan could not be so ruthless. Hearing Fu Yan admit it, Murong Yunshu was extremely shocked.

"That's right." Fu Yan said lightly, "So what?!"

"The child is gone, but I can have another one again, right?" As Fu Yan said this, her fingernails slowly touched her stomach. "I intentionally abort the child and framed you to make His Majesty hates you."

"It's worth it to send you to the limbo by sacrificing a baby!"

"Fu Yan!" Murong Yunshu said sternly, "You are really vicious!"

"Haha." Fu Yan covered her mouth and looked at Murong Yunshu. She laughed proudly, "How could I be so vicious! In His Majesty's eyes, I, Fu Yan, am weak and kind. The vicious person is you, Murong Yunshu!"

At the end of her sentence, her tone became gloomy and ruthless, and she looked at Murong Yunshu with a mocking smile in her eyes.

Murong Yunshu clenched her fists and looked coldly at Fu Yan. Su Mo hated her and hated her because of Fu Yan.

She wanted to kill Fu Yan!

Murong Yunshu quickly reached for Fu Yan's neck.

"Fu Yan, you should die!"

She tightly gripped Fu Yan, panic flashing through Fu Yan's eyes, and she forced her to the side of the waterside pavilion step by step. However, Fu Yan quickly calmed down. "Sister, if you kill me, Your Majesty will only hate you even more!"

"He won't even look at you again!"

The maidservants and Luo saw Murong Yunshu push Fu Yan to the waterside pavilion and chase after her.

"Miss!" Luo looked at Murong Yunshu worriedly, deeply afraid that Murong Yunshu would really push Fu Yan into the lake. The current Murong Yunshu was no longer the girl in Su Mo’s heart.

Murong Yunshu regained her rationality. She remembered Su Mo who hated her and put down her hand that was holding Fu Yan's neck.

"Sister!" Fu Yan looked at Murong Yunshu with a smile and called out warmly. Before Murong Yunshu could react, Fu Yan's people suddenly fell backwards, and a panicked and frightened shout came from her mouth.

"Sister, don't push me!"

As her voice fell, Fu Yan fell into the lake and the surroundings immediately became noisy.

Not far away, Su Mo saw Fu Yan fall into the lake with his own eyes. He quickly rushed over and saw Murong Yunshu standing beside the waterside pavilion. He sternly said, "Murong Yunshu, what did you do to Fu Yan you vicious woman!"

This was the first time she saw Su Mo after leaving the limbo. Just as her joy appeared on her face, her heart sank when she saw the furious Su Mo.

"It's not me!" She explained anxiously, "She jumped on her own."

Before Murong Yunshu could finish her words, Su Mo's hand was already on her neck. The chill emitted from his entire body made people tremble.

"Murong Yunshu, do you know that because of you, she suffered abortion, yet you are so vicious that you pushed her into the lake?"

As he spoke, the strength in his hand became heavier, choking Murong Yun out of breath.

Su Mo hated her so much that he wanted her to die!

Thinking of this, two lines of tears rolled down Murong Yunshu's eyes.

"Bitch, you're so vicious, why aren't you going to die!"

With that, Su Mo threw Murong Yunshu into the lake.

The ice-cold lake water quickly flooded Murong Yunshu. She was instantly terrified and desperately stretched out her hand to ask for help.

"Save me!"

Fu Yan couldn't touch the water when she fell ill, but she didn't know water and was even more afraid of water.

Before she could shout for help, her men slowly sank to the bottom of the lake.

Before sinking, she saw Fu Yan smugly pursing her smile in Su Mo's arms, as well as Su Mo's beautiful and indifferent face.

A kind of despair suddenly reached the bottom of his heart. Apart from Luo shouting to save her, no one on the shore dared to say anything, and no one dared to jump down to save her.

As Su Mo watched Murong Yunshu sink, the lake slowly returned to calm. His heart suddenly tightened and felt pain.

"Your Majesty." Fu Yan rolled her eyes and saw Luo who was pleaded for Su Mo to save Murong. She pursed her lips and smiled disdainfully. Did Murong Yunshu dare to be complacent in front of her in the future?

She raised her head and called out softly to Su Mo, "Your Majesty, please save my sister."

Su Mo turned to look at Fu Yan and said indifferently, "Yan, she almost killed you."

"Your Majesty, please save my sister. No matter what, it's for General Murong's sake."

Hearing Fu Yan mention Murong Yunshu's name, Su Mo gave up the idea of having someone save Murong Yunshu. He held Fu Yan in his arms.

"Your entire body is soaked. I will carry you back first."

He left with Fu Yan in his arms and turned a blind eye to Luo's crying and pleading, as well as Murong Yunshu who had sunk into the bottom of the lake.

He hated Murong Yunshu and wanted her to die.

If it weren't for Prince Yan passing through the lotus pond and seeing Murong Yunshu sinking into the water, she would have already drowned in the water

Murong Yunshu woke up the next day. She had a long and beautiful dream, which is about the past Su Mo and her.

When she first saw him. It was the snowy day, she sat on the low wall and looked at him who was dressed in white like snow. He raised his head to look at her, but with a smile, he stunned Murong Yunshu for years to come.

"What’s your name?"

"Su Mo!" He smiled faintly. She was distracted and accidentally fell into his embrace.

"And may I have your name?"

She was hugged by him, her cheeks and ears flushed red, "Murong Yunshu."

The past was like a dream. Murong Yunshu smiled and opened her eyes from the dream. The place she saw was Su Mo's handsome face.

"Mo!" She cried joyfully.

She quickly sat up, but because of her weak body, she could only half lean on the bed.

"I didn't push Fu Yan." Murong Yunshu explained anxiously. Her hand grabbed onto Su Mo, afraid that this was a dream.

For two years in the limbo, she dreamed of Su Mo night after night, dreaming of him.

"She jumped down the lake by herself." She said again. Before Su Mo angrily questioned her, she had to tell him everything and explain their misunderstanding clearly.

"Her abortion which has nothing to do with me. She drugged herself to frame me."

Murong Yunshu stared at Su Mo, "Mo, believe me, okay?"

In the past, as long as she held his hand and begged him in a soft tone, he would helplessly say "okay".

But this time...

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