Chapter 21 Fell in love with her again!

Murong Yunshu's heart skipped a beat as she thought of going out for a walk.

Qing Chi, she remembered it clearly. When she first left the cold palace, she would often bring Luo'er over with her and play the zither on the waterside pavilion. Sometimes, in order to wait for Su Mo, she flicked it for a day, until her fingers were swollen.

Now that she had lost her zither, Luo'er was also dead.

Just like what the personal palace maid said, the lotus flowers in Qing Chi were very beautiful.

She stood in the waterside pavilion, looking at the swaying lotus flowers on the surface of the lake, looking at the sparkling surface of the lake, and couldn't help but take another step towards the lake.

Back then, when she was pushed into the lake by Su Mo, Su Yan did not jump down to save her, would it be better?

That way, Luo'er would not die, and her mother would not have her head cut off by the barbarian slave, as well as Su Yan.

When Murong Yunshu was absent-minded, Fu Yan's voice pulled her thoughts back.

Fu Yan went to the Queen's Hall several times, but every time, she was stopped outside by guards. The moment she heard that Murong Yunshu had left the Queen's Hall, she immediately came over to take a look at Murong Yunshu.


Just like a month ago, Fu Yan was very pleased with herself. The difference was that Murong Yunshu had used her hairpin to ruthlessly cut Fu Yan's face, leaving an indelible scar on her face.

"Fu Yan." Murong Yunshu pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled lightly.

"Sister, I'm really worried sick." She walked in front of Murong Yunshu and saw her staring at her.

Is Murong Yunshu's eyes alright, just as the people below said?

"Sister, is this eye really beautiful?" Fu Yan chuckled and asked, "Whose is it? Did King Yan dig it from a dead person or his own?"

Murong Yunshu looked at Fu Yan and did not reply. Fu Yan smiled disdainfully and her voice became cold. "So what? Perhaps His Majesty will dig out both of your eyes."

"When that time comes, you will still be blind!"

Murong Yunshu was not angry. She also pursed her lips and sneered, "Yes."

"It's a pity that my eyes have healed, but the wound on your face is still there."

"Fu Yan, after such a long time, why is the scar still here?"

"Murong Yunshu!" Thinking that her face had been ruined by Murong Yunshu, Fu Yan was so angry that she raised her hand to hit Murong Yunshu.

Murong Yunshu expected her to hit her, so she took a step ahead of her previously and turned around.

Fu Yan threw herself into the air and glared at her fiercely, "Murong Yunshu, you bitch!"

"What are you doing back here!"

"Didn't a big fire burn you down? You still dare to come back!"

As Fu Yan said that, she mocked, "You're really cheap. You still love Su Mo."

"By the way, didn't you remarry Su Yan?"

"Su Yan is truly admirable. Even worn-out shoes that have been toyed with by others will be accepted!" Fu Yan's words became more and more unpleasant to hear, and Murong Yunshu's expression sank.

"Sister, your ability to seduce men has to be said to be amazing."

Murong Yunshu caught a glimpse of Su Mo, who was not far away. She pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled.

She liked to use this trick so much.

However, whether the tricks were useful or not, it depended on the person who was tricked.

Murong Yunshu felt that it was funny. Fu Yan thought that she was still the person who loved Su Mo infatuatedly. No, she did not love Su Mo. She wished she could leave him immediately.

Even if she was killed, she was still willing.

Without further consideration, Murong Yunshu raised her hand and punched Fu Yan in the face.

Fu Yan did not see Su Mo. She really came to settle the score with Murong Yunshu. After being slapped fiercely by Murong Yunshu, she almost fell to the ground in pain.

Murong Yunshu's fingers were crippled, so she slapped Fu Yan's face with her entire hand.

"Murong Yunshu, how dare you hit me?" Fu Yan touched her painful cheeks and shouted harshly. Just as she was about to ask the maidservant to arrest Murong Yunshu, Murong Yunshu was not afraid and took a step in front of her.

"Good sister, is His Majesty coming here?"

After Murong Yunshu finished speaking, she gently raised the corner of her mouth and smiled. Fu Yan, who originally wanted to hit her back, was stunned. She turned her head slightly to look at Su Mo, who was in a hurry. She had no choice but to put her hand down.

"Sister, why did you hit me!" Fu Yan cried as she said that.

Murong Yunshu smiled and said coldly, "Because I want you to die!"

She reached out and pushed Fu Yan into the lake.

The weather is colder than it was half a year ago.

Fu Yan knew that Su Mo was here, but he still let Murong Yunshu push her down. After she cried out "Sister, no", she fell into the piercing cold lake water.

Immediately after she fell into the water, guards and palace maids jumped down from the lake to save her.

Murong Yunshu did not panic. She stood on the shore and watched Fu Yan struggling in the water. Even if Su Mo walked to her side, she was not afraid to beg for mercy.

Fu Yan was quickly rescued. She was so cold that she trembled. Seeing Su Mo appear, her eyes turned red. She cried pitifully and called Su Mo, "Your Majesty."

"Sister, she hates me and wants to kill me."

Murong Yunshu pushed Fu Yan into the lake and said that she would die. Moreover, Murong Yunshu really wanted Fu Yan to die.

"Your Majesty, you have to save me." Fu Yan cried and was about to pounce into Su Mo's arms.

Su Mo, however, warded off her and walked straight to Murong Yunshu's side.

Murong Yunshu looked up at Su Mo and said with a smile, "I pushed her."

It was really what she did, so she admitted it.

She looked at Su Mo, waiting for Su Mo to pinch her neck and push her into the cold lake. After waiting for a long time, he did not wait for Su Mo's anger. Instead, he came over and hugged her into his arms. "It's windy outside, let's go back."

He didn't even blame Murong Yunshu and just hugged her and left.

Murong Yunshu was stunned, she could not understand.

Why didn't Su Mo scold her and punish her? Was he aware that he had done wrong in the past? Or?

Murong Yunshu pursed her lips and smiled self-deprecatingly. No matter how good Su Mo was to her, what was the use of it! She was scared, really scared!

This time, she would not give her heart to him.

Fu Yan fell into the water. Although she was quickly rescued, the wind from the lake blew over, causing her to tremble with cold. She watched in disbelief as Su Mo spoke so gently to Murong Yunshu. She did not believe that Su Mo had taken Murong Yunshu away just like that.

So what about her? Su Mo didn't even look at her and let her blow on the shore.

Fu Yan glared fiercely at Murong Yunshu's back. This time, she felt even more uncomfortable and jealous than three years ago when she saw Su Mo doting on Murong Yunshu.

Su Mo had clearly forgotten about Murong Yunshu. He could actually fall in love with her again!

No, absolutely not.

Su Mo brought Murong Yunshu back to the hall. He stayed with Murong Yunshu these days and knew that her hands were often unable to warm up. "Tell them to bring two more heaters over." Su Mo explained to Eunuch Xu behind him.

Eunuch Xu immediately asked the little eunuch to get it. These days, he watched Su Mo's mood improve and smiled from time to time.

This smile came from the bottom of his heart, just like three years ago when Su Mo and Murong Yunshu were together.

"No matter how hard I cover your hands, they won't heat up?" Su Mo asked as he warmed Murong Yunshu's hand.

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