Chapter 22 Let her go

Murong Yunshu looked at him and said mockingly, "Didn't you know?"

She had always been like this. When she was with Su Mo before, in order to cure her insufficiency of vital energy and blood, she did not know how many tonics he had given her. Every day when it was cold, he would hold her hand from morning till night. Even if he was reprimanded by Murong Jing, he would not let go.

Su Mo smiled. He thought that Murong Yunshu was just talking and didn't care.

"In the future, wherever I go, you will go. With me holding your hand, you won't be afraid of the cold." Su Mo said.

Murong Yunshu looked at Su Mo. He was very similar to before.

"Su Mo, I want to see Su Yan." Murong Yunshu said.

Su Yan came to the imperial capital for her and entered the heavenly prison. She could not ignore him.

Hearing Murong Yunshu mention Su Yan's name again, the smile on Su Mo's face immediately disappeared and his expression sank.

"Let me see him, okay?"

"He is so important to you!" Su Mo asked.

Murong Yunshu did not look into Su Mo's eyes. She turned to look outside the hall and said, "Important!"

It was Su Yan who saved her life, he also used his own eyes to give her integrity, and he even gave her a new life.

If Su Mo didn't capture her from South City, she would be willing to live with Su Yan in peace of mind.

"Alright!" Murong Yunshu's reply made Su Mo angry, but he also felt helpless. "You can meet him if you want."

Su Yan returned to the Imperial Palace and asked Su Mo for Murong Yunshu. Su Mo angrily locked him up in the Heavenly Prison. Those people of Su Yan had proposed to release Prince Yan more than once in the court.

Su Mo withstood the pressure from them and did not let go. He didn't want to see Su Yan and Murong Yunshu together, let alone let Murong Yunshu become someone else's woman.

Inside the prison, it was dark and humid. Murong Yunshu followed Su Mo over and smelled the rotten smell of the prison. She couldn't help but feel uncomfortable in her heart.

Su Yan had been crowned the Crown Prince since he was born. If Su Mo hadn't relied on Murong Yunshu's power, the person sitting on the throne of God would have been him, Su Yan. The lofty Prince Yan had now become a prisoner for her.

"Su Yan!" When she saw Su Yan in the prison, Murong Yunshu walked in ahead of Su Mo. She did not notice that Su Mo's expression became gloomy.

"Yun Shu!" Su Yan called out happily when he saw Murong Yunshu.

He was sent to the prison. Su Mo didn't let anyone torture him. He didn't live well, but he didn't treat him badly. Even so, he was worried that Murong Yunshu in the Imperial Palace would be bullied by Su Mo.

"How are you?"

"Are you OK?"

The two of them spoke at almost the same time, asking about each other's recent situation.

Su Mo stared coldly at the two of them holding hands. If he hadn't discovered that Murong Yunshu was Prince Yan, Su Yan's relationship with Murong Yunshu wouldn't have been just a nominal couple.

Murong Yunshu would definitely be the legitimate Princess Yan.

"I'm fine." Murong Yunshu answered Su Yan's question first.

When Su Yan heard Murong Yunshu's reply, he was relieved. He raised his head and looked at Su Mo, who was standing beside him. He let go of Murong Yunshu's hand and knelt in front of Su Mo.

"Your Majesty, please let Yun Shu go." Su Yan kowtowed to the ground and begged Su Mo.

He was the direct son of the former Empress, and his status was originally nobler than Su Mo's. Even after Su Mo seized the throne, he had never begged Su Mo like this.

Now, for the sake of Murong Yunshu, he was willing to give up his identity and trample on his dignity.

"Your Majesty, as long as you let Yun Shu go, I will hand over the military power in my hands."

Su Yan added another sentence. Su Mo coldly looked at Su Yan who was kneeling in front of him. He turned around and saw Murong Yunshu's red eyes.

Murong Yunshu was tempted by Su Yan?

"Su Yan, you should know that Murong Yunshu is my queen." Su Mo said coldly.

Su Yan looked up at Su Mo and said, "Yes!"

"She was indeed the Empress of the Heavenly Dynasty in the past, but Your Majesty, a great fire has already burned the Empress. She has been buried in the Emperor's Mausoleum according to her ancestral system."

Su Yan said clearly, reminding Su Mo that after Murong Yunshu's death, her'corpse ', which had been burned beyond recognition, had been buried in the Imperial Mausoleum.

"She is the daughter of the Yun Family. She is my wife, Princess Yan."

Su Yan's voice sounded, reminding Su Mo of this reality.

"Prince Yan!" Su Mo shouted harshly.

"I'm not wrong." Su Yan raised his head to look at Murong Yunshu. "Yunshu has already bowed to me. She is my rightful wife."

"Isn't His Majesty afraid of causing a commotion in the Imperial Court and being scolded by someone pointing at his backbone?" Su Yan questioned Su Mo coldly.

Su Mo also coldly glared at Su Yan, "I'm not afraid!"

What's so scary about him! What he was afraid of was that Murong Yunshu would leave him.

"Su Yan, she is my woman." Su Mo pointed at Murong Yunshu and said sternly, "Even if she dies, it's still true!"

"If you want me to abandon her, unless I die."

His entanglement with her was endless, and he would never let go of his plan in this lifetime, even if Murong Yunshu hated him to the bone.

"Your Majesty, why are you so persistent?" Su Yan mocked, "When she loved you so much, you hurt her close relatives, destroyed her hands, and forced her to self-destruct her eyes."

"When she doesn't love you, you kidnapped her into the palace and sent her husband to the prison. His Majesty's love is truly chilling!"

When Su Yan's words reached Murong Yunshu's heart, her eyes immediately became moist.

It's not that I don't love you, it's that I don't dare to love you

Su Mo listened to Su Yan's words with a calm expression. He saw Murong Yunshu shed tears and felt pain in his heart. He thought that she was crying for Su Yan.

"So what?"

He said coldly, "Prince Yan, I brought her back from Prince Yan's Mansion in South City and fuck her."

"For the past half a month, I have slept with her night after night. Her entire body is mine. Do you want her too?"

Hearing Su Mo speak about the bed in front of Su Yan for the past half month, Murong Yunshu retreated behind him with a pale face and tears in her eyes.

Su Mo was trying to embarrass her!

No man didn't care that his wife had been slept with other men. Su Yan smiled, but he didn't care. If he cared, he wouldn't insist on marrying Murong Yunshu.

"Yes!" Su Yan replied in a straight voice, "She is already my wife."

"It's my fault. If I don't protect her properly, how could she be raped by His Majesty!"

"Your Majesty!" Su Yan looked at Su Mo with red eyes, "Please return my wife."

"If you don't return it, then His Majesty kill me!" Su Yan kowtowed heavily on the ground and said loudly.

He didn't want anything anymore. He only wanted to return to Murong Yunshu, and he wanted to protect her in this life.

"Bastard!" Su Mo shouted angrily. His eyes stared coldly at Su Yan. "King Yan is going to die to force me!"

"I also said that unless I die."

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