Chapter 23 Suicide

The time Murong Yunshu was burned down by the fire, Su Mo felt despair in his heart. When he met Murong Yunshu again, it was a feeling of regaining her. That feeling was too intense. Although he did not know why, he knew one thing.

Murong Yunshu, he wanted to own her.

When Su Mo and Su Yan were in a stalemate, Murong Yunshu, who was beside them, spoke slowly.

"Su Mo, if you don't let me go, there's another way!"

She had already killed Luo'er and her mother, so she absolutely couldn't let anything happen to Su Yan again.

She could only repay Su Yan's kindness in her next life.

After she finished speaking, before Su Mo and Su Yan could react, Murong Yunshu quickly rushed to the wall. With a "bang", her forehead was covered in blood, causing Su Mo to freeze in place.

Su Yan rushed over in panic and hugged Murong Yunshu in his arms.

"Yun Shu!" His eyes were moist and he shouted Murong Yunshu's name in a hoarse voice.

Murong Yunshu had already fainted, and blood oozed out of her forehead.

"Su Mo, what are you still waiting for!" Seeing that he couldn't wake Murong Yunshu up, Su Yan turned his head to look at Su Mo standing on the spot, ignoring the courtesy of the monarch and his subjects, and anxiously shouted.

"Hurry up and carry her to the imperial physician."

Su Yan shouted, and Su Mo reacted. He went over and took Murong Yunshu over.

The amount of blood on his forehead caused Su Mo to panic. His hand that was holding Murong Yunshu was trembling all the time. Seeing his appearance, Su Yan didn't care if he was in the Heavenly Prison or not, he snatched Murong Yunshu over and ran out to find the imperial physician.

Su Mo watched Su Yan leave with Murong Yunshu in his arms. He raised his foot to catch up, but his feet seemed to be fixed on the ground, unable to move at all.

Not only his feet, but also his body and hands.

They're trembling, they're getting cold.

Murong Yunshu came back. He wanted to treat her well, but she...

Was he wrong?

"Your Majesty!" Eunuch Xu called out when he saw Su Mo's entire body froze in place.

"Yes." Su Mo replied. "Eunuch Xu, help me."

Eunuch Xu walked over and supported Su Mo's hand. He was stunned, surprised that Su Mo's hand was so cold.

"Your Majesty!" Eunuch Xu called out again.

"Eunuch Xu, my head hurts again." Su Mo pressed his hand on his painful head and said slowly.

When Eunuch Xu heard Su Mo's pain, he knew why. He replied, "This servant will help you back to the Emperor Palace and eat the medicine."

Su Mo followed Eunuch Xu for a few steps. He suddenly felt that something was wrong and stopped.

"No!" He said.

Eunuch Xu didn't understand Su Mo's meaning and looked at him in surprise.

"I miss Yunshu!"

He said, "I want to see Yunshu."

Eunuch Xu looked at Su Mo's pale face in pain. Seeing that he was in such pain, he even insisted on looking at Murong Yunshu. He couldn't help but shed tears.

Murong Yunshu recovered her life from the Gate of Death. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was Su Mo.

Su Mo sat in front of her, his expression extremely bad. Looking at the dark sockets in his eyes, she felt indescribably uncomfortable in her heart.

Su Mo smiled at her and held the soup in front of her.

Looking at the soup bowl in his hand, Murong Yunshu's expression changed. Her hand unconsciously went to her lower abdomen.

Her actions fell into Su Mo's eyes. Su Mo remembered that he had also brought a bowl of soup medicine to Murong Yunshu. That bowl was not a medicine for treating illness and injuries, but an abortion medicine.

"I won't drink." Murong Yunshu said weakly.

She was really scared.

The pain in Su Mo's heart made his eyes sour. He said softly to Murong Yunshu, "Your head was hit very badly. The imperial physician said that you should take this medicine."

"I won't drink either." Murong Yunshu looked at him and replied. She lay on the bed and looked up. She said softly, "Su Mo, please spare me."

Su Mo did not force Murong Yunshu to drink it. He handed the soup bowl to the attendant behind him.

"Yun Shu." He opened his mouth and said, "I have released Su Yan from the prison. He is in the imperial capital's palace."

Murong Yunshu used her life to force him. He knew that if she really killed Su Yan, Murong Yunshu would definitely hate him to death.

He didn't want her to hate him so much, let alone lose her.

"Yun Shu, I know what happened in the past was wrong." Su Mo looked at Murong Yunshu and said in a low voice, "Can you give me a chance?"

"From now on, I will treat you well."

Hearing Su Mo's words, Murong Yunshu was not moved. On the contrary, she felt that it was very ironic.

She looked at him and shook her head with a smile, "No!"

Her voice was quiet, but her tone was firm.

"Su Mo, I've been waiting for you for so long. I'm already tired of waiting."

She turned her head to look at the bed and recalled the past.

"I love you, I really love you."

"Ever since you brought Fu Yan back, you should know that you don't love me. But I've been waiting until you put me in the cold palace."

As Murong Yunshu spoke, she pulled at the corner of her mouth and laughed.

"Su Mo, you know what? Two years in the cold palace is really hard. There are only Luo'er and I there. I like to sit by the window and play the sycamore zither you gave me."

"Sometimes, when I can't hold on, I talk to zither and tell myself that you love me. You are just confused by Fu Yan for a moment." Murong Yunshu said as tears slowly rolled down her face.

"Later, you finally came to pick me up. Even if I knew that you were forced by your mother to release me from the cold palace, I would still be very happy."

"I play the sycamore zither at Qingchi every day. Qingchi is your favorite place to go. I want to be able to wait for you."

"I think I must have been too willful in the past, so I made you angry with me. I thought that after waiting for you, I would hold your hand and hug you, not letting you go."

At this point, Murong Yunshu's tears fell even more. She did not dare to look at Su Mo, and her eyes were still staring upwards.

"Su Mo, I haven't waited for your love. The pain that I've been waiting for is all scratches and bruises!"

"You said that you want a daughter as beautiful as me. You said her name is Qingcheng!" Murong Yunshu smiled and said with tears in her eyes, "However, after you found out that I was pregnant, you brought a bowl of fetal medicine to me. You said that I don't have the qualifications to give birth to your child. You said that you disgusted me!"

"Do you know how the child feels when he turns into blood?"

"It hurts! It hurts! Even my heart hurts as if it was torn apart."

"Yun Shu." Su Mo couldn't listen anymore, his hand holding Murong Yunshu's, "Stop talking."

Murong Yunshu turned to look at Su Mo. At some point, Su Mo also cried.

Tears rolled down his eyes. Murong Yunshu looked at him and forced out a smile.

"You loved to hear me play the zither, but you smashed it and crippled my hand."

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