Chapter 24 It's all your fault

Murong Yunshu paused. Her eyes turned cold as she looked at Su Mo. "It's because I'm disobedient, it's because I'm stupid. I want to wait for you to turn around."

"Luo'er is innocent, why did you beat her to death!"

"Su Mo, she's my sister, someone I care about. Why did you kill her?"

"I hate you. I wish I could kill you." As Murong Yunshu spoke, she raised her body and pounced towards Su Mo.

Su Mo hurriedly used his hand to help her. His hand was grabbed by Murong Yunshu. Murong Yunshu grabbed his hand and bit it down.

She bit so hard that the back of her hand was covered in blood.

Su Mo only felt heartache, he could not feel the pain on the back of his hand.

Murong Yunshu bit back and laughed disdainfully. She let go of Su Mo's hand and continued, "Hehe, who can I blame? I'm too naive!"

She turned to look at Su Mo and said with a smile, "You know what? My mother sent me a letter saying that after she defeated Slave Man, she would come and pick me up! At that time, I was still wondering if I should listen to her words. I wouldn't be able to see you after I left with her."

"But you!" Murong Yunshu pointed at Su Mo. She gritted her teeth and said hatefully, "It was you who killed her. She helped you to the throne of King and went to the frontier to fight for your country. And you, for the sake of power, make her killed by the barbarian slaves. Even her corpse would be ruined by them. Cut off her head and hang outside the city gate in the sun!"


Su Mo opened his mouth to explain to Murong Yunshu that Murong Jing's death was completely unexpected.

Before she could finish her sentence, Murong Yunshu hatefully said to him, "Su Mo, it's all you!"

"You killed her."

Murong Yunshu cried and said sternly, "You can cripple my hands or my eyes. Even if you burn me alive, I won't hate you so much."

"But you shouldn't have touched the person I care about the most."

"Su Mo, now that you said you wanted to be with me properly, do you think I would agree?" Murong Yunshu laughed and said, "Am I crazy or stupid? I will not make up with you!"

Murong Yunshu laughed, tears falling all over her face. Su Mo reached out to wipe away her tears. Murong Yunshu pushed her hard. Even if her fingers very ached, she would still push Su Mo away from her.

Su Mo followed Murong Yunshu's force and took a few steps back. He looked at her, wanting to explain something, but he couldn't.

Murong Yunshu looked at him coldly and said, "Su Mo, listen carefully."

"I, Murong Yunshu, will not stay by your side even if I die."

"If you force me to stay, I will only die."

She said it decisively and ruthlessly. From her tear-filled eyes, Su Mo could see her deep hatred.

He looked at her quietly and listened to Murong Yunshu's sorrowful cries.

After standing there for an unknown amount of time, Su Mo turned around and walked out.

After stepping out of the Empress' palace, Su Mo looked at the clear sky outside and heard Murong Yunshu's words.

"If you force me to stay, I will only die!"

"Yun Shu!" He murmured, thinking about Murong Yunshu leaving the cold palace. Thinking back, those strange and familiar scenes popped up in his mind.

The young girl sat in the pavilion, stroking her zither. She turned around and asked him with a smile, "Am I playing well?"

That was Yun Shu! Sixteen-year-old Murong Yunshu.

And the person beside her was him-Su Mo.

"Su Mo, Murong Yunshu."

"Su Mo, Murong Yunshu!" As Su Mo walked, he repeated the names of the two people. He wanted to recall more scenes with Murong Yunshu, but when he arrived at the back, there was nothing else but severe pain in his head.

Eunuch Xu, who was following behind him, noticed that Su Mo's face was pale. In the past two days, Su Mo had appeared to be fine, but it wasn't.

"Your Majesty." Eunuch Xu went over and just as he touched Su Mo's hand, a mouthful of blood spat out from Su Mo's mouth.

"Your Majesty!" Eunuch Xu cried out in panic. Su Mo raised his head and looked at the blurry road in front of him, "Send her to Prince Yan."

After saying this, Su Mo's eyes darkened and he fainted on the ground.

The little father-in-law beside Su Mo came over and said that His Majesty had let her leave the palace. Murong Yunshu thought that she had heard wrongly.

When she got into the carriage and watched the carriage leave the palace, she was sure that Su Mo really let her go.

She lifted the curtains and turned to look at the palace that was gradually fading away.

Three years ago, she stepped into the Imperial Palace with joy and happiness and married her beloved man. She thought that they would love each other for a lifetime if they held onto their son's hand and grew old together.

Who would have thought that the Emperor's heart would change so much that he would abandon her and fall in love with Fu Yan?

Thinking of the past, tears slowly came out of Murong Yunshu's eyes. After that, it was impossible for her and Su Mo.

"Goodbye, Su Mo!"

After fainting, Su Mo slept for a day, and he slept for an unusually long time.

In his dreams, he dreamed of the beautiful music of the zither and the girl who was smiling brilliantly. However, after he woke up, his headache was unbearable. Every time, it was like this. As long as he dreamed of this story, his head would ache. Only after he drank the soup would the pain go down.

Over the years, he had gotten used to treating his headache with decoction, and never thought that there was anything to do with Murong Yunshu.

Murong Yunshu said that they had loved each other before!

She said their daughter was called Qingcheng.

He had no memory of those things. It sounded like another person's story, but many of the scenes she told him had appeared in his dreams.

As he thought about it, his head hurt a little. Suddenly, Su Mo didn't want to drink medicine. He held his head in his hands and endured it.

Think a little more, think a little more about the story in the dream.

He tried hard to recall the pain that had unrestrainedly corroded his head, and only then did it lessen slightly without stopping to recall it.

"Your Highness!" Eunuch Xu's voice came from outside. Su Mo knew that Fu Yan was here.

He was just about to call out and ask Fu Yan to bring the medicine over.

Yes, that medicine was given to him by Fu Yan. The moment he drank it, his head wouldn't hurt anymore.

"Your Highness, this medicine cannot be given to His Majesty anymore." Su Mo heard Eunuch Xu's words again.

Why is Eunuch Xu not allowed to drink medicine for headaches?

"How dare you!" Fu Yan shouted angrily when she saw Eunuch Xu blocking her way.

She thought that Su Mo was still unconscious and asleep, "Eunuch Xu, you dare to stop this palace from entering and feeding medicine to His Majesty."

"It was after drinking your medicine that His Majesty's headache became unbearable. Today, he even vomited blood."

"Nonsense." Hearing Eunuch Xu's accusation, Fu Yan said unhappily, "If His Majesty hadn't thought about that bitch Murong Yunshu, why would he have a headache?"

Su Mo was confused. What did his headache have to do with Yun Shu?

There was also Fu Yan. Her voice was very sharp and harsh, and she even scolded Yun Shu as a "bitch".

"Murong Yunshu has been in the cold palace for two years. His Majesty is fine. It's because she came out that she gave His Majesty a headache." Fu Yan said angrily. She was even angrier that Su Mo had sent Murong Yunshu out of the palace today. She hadn't had time to kill Murong Yunshu.

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