Chapter 25 The truth

"Is that so?" Eunuch Xu mocked.

"Whose fault is His Majesty's headache? Has Your Highness forgotten?" Eunuch Xu approached Fu Yan. Fu Yan saw that Eunuch Xu's expression, which had always been obedient, had turned cold. She took a few steps back in panic.

"Eunuch Xu, what do you mean by that? Could it be that you want to tear me apart?" Fu Yan coldly warned, "Don't forget, you've earned quite a lot of money from this palace over the years!"

"This servant will return all the money that Your Highness gave me later." Eunuch Xu replied.

Seeing that Eunuch Xu had changed, Fu Yan turned around and walked towards Eunuch Xu. She threatened in a low voice, "Eunuch Xu, offending me is not beneficial."

"This servant knows." Eunuch Xu replied, "It's just that this servant can't watch anymore."

"Your Highness, you have done so many unfortunate things. Aren't you afraid of sleeping at night?" Eunuch Xu asked coldly.

Fu Yan was stunned. She knew that Eunuch Xu was blaming her for Su Mo fainting.

"Eunuch Xu, His Majesty was completely harmed by Murong Yunshu." Fu Yan did not want to be enemies with Eunuch Xu.

Eunuch Xu was Su Mo's personal attendant, and she still needed his help in many areas.

"Haha." Eunuch Xu laughed, "Your Highness, do you forget who His Majesty loves?"

"The person His Majesty loves is naturally …" Fu Yan was obviously lacking in confidence when she said this. Her words were snatched over by Eunuch Xu.

"If you hadn't drugged Your Majesty three years ago, would Your Majesty have hated the Empress and fallen in love with a woman like you?"

"You snatched The Majesty from the Empress, and you deliberately caused her to go into the cold palace."

"When she left the cold palace, you jumped into the lake and let His Majesty accuse her unjustly. When the Little Princess was born, you despised her as a daughter and strangled her to death to frame the Empress."

"Eunuch Xu, you're talking nonsense." Fu Yan listened to Eunuch Xu tell her everything that she had done. She became angry and sternly stopped him.

Eunuch Xu smiled with disdain, "What nonsense is this servant talking about?"

"Your Highness, do you dare to swear that you didn't say anything?"

As soon as Eunuch Xu finished speaking, a commotion came from inside. Apart from Su Mo, there was no one else in the Imperial Palace. They knew whose footsteps this was.

Eunuch Xu did not panic when he saw Su Mo come out. He calmly knelt in front of Su Mo and said, "Your Majesty, this servant is guilty."

Seeing Su Mo's calm face in front of her, Fu Yan's expression immediately changed. Seeing Eunuch Xu kneeling on the ground, her body trembled.

"Your Majesty, don't listen to Eunuch Xu. He's talking nonsense."

Su Mo coldly glanced at Fu Yan and asked indifferently, "What nonsense is he talking about!"

Hearing Su Mo's words, Fu Yan guessed that he didn't hear what she and Eunuch Xu said.

Just as she was happy about it, Su Mo asked Eunuch Xu coldly, "Tell me, what did you hide from me?"

"Nothing!" Fu Yan hurriedly replied.

Su Mo didn't look at Fu Yan. He stared at Eunuch Xu and asked, "What is the relationship between me and Murong Yunshu? Why did I marry her three years ago? And why did I forget her!"

The last sentence, Su Mo's voice was desolate.

Eunuch Xu raised his head and looked at Su Mo with tears in his eyes. He shouted loudly, "Your Majesty!"

He closed his eyes, tears falling down his cheeks as he slowly kowtowed to the icy ground.

"Your Majesty and the Empress met and loved each other in the frontier."

"Three years ago, you married the Empress because you loved her."

At this point, Eunuch Xu, who was kneeling on the ground, began to cry. He raised his head and looked at Su Mo again, tears streaming down his face as he said, "It was Lady Fu who took advantage of His Majesty's hunting injuries to feed you a secret medicine."

Hearing Eunuch Xu say this, Fu Yan shouted in a shrill voice, "Eunuch Xu."

In front of Su Mo, Fu Yan could not cover Eunuch Xu's mouth.

"Your Majesty." Eunuch Xu cried again. "This kind of secret medicine came from Slave Man. Those who drank it would forget their loved ones and even hate her to the bone."

"Your Majesty has an unbearable headache. It's because Your Majesty recalls the Empress."

"This medicine is tyrannical. There is no antidote."

Su Mo was stunned as he listened to Eunuch Xu's words.

It turned out that he loved Yunshu's.

The corner of Su Mo's mouth curled into a smile. He looked at Fu Yan who was trembling from the side and asked,

"She didn't kill the little princess, so did she drug your wine?"

Eunuch Xu knew that Su Mo was at Fu Yan, so he lowered his head and did not snatch an answer.

Fu Yan cried and tears rolled down her cheeks. "Your Majesty, how can you listen to Eunuch Xu's nonsense?"

"The person you love is your concubine. You married your sister because of Mu..."

"Speak!" Before Fu Yan could finish her words, Su Mo shouted harshly.

One word was spoken coldly. Fu Yan's heart became even more panicked when she saw his ice-cold eyes.

"Your Majesty, this concubine..."

"Yes or no!"

Being frightened by Su Mo's gaze, Fu Yan's legs softened and she fell to the ground.

"This concubine is wrong." She cried and said, "This concubine was afraid that my sister would snatch you away, so I wrongly accused her of poisoning this concubine's cup."

At this moment, Fu Yan could only admit her guilt.

She cried as she crawled over and hugged Su Mo's feet.

"In order to frame her, you poisoned yourself. If she can't take out the antidote, you will have me dig out her eyeballs and return them to you." Su Mo pursed his smile and said.

His heart was dead as ashes!

Children, fingers, Luo'er, Murong Jing and her eyes were all destroyed or killed by him. How could she love him again!

He was wrong, he was really wrong!

"Leng Gong's fire was set by Lady Fu." Eunuch Xu added.

Fu Yan didn't care about refuting Eunuch Xu. She hugged Su Mo's legs tightly and cried miserably.

"Your Majesty, this concubine is wrong. Please spare this concubine's life."

Other than Murong Jing dying in front of Su Mo, Su Mo would definitely take her life.

"You drugged me in order to tear me apart from Yun Shu and make me forget about her completely." Su Mo chuckled and said, "I thought that when I married her, I was forced by Murong Jing. I thought that she had poisoned you so that you lose your child. I thought I hated her."

"So it's not, neither is it!"

"No wonder I watched her get hurt. My heart ached. I watched her die in the sea of fire and wanted to accompany her."

"I was even more ecstatic when I found her. It turned out that I loved her to the bone. Even if your medication destroyed my memories of her and me, I would still see her in my dreams."


Su Mo couldn't help but laugh, "But what's the use of this! She hates me to the bone and would rather die than stay with me."

"Your Majesty!"

Su Mo stood there laughing wildly while Fu Yan cried out his name.

"This concubine is wrong, really wrong."

"Your Majesty, seeing how good Your Majesty is to her, this concubine has some thoughts that I shouldn't have." She hugged Su Mo's leg and cried.

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