Chapter 4 All her hopes on the zeither

Murong Yunshu had lost her child. This was her first child with Su Mo. Before she could celebrate fro this, the child was killed by Su Mo's bowl of Medicine.

Not long after, Fu Yan gave birth to a girl.

Murong Yunshu listened the music that was for celebrating the birth of the child, she was extremely painful.

After that, she stayed in the Silent Palace, either in a daze or playing the zither, or even less willing to go out for a walk.

The weather was cold in the imperial capital, and Murong Yunshu's physique was cold. After two years life in the limbo, her body was even worse. After leaving the limbo, he was pushed into the lake by Su Mo and almost drowned. Then, she drank a bowl of Medicine, and because Fu Yan was favored, the people of the palace were harsh on Murong Yunshu.

The weather of the imperial capital was cold. Murong Yunshu didn't even have necessary heating furnaces in her room. Her hands and feet were cold and her body trembled. If this continued, Murong Yunshu would definitely fall into a serious illness.

"Miss, just wait for the general to return." Luo'er comforted Murong Yunshu. The "general" she mentioned was Murong Jing.

Murong Jing was a legendary woman in the world. Because she came from the General Sect, she went to the battlefield on behalf of her father at the age of sixteen. In a battle, she won. The first emperor bestowed her the title of female general.

Murong Jing married Fu Zhen and gave birth to Murong Yunshu. However, the person Fu Zhen loved was not Murong Jing. Before he married Murong Jing, he had a deep affection for his cousin sister.

On the third day after Murong Jing gave birth to Murong Yunshu, Fu Zhen's cousin gave birth to Fu Yan as well. When Murong Jing heard this, she was disappointed and took Murong Yunshu to the frontier fortress.

Although Murong Jing was a woman, she was even as good as a man on the battlefield. She ruled the army harshly and treated her opponents ruthlessly. She only loved Murong Yunshu endlessly.

After Murong Yunshu fell in love with Su Mo, Murong Jing stepped into the court and helped Su Mo ascend to the throne.

However, less than a year after Murong Yunshu entered the palace, Su Mo fell in love with Fu Yan and banished Murong Yunshu.

"Luo, if mother comes back, don't mention my matter to her." Murong Yunshu told Luo.

She was banished to the limbo, and Murong Jing was very angry. She wanted to take Murong Yunshu away from the palace and bring her back to the border.

It was Murong Yunshu who was unwilling. She loved Su Mo so much that she was willing to wait for Su Mo to return in the cold palace.

"I don't want mother to worry." Murong Yunshu said.

The day after she left the limbo. Murong Jing came to see her and advised her to leave.

Murong Yunshu did not answer. Murong Jing left disappointedly. Three days later, after the invasion of the northern outsiders, Murong Jing was sent to the border by Su Mo to fight against the army.

"Yes." When Luo answered, she desperately rubbed her hands and used them to warm Murong Yunshu's hands. Waiting for Murong Yunshu's hand to freeze again, she repeatedly rubbed her palms.

When Su Mo came over again, Murong Yunshu sat in front of the window and played the zither seriously.

All her hopes, all her memories, and all her yearning were all on this zither.

"Murong Yunshu, you're actually in the mood to play the zither here!" Su Mo came in and heard the zither sounds. His heart was filled with rage, "Murong Yunshu, you have the mood to play the zither here!"

Compared to when she saw Su Mo in the limbo, Murong Yunshu was less happy. However, the corners of her mouth rose, and she still had a little expectation.

"I like playing the zither." Murong Yunshu did not move and continued to pluck the strings.

She liked to play the zither because Su Mo liked to listen she play it. She looked forward to the day when Su Mo would come back and sit beside her and listen to her play the zither.

Hearing Murong Yunshu lightly mention the past, Su Mo was even more furious. "Let me ask you, did you go to the garden today?"

Murong Yunshu stopped playing the zither and replied, "Yes."

The weather today was very good. Luo saw that Murong Yunshu stay at room too long in the Silent Palace, so she advised her to go out for a walk.

She went and met Fu Yan's little princess.

"You did it!"

Just as Murong Yunshu finished her sentence, Su Mo coldly took it.

"Murong Yunshu, how could there be such a vicious woman like you in this world? The little princess is innocent. How could you di such brutal thing?" Hearing Su Mo's words, Murong Yunshu turned her head in surprise.

"What happened to the little princess?"

In the garden she saw the little princess lying in the cradle basking in the sun, and when she thought of her child, she went over to take a look.

"You're still pretending." Su Mo said angrily. He wished he could strangle Murong Yunshu to death.

"She's dead, strangled to death."

Su Mo strangled Yunshu as the same time.

This was not the first time Su Mo had gripped her neck. Murong Yunshu was not as panicked and afraid as last time. She looked at him calmly.

"When I left, the little princess was still fine."

Murong Yunshu explained, "I didn't do it. Perhaps Fu Yan strangled her daughter to death in order to frame me."

Two years ago, Fu Yan had already used the same way to frame her. Therefore, Murong Yunshu felt that Fu Yan had also done the little princess' work this time.

However, Su Mo wouldn't believe a single word she said.

"Bitch, you killed the little princess, and you're still spouting nonsense here. Put the blame on Fu Yan." As Su Mo spoke, he threw Murong Yunshu to the ground.

Murong Yunshu did not stand steady. She bumped into the zither table and the zither fell off. She ignored the pain on her body and picked up the zither.

Seeing Murong Yunshu treasuring the zither, Su Mo's expression became even darker.

"Murong Yunshu!" He clenched his teeth and shouted her name.

Murong Yunshu ignored Su Mo and anxiously adjusted the strings for fear that Su Mo would break the zither.

As Su Mo glared angrily at Murong Yunshu, footsteps came from outside the hall. Fu Yan entered the hall with the help of maidservant. She cried for a long time. Her eyes and face were full of tears.

"Your Majesty, please don't punish sister." As soon as Fu Yan entered, she cried and said to Su Mo.

Seeing Fu Yan come over, Su Mo's expression relaxed and he held Fu Yan in his arms.

"Yan, why are you here?"

"Your Majesty, I really don't want you to punish my sister for the sake of the little princess." Fu Yan cried.

Fu Yan pleaded for Murong Yunshu, making Su Mo hate Murong Yunshu even more.

"I didn't strangle your daughter to death." Murong Yunshu looked at Fu Yan leaning against Su Mo's embrace, she feel extremely sad and she turned to look out the window.

"Who strangled the little girl to death? Fu Yan, you know best."

Murong Yunshu's words seemed to have caused Fu Yan to suffer great grievances. Fu Yan cried even more sadly and said to Murong Yunshu, "Sister, I know that you dislike me since you were young, and you blame me for Your Majesty's love for me."

"Two years ago, I had Majesty's child, but you drugged me and let me abortion."

"This time …" Fu Yan said as she wiped her tears with a silk handkerchief. "Sister, if you truly love Your Majesty, you should know that your child will be used by others when he comes out. At that time, Your Majesty's power will be taken away, and they will support your child to ascend to the throne."

"Your Majesty is truly helpless to do that."

Fu Yan said this reasoning, accusing Murong Yunshu of hating the little princess because Su Mo had killed her child.

After Murong Yunshu heard this, she smiled lightly and looked at Su Mo, who had a calm expression.

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