Chapter 7 A letter from General Murong

Hearing Su Mo calling Murong Yunshu over and over again, Fu Yan's expression sank. She got out of bed and called Eunuch Xu in from outside the hall.

Through the layers of gauze curtain, Fu Yan heard Su Mo's painful cries. She told Eunuch Xu in front of her, "Go bring His Majesty's medicine over."

"Didn't His Majesty drink it today?" Eunuch Xu asked in surprise, "Your Highness, drinking too much of that medicine is not good for health."

"Shut up!" As soon as Eunuch Xu finished speaking, Fu Yan shouted harshly. She lowered her voice and said, "Don't you see how severe His Majesty's headache is? Do you want him to die of pain?"

When Fu Yan said that, Eunuch Xu didn't dare to say anything else.

"Hurry up and bring the medicine."

Eunuch Xu quickly brought the soup over. Fu Yan took the soup bowl. She sat by the bed and personally fed it to Su Mo.

"Your Majesty, drink the medicine and your head won't hurt."

When Su Mo heard the medicine being drunk, his head didn't hurt. Without hesitation, he snatched the bowl from Fu Yan's hand and drank the medicine.

After drinking the soup, Su Mo soon fell asleep.

Fu Yan looked coldly at Su Mo who had fallen asleep. She knew that when Su Mo woke up early tomorrow morning, he would definitely not remember his headache tonight.

But even so, Fu Yan was still worried. As long as Murong Yunshu stayed in the harem for a day, Su Mo would definitely be affected by her.

It was not the right time to kill Murong Yunshu directly, and she did not want Murong Yunshu to disappear so easily.

If she hated Murong Yunshu, then she would slowly torture Murong Yunshu enough.

Without Luo'er, the Silent Palace became even more deserted. Murong Yunshu also became silent. Her zither was broken and she didn't play with it anymore. Luo'er died. She had no one to talk to. She sat by the windowsill all day and watched the sky turn from white to black.

Fu Yan sent two new slave girls to Murong Yunshu. She said that they was taking care of her, but she knew in her heart that she was monitoring her.

These two slave girls also wouldn't put Murong Yunshu in their eyes. In the past, when Luo'er was here, there were still two furnaces in the Silent Palace. Now, even one of them said that they couldn't get it.

It was ridiculous to think that as an empress she would be bullied by two slave girls. She remembered how glorious she was as a daughter of Murong Jing, and how arrogant and headstrong she was.

In this harem, without Su Mo's protection, she would not be able to stand firm. Moreover, the current Su Mo hated her to the bone.

"Your Highness, we've really gone to see this stove, nope."

"Even if you beat us to death, we won't be able to take out the stove."

Look at how clever the two slave girls are, not putting Murong Yunshu in their eyes. This harem was Fu Yan's world. If Fu Yan wanted her dead, who would dare to disobey Fu Yan's wishes?

"Tell Fu Yan that I, the Empress, am not favored, but I am also General Mu's daughter. I封something has happened to me. Aren't you afraid that my mother will ruin her home?"

Murong Yunshu threatened. The slave girls looked at each other. They obeyed Fu Yan's orders and made Murong Yunshu suffer in her life.

As they hesitated, they didn't know what to do! A man's voice came from outside the hall, "Who gave you two young maidservant the guts to bully the empress?"

The man's voice was fierce and angry. Murong Yunshu raised her head and saw Su Yan walk in.

Su Yan, Su Mo's half-brother.

Originally, this Emperor should be Su Yan's. With Murong Jing's help, Su Mo squeezed Su Yan away and seized the throne.

"Prince Yan." The maidservant knelt on the ground. Although Su Yan had failed to seize power, he had one-third of the military power of the Dynasty. Su Mo had always wanted to take back this military power and influence. Unfortunately, Su Yan was cautious and careful. Su Mo could not find anything on him.

"Go, bring some stoves for the Empress."

Su Yan said. Hearing that, the maidservant immediately went out to get the stove.

There were only Murong Yunshu and Su Yan left in the hall. Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan and sincerely said, "Thank you."

Su Yan turned to look at Murong Yunshu. Compared to two years ago, Murong Yunshu was much thinner. More importantly, her beautiful and clear eyes lost their previous elegance.

Murong Yunshu, who was so proud and lived so happily, became dim, and her entire body was filled with sorrow and pain.

His gaze fell on Murong Yunshu's finger.

Without Su Mo's orders and Fu Yan's permission, the imperial physician did not dare to do his duty to treat Murong Yunshu's fingers. After a few days, it was afraid that Murong Yunshu's fingers were being crippled.

Murong Yunshu noticed that Su Yan was staring at her fingers. She shyly pulled her fingers into her sleeves. When she pulled back, her fingertips touched her sleeves, causing her to frown in pain.

Whenever her fingers touched something, it would hurt, and then her fingers connected to her heart, causing her heart to ache even more.

"Prince Yan, would you like some tea?" Murong Yunshu walked to the table. She wanted to pour tea for Su Yan. Su Yan took the cup first and said, "It is inconvenient for you,I'll do it."

As he spoke, Su Yan sat opposite Murong Yunshu, pouring tea and drinking.

Murong Yunshu and Su Yan weren't very familiar. After she met Su Mo, she only saw Su Mo. As for other men, they couldn't enter her eyes.

When Su Yan and Su Mo competed for the throne, she had only heard of his name.

Afterward, Su Yan failed and became King Yan, heading to his own fief. He hadn't expected that he would save her from falling into the water the moment he returned to the Imperial Palace.

"Thanks to Prince Yan, Yun Shu did not drown in the lake last time." Murong Yunshu said gratefully again. She wanted to pour herself a cup of tea to Su Yan. Su Yan stopped her and said, "No need."

"It's good that you're fine."

After he heard that Murong Yunshu had been released from the limbo, he thought that she had finally reconciled with Su Mo. Who knew that when he entered the palace, he heard the people below discuss that Murong Yunshu had pushed Concubine Fu into the water, causing His Majesty to be furious and directly throw the Empress into the water.

He knew that she was afraid of water, so he ran to save her. Fortunately, he went in time. After saving Murong Yunshu, she was fine.

"Yun Shu, I came here this time because I have something I want to hand over to you personally." As Su Yan spoke, he took out a letter from his bosom. Murong Yunshu saw the handwriting on the envelope and happily reached out to take it.

She forgot the wound on her finger and touched the envelope, so much so that she took it back.

I wonder when the pain in this finger will disappear?

Seeing that she was in pain, Su Yan said, "I'll help you open it."

He took out the letter and spread it out in front of Murong Yunshu, and said, "Your mother was afraid that this letter would be detained by Fu Yan or Su Mo, so she sent it to me and asked me to enter the palace to hand it over to you."

"Thank you." Murong Yunshu said. She was puzzled. She didn't know when her mother and Su Yan had gotten so close. Right now, she didn't ask Su Yan any further and was anxious to finish reading the letter in front of her.

She was brought to the frontier fortress by Murong Jing from the moment she was born. The mother and daughter were dependent on each other, and they had no impression of their biological father, let alone much feeling.

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