Chapter 8 They are old acquaintances

"Yun Shu." Murong Yunshu looked at the contents of the letter seriously. "Mother knows that you are stubborn, but Su Mo is no longer your beloved. If he had a trace of pity and affection for you, he would not have left you in the limbo for two years without asking. On the frontier fortress side, barbarian and I will have a fierce struggle. If we win by chance, I will ask Su Mo for merit points and take you away when I return to the court. You are not suitable for harem battles. With Su Mo's protection, you can live in peace for a lifetime. But... listen to me,the person you are marrying is not your beloved. Why don't you stop waiting?Mother only has one daughter. I just want you to be safe and sound for the rest of your life."

After reading Murong Jing's letter, Murong Yunshu felt extremely uncomfortable. In this relationship between her and Su Mo, the person who she was the most sorry for was her mother.

For her sake, her mother returned to the imperial capital, participated in the government and struggled for power, and endured her father's ridicule and troubles. Now, it was because of her that she went to the frontier fortress to fight.

"Yun Shu." When Murong Yunshu was stunned, Su Yan on the other side called out warmly, "If your mother wins, you can give yourself a chance of survival."

No matter who it was, it could be seen that Murong Yunshu would only die if she continued to stay by Su Mo's side.

Fu Yan hated her guts, and Su Mo hated her to the extreme.

Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan in surprise, wondering how he knew what her mother had written in the letter. Before she could ask, Su Yan said, "Outsiders can clearly see your matter."

"Yun Shu, there's something you don't know." As Su Yan said that, he pursed his lips and smiled, "Before you married Su Mo, I asked your mother to marry you."

Su Yan was similar to Su Mo. When he laughed, he reminded Murong Yunshu of Su Mo who loved her warmly three years ago.

"Huh?" Murong Yunshu asked doubtfully.

Su Yan smiled and explained, "Of course, Murong Jing's daughter,who doesn’t want to marry?"

The word "Murong Jing" represented military power and influence in the Dynasty. Back then, Su Mo had obtained Murong Jing's full support and got the throne.

"Yes." Murong Yunshu replied with a faint smile.

Seeing her smile, Su Yan pursed his lips and stared at her. He still had half a sentence to say.

"Yunshu, do you want to leave?" Su Yan asked again.

Murong Yunshu was stunned. She lowered her head and looked at Murong Jing's handwriting in the letter.

If it was in the past, she would not hesitate to shake her head and refuse. She would tell Murong Jing and Su Yan to wait.

But now, Luo'er was gone, and there was also her hand.

Murong Yunshu's gaze fell on her crippled finger. She was no longer as determined as before.

"If you want, your mother and I will definitely help you." Su Yan added, "I..."

He paused and said, "We both want you to have a good time."

In the past, Murong Yunshu was carefree. Seeing her smile, she felt that it was a kind of happiness.

"Alright." Murong Yunshu looked at Su Yan and replied.

Mo, I want to give up!

Not long after Su Yan entered the palace, Su Mo, who was dealing with political affairs, received news that Su Yan had gone to the Silent Palace.

Su Yan was a Abrogated Emperor Crown Prince, and Su Mo had always been on guard, and he was also afraid.

This time, when he returned, he first saved Murong Yunshu,and now, he went to the Silent Palace to visit Murong Yunshu, so he had no choice but worried.

If Murong Jing and Su Yan joined forces, they would have more troops in their hands than him.

Fu Yan was looking for Su Mo after Su Yan entered the palace. When she heard the maidservant kneeling on the ground and reporting to Su Mo that the conversation between Su Yan and Murong Yunshu in the palace. The corner of her mouth hooked up, revealing a trace of mockery.

Murong Yunshu was in such a state of despair, and a man were running for her.

Back then, when Murong Yunshu returned to the imperial capital, Su Yan went to Murong Jing's side and begged to marry Murong Yunshu within a few days. Unfortunately, Murong Yunshu and Su Mo had been privately engaged for their entire lives, so Murong Jing rejected the marriage.

"Your Majesty." Fu Yan walked up to Su Mo, who was sitting on the hall. She said softly, "Prince Yan and sister are old acquaintances.They just talk about the past."

"Old acquaintance?" Hearing these two words, Su Mo's expression sank. When he thought of the scene of Su Yan and Murong Yunshu together, his heart was filled with rage. "I'm afraid they want to join forces."

"How is this possible?" Fu Yan pretended to be shocked. She wished that Su Mo could confirm that Su Yan and Murong Yunshu were secretly discussing the matter of rebellion. In that case, the entire Murong Jing family would be punished by the execution, and Murong Yunshu would eventually be dismembered.

"However." Fu Yan said slowly, "If Prince Yan really joined forces with General Murong, I'm afraid we won't be their match."

Fu Yan knew that there was no such possibility. Su Yan wanted to rebel, but Murong Yunshu was infatuated with Su Mo. She would definitely not let her mother betray Su Mo.

"General Murong is at war now. If she leads the troops to attack the imperial capital, this …" After Fu Yan finished provoking, she carefully looked at Su Mo.

Su Mo did not answer immediately. He thought of something and shook his head.

"General Murong will not rebel."

Fu Yan was stunned. Su Mo was so sure that Murong Jing would not rebel. Did he believe Murong Jing or Murong Yunshu?

Even if Su Mo completely forgot about the past with Murong Yunshu, there was still Murong Yunshu's shadow in the depths of his heart. This was the most terrifying place.

"Yes." Fu Yanrou continued to persuade Su Mo, "But we still have to guard against it."

"Your Majesty, Murong Jing is not the only one who can fight in our dynasty. Why don't you change Murong Jing?"

"On the battlefield, life and death are only a blink of an eye. If Murong Jing..." Fu Yan had wanted Su Mo to kill Murong Jing. Without Murong Jing's support, Murong Yunshu was really like an ant that she would trample on.

"Yan'er." Before Fu Yan could finish her words, Su Mo called out in a harsh voice, "No matter how arrogant Murong Jing is, she is currently fighting for the Dynasty."

Su Mo hated Murong Yunshu, but he wouldn't be foolish enough to kill Murong Jing. Moreover, in his heart, he knew that he couldn't kill Murong Jing.

If he killed Murong Jing, he and Murong Yunshu would never to be together again.

Seeing that Su Mo was angry, Fu Yan knelt on the ground and said, "Yan'er is wrong."

"Yan'er was only thinking for Your Majesty. I was afraid that Your Majesty would be upset, so I said the wrong thing. Your Majesty, please punish me." As Fu Yan spoke, she clenched her fists unwillingly.

Su Mo did not agree to Kill Murong Yunshu. It seemed that she had to do it herself.

"Yes." Su Mo said, "I still have things to deal with. You can go back to the palace first."

"Yes." Fu Yan replied. When she turned around and left, her expression became gloomy.

To make Fu Yan happy, Su Mo specially hosted a banquet for her.

Murong Yunshu had no choice but to attend such a banquet.

Murong Yunshu knew that she couldn't go. She couldn't miss the display of affection between Su Mo and Fu Yan at the banquet, but she thought how many times she could see Su Mo if she really wanted to leave the Imperial Palace.

It would be good to see it once, even if it was just to take a look.

Murong Yunshu dressed up and went there.She was originally a beauty, even if she wore a simple white robe, she could still give off a peerless feeling.

Fu Yan hated her partly because she was jealous of Murong Yunshu's appearance.

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