Chapter 9 General Murong is dead

The banquet was very lively. Apart from Fu Yan, Su Mo had three or four concubines. They knew that Fu Yan was favored and flattered Fu Yan at the banquet.

Fu Yan perfunctory these concubines, she did not put them in her eyes. Now, she was interested in Murong Yunshu.

The child was gone, her fingers were crippled, and even the maidservant who grew up with Murong Yunshu had died. What was left of Murong Yunshu now?

As Fu Yan thought about it, her gaze fell on Murong Yunshu's clear eyes.

"Sister." Fu Yan stood up and walked over to Murong Yunshu with a glass of wine in her hand. Murong Yunshu looked up at Fu Yan and then lowered her head to look at her still aching fingers.

Su Yan called the imperial physician for her, but she missed the best time for treatment. The imperial physician said that if they were properly taken care of, the hands might recover, but they couldn't be as good as before, let alone play the zither.

"Sister, let's forget about the past." Fu Yan said kindly as she poured her head down and drank all the wine in the cup.

Then she said, "We're sisters, no matter what!"

Murong Yunshu raised her head and sneered at Fu Yan, "Sisters?"

"My mother only has one daughter. What kind of sister are you?"

Fu Yan had given her all of her current fate.

Su Mo's heart changed, but Fu Yan was the one who stirred up the conflict.

"Sister!" Fu Yan called out softly. Her tears fell, "If you hate your sister, then kill me."

"Indeed, I hate you so much that I want to kill you." Murong Yunshu's voice was neither light nor light. Everyone around her heard it, including Su Mo.

"Murong Yunshu." Seeing that his beloved woman had been wronged, Su Mo coldly called Murong Yunshu's name, "Yan'er is courting, do you have such an attitude?"

Murong Yunshu turned to look at the upward Su Mo. Her faint gaze reached the bottom of Su Mo's eyes. Su Mo's heart suddenly twitched in pain. When did she look at him, she lost her previous infatuation and affection.

"I'm a little tired. I will go first." Murong Yunshu stood up and planned to leave.

Murong Yunshu ignored Su Mo's ugly expression and left the banquet alone.

Compared to the liveliness of the banquet, the corridor was very quiet. Murong Yunshu walked slowly. The Imperial Palace was very big. She raised her head to look at the gray sky, only to find that she had nowhere to go.

She pursed her lips and smiled self-deprecatingly. When she walked to the corner, she heard two maidservants whispering to each other. Her voice was very soft, but under the quiet night, Murong Yunshu could hear it clearly.

"What! General Murong is dead."

"Yes, her head was hanging on the city gates of the border. She died miserably."

A maidservant looked around and saw that no one was there. She whispered to another maidservant, "I heard that His Majesty was dissatisfied with General Murong's military power. When General Murong was fighting the barbarian slaves, he deliberately did not send reinforcements. General Murong was physically exhausted and was captured by the enemy."

"That barbarian slave hated General Murong so much that he directly chopped off her head."

" Once General Murong died, the barbarian slaves immediately sent a letter of surrender."

The maidservant's words were very light, but every word pierced into Murong Yunshu's heart. Murong Yunshu's expression changed drastically. She turned around and quickly returned to the palace.

What they said was definitely fake! Mother is an invincible general, how could she die?

Murong Yunshu thought like this, but the footsteps beneath her feet became obviously messy. When she walked quickly, she almost tripped and fell several times.

At the banquet, after Murong Yunshu left, Fu Yan suddenly fainted. Su Mo hurriedly carried Fu Yan back to the Imperial Palace. He ordered the imperial physician to come over.

Just as they were about to leave, a maidservant suddenly fell to the ground.

Her strange behavior attracted Su Mo's attention. Su Mo stopped and turned around to see the palace maidservant kneeling on the ground. She cried out in panic, "Your Majesty, it's none of my business. The Empress asked me to secretly drug her wine cup! I didn't know it was so strong, I didn't know anything."

Listening to the little maid's words, it was Murong Yunshu who instructed her to drug Fu Yan. Seeing Fu Yan faint, the little palace maid was scared and confessed Murong Yunshu's crime to alleviate her crime.

Sounds flawless, just like when the little princess died last time.

When Murong Yunshu returned, she happened to hear the young maidservant's accusation against her. She did not have the slightest bit of fear or panic, only thinking about Murong Jing.

"Murong Yunshu." When Su Mo heard that Fu Yan's poisoning was related to Murong Yunshu, he became angry.

When will this vicious woman stop!

"Where's my mother?" Murong Yunshu looked at Su Mo and directly questioned, "Is she dead?"

Su Mo was stunned. He suddenly discovered that in Murong Yunshu's beautiful eyes, her previous infatuation and affection had diminished a lot.

He knew about Murong Jing yesterday. When he heard the news, he was shocked and sad.

Although he was unhappy with Murong Jing's arrogance and military power, he had no choice but to release Murong Yunshu.

But he never thought that Murong Jing would die. Murong Jing was an admirable woman.

Facing Murong Yunshu's questioning, Su Mo didn't know how to answer!

"Take the Empress to the Imperial Palace." Su Mo thought for a moment and ordered. Then, he hurriedly carried Fu Yan back.

Outside the Imperial Palace, Murong Yunshu knelt on the cold ground. The sky was dark and the wind was strong. She was shaken by the cold wind.

In this place, she often ran over before entering the limbo.

Su Mo had just ascended to the throne and had many things to deal with. He often left her alone in the palace, so she secretly ran over to see him.

When she ran out, she didn't know to put on a cape and ran behind the Emperor's palace. Her hands and feet were ice-cold, making Su Mo angry.

"Why are you here if you don't stay in the palace?" When he scolded her, he would rub her cold hands or naughtily stuff them into his warm chest.

"I can't sleep alone."

Hearing her answer, Su Mo didn't know how to deal with her..

Then she stayed by his side and accompanied him in dealing with political affairs. But in the end, Su Mo put down the government affairs in his hand and carried her back to sleep.

"Are we not going to deal with political matters?"

"Your hands and feet are so cold, it's better to carry you back first."

"Su Mo, I'm important or politics?"

Su Mo looked at her gently without the slightest hesitation, "You!"

"Yun Shu, nothing is more important than you!"

Originally, the Imperial Palace was a place not for resting. Because Murong Yunshu often accompanied Su Mo, Su Mo turned the back hall into a bedroom hall.

Later, Murong Yunshu entered the limbo. Her original palace was given to Fu Yan, and Su Mo stayed in the Emperor Palace more often.

After more than two years, Murong Yunshu did not expect that she would be locked up outside the Imperial Palace one day, causing her entire body to tremble. Su Mo, who loved her like a jade pearl, no longer loved her/believed her!

And mother's death!

After kneeling for an unknown amount of time, Eunuch Xu came out and invited Murong Yunshu in.

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