Manik malhotra - studies in space academy ( one of the best music college in India) son of trusty of the college, only son of the malhotra empire ( one of the leading company in the world) lead in fab 5 , hot hunk,all girls go gaga over him , flirty short tempered and egoistic ...

Nandini murthy - cute sweet bubbly , rich girl bt not more than manik, loves her amms ( grand mom)a lot can do anything for her, open girl doesn't fell shy to open up her mind


Cabir - drummer in fab 5 , prankster, always fun and caring to be with

Mukti - electric guitarist in fab 5 , evil twin of cabir (not literally), boss girl of the gang

Alya - member of fab 5 plays keyboard, fashionista, egoistic and has a crush on manik

Dhruv - guitarist in fab 5 , shy, soft spoken, doesnt talk much

Nyeonika malhotra - mother of manik , trusty of space ,manik never considers her as her mother as she loves only n only money and married manik's dad only for money

Navya naveli - town girl from patna . sweet and simple, alot more traditional


"Its just your misunderstanding, plz try and understand" she cried apologizing for a crime she hadn't even committed.

"loving you was my mistake, i hate you... I thought whatever i did with you all the crap was wrong, i felt guilty for doing that but you...you just proved me wrong. You proved that you dont deserve any sympathy and love, you are just like the lot of selfish girls"he shouted

"esa kuch nhin hai plz ek baar meri baat sun lo, atleast let me explain"she begged with all her love and saddness. She wasn't ready to loose him not now not ever.

"just shut up tum jaisi characterless ladki ke sath mujhe koi baat nhin karni... I don't even know you now, i don't know pata nhin aur kitnon ke paas tumne yeh tricks use krke, you have been a bitch and a deal to them ... Bloody slut... You know what you should just get the fu- " he said it and it was enough for her. Enough to choose her self respect over him and just then the whole corridor heard a loud sound of a slap, it was over now. Maybe for forever.

Love is just a 4 letter word but a very precious feeling in the world still a few fail to understand the true meaning behind it. Same happened with manik he took up a dare to make Nandini fall for him but looks like destiny had it's own games and manik ends up falling for her... But what will happen when Nandini will get to know that manik played with her feelings and what will happen when manik will fail to understand her and misunderstanding took over them...

Read in to see how manan will find their LOST LOVE...

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