A bright sunny morning, the sunrays enter the room through the big glass window disturbing the beauty sleep of our princess and here someone calls our princess

Amms: nandu... Nandu beta get up otherwise you will get late for your college.

And due to this sudden alarm oops amms voice our heroine wakes up... Yes our heroine Miss. Nandini Murthy. She gets up with her favourite spongebob pajamaas and her messy hairs looking like a 6 year old kid.

Nandu: aiyappa please save me aaj mera first day hai and i don't want to get late.

Nandini hurriedly gets up and runs inside the washroom to freshen up. She comes out wearing a blue jeans and red sleeveless top , keeps her hair open slightly curve from bottom and wears her appa's last memory ..her bracelet and moves downstairs for breakfast.

Amms: good morning nandu... All set for your first day of college.

Nandu: yup amms i am always ready, i have been waiting for this day since a very long time... Ok i gotta go i don't want to be late for my first day

By saying this she starts moving towards the main door but suddenly amms call her name

Amms: i guess you have forgotten something...

Nandu: aiyappa... Oops sorry amms how can i forget

By saying so nandu moves towards a mandhir to pray..

Nandu: please aiyappa aaj ka din meri life ka best day ho

Then she turns towards a picture with a garland on the wall " i know mom dad that this was your dream ... And i promise i am gonna fulfill your dream .

Nandu touches amms feet and start leaving the house. But again amms stops her

Amms : nandu I have a gift for you

Nandu : what ...amms plz give it fast naa i am very late already

Amms shows her some keys ...nandu gets confused but then something strikes her mind

Nandu : amms a new car ...WOW ...thank you thank you thank you very much amms

Amms : its OK nandu now go fast otherwise you'll be late for your college

Nandu again hugs her amms and leaves


At the same time in malhotra mansion... A guy is sleeping on his king sized bed with a girl beside him...

So this guy is Manik Malhotra, a flirt, and the only hier of the malhotra group of companies.

Suddenly manik's phone rang much to his irritation because it disturbed his peaceful sleep.

Phone conversation...

Cabir: yaar manik where are you... Main kabse tera wait kar rha hun you know na humare college ka new session aaj se start hai

Manik: oh freak i just forgot.. Thanks buddy for reminding me.. Love you

Cabir:by the way bro aaj tere sath kaun hai jiski wajah se you couldn't sleep the whole night

Manik: pta nhin but jo bhi ho bahut hot thi

Cabir: whatever ab jaldi se ready ho ja fab 5 will meet at the college after half an hour. Bye

Manik: ok bye

Now manik wakes that girl up.

Girl: good morning

Manik: look whoever you are now we are over .. Take your clothes and just move out of my house

Girl: (disgustingly looks at manik and moves out after taking her clothes)

Then manik gets ready in his blue denim jeans with white t-shirt and his favourite coat and moves downstairs

Neyonika: manik beta have your breakfast look maine tumhare liye coffee banayi hai

Manik comes towards the dining table with a smile

Manik:oh really mere liye.. Thank you

Neyonika : anything for you beta

Then manik pours all the coffee on the floor and says

Manik:neyonika pleaseee clean this for me

Neyonika: manik are you out of your mind.. I am not gonna do this

Manik: thats like my neyonika that sweet behaviour doesn't suits you...

By saying this he moves out of the house unknown of the fact that today his life will take a 360° turn.

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