Both manik and nadini moved towards space through different directions bt they didn't knew that their final destination is same.

Manik's pov

Kya yaar subah subah iss neyonika ne mood kharaab kar diya... Yeh akhir kyun aai meri life main... Ok ok manik control urself. Now i just need to divert my mind from that neyonika

so manik puts on the FM in his car and the fab 5 song yaara is going on..

Now this is called something refrenshning

Nandini's pov

Nandini aaj toh tera din sabse achcha hai.. Aiyyappa i just hope ki aage bhi sabh theek hi ho

Nandini's chain of thoughts is broken by a car in front of her so she immediately applies break

Nandu yeh kya kr rhi hai don't get over excited tujhe yeh car amms ne aaj hi di hai.. Ok now i need to cool down.

So she also switches on FM in her car and the same song by fab 5 yara is going on..

Nandu : Omg its my fav song.. Aaj mera din sach main bahut achcha hai.

Now manik gets a call from cabir..

Cabir: yaar bro tu kahan hai yahan mukti gusse se lal ho rhi hai

Manik: main bas abhi pahucha ok just 15 min

Call end

Manik: oh shit yeh red light... Wait manik tu kabse rules follow krne lag gya

By saying so manik drives his car in full speed unknown to the fact that nandini's car is coming from the other side of the road and BOOM...

Both manik and nandini's car collided with each other bt it was just a minor accident as they both applied brake at the correct time...

Nandu got very tensed and came out of the car and bend down to look for any scratch on her brand new car and even before manik could get out and react she started shouting

Nandini: u stupid , idiot , moron , dekh ke nhin chala sakte ..r u blind , if u cant c y r u driving dis car ...

Now manik got angry and came out of the car and he too started shouting on nandini

Manik: main idiot, tum hogi idiot, ek toh dekh ke tum nhin chala rhi thin aur upar se mere upar chillah rhi ho...sach main tum jaisi ladkiyon ka kuch nhin ho sakta hai ..driving aati- jati hai nhi or chalaengi car .

As nandini was bending her hair was falling on her face so manik couldn't see her face..

Nandini: u just shut up ek toh mere brand new car thok di aur mujhe bta rhe ho ki maine kya kiya hai... Mere new car amms ne aaj hi gift kri thi... Aiyappa ab main kya kaungi

Manik: oh hello halka sa scratch hai aur itni pyaari thi apni car toh ghar pe saja kr rakhni chahiye na... Road pe leke kyun nikalti ho...

Nandini:(while getting up shouted) tum jaise ameer baap ke bete gadi ko aeroplane samjhte ho lekin Yeh bhul jate ho ki aasman ki tarah road khali nhi hotee ...wahan pr or bhi gaadiyan hoti hai

Still manik couldnt see her face as the wind was blowing so manik could only see her eyes ... And so manik was just looking in her eyes

Manik: listen..

Nandini : what listen ek toh traffic rules tum na follow karo aur upar se u r shouting on me...

Nandini kept blabbering Bt manik was paying no attention to her shouts as he was busy watching her those big sparkling eyes

Bt aftr sometym she realised that manik was nt listning to her words so she just waved her hands to break his trance... Just then she watched the tym in her watch

Nandini: oh freak, tumhari wajah se main late ho gyi..listen dis tym I M leaving u next tym b careful otherwise i won't leave u

Nandini went and sat back in her car bt manik was standing their only infrnt of her carr

Due to which nandini got even more irrtated and blew the horn to wake him up from his thoughts n shouted listen u u want 2 suicide now ? So just plz find another car I M getting late

By nandini's shout n sound of horn manik's chain of thoughts was broken and he gave her side ... Nadini drove her car towards space

N a small smile crept on manik' lips

Manik pov

She was so beautifull her eyes told me how pure and innocent she was her those looks and especially her hair which was falling on her face bt wait i couldn' t watch her fce...damn manik y r u thinking about her ? U don't even no her name ...uff ! I think I should leave .I M getting late ..

End of manik' POV

Just then he got a call from cabir

Cabir: kahan hai yaar we all r waiting fr u

Me: just 5 min coming

As i cut the call and walked frwrd i felt something under my shoes... And i found that it was a bracelet with a letter N embedded on it

Manik ( in mind ) - this must be her bracelet ...

Manik' POV

Oh so her name starts from N

By the way u r nt too bad Miss.N...

End of manik' POV

Manik kept the bracelet in his pocket and too drove his car towrds space unknown to the fact that he would find his Miss.N at his destination only ...

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