Nandini is standing infront of her dream, S.P.A.C.E actually nt only her dream bt her parents dream also which is going to be fulfilled soon, so she was very happy and excited to explore each and every part of this college.

Nandini stepped forward and her whole childhood with her parents was flashing infront of her eyes. Her parents last wish to see her happy and fulfilling her dream was going to get started.

As she entered she found herself into a whole new world there were people belonging to every level whether it be a middle class or a rich ... One side of the academy whole lot of couples chatting and romancing with each other and other side contained with people enjoying their life .

Nandini was twirling around watching her new college just then she collided with a girl and the girl's bag fell down on the floor

Nandini: i m soo sorry woh maine dekha nhin

Girl: ji koi baat nhin humari bhi galti thi

Nandini: tumhe kahin lagi toh nhin

Girl: ji nhin hum theek hai

Nandini and that girl picked the girl's bag

Nandini: hi by way i m nandini, Nandini Murthy

Girl: ji humara naam hai navya, Navya Naveli , hum patna se aae hain.

Nandini: tum aur kitne log ho..

Navya: ji

Nandini: woh mera matlab tha ki tum hum hum keh ke baat kr rhi ho so

Navya: woh humare yahan aise hi baat kri jaati hai

Nandini: ok. So frnds

Navya: frnds...

Here fab 4 was waiting for manik to come

Alya: guys aur kitni derr

Mukti: iss baar main ise nhin chodungi... Kitna late hai yaar

Dhruv: phas gya hoga kisi kaam main waise bhi he said na he ll come in 5 min..

Mukti: yup tum toh usi ki side loge na... Dekho uski wajah se hume kitna wait krna padh rha hai

Alya: and look mere skin ki toh tanning bhi strt ho gyi hai n mera makeup pura spoil ho gaya hai ... Manik yar where r u

Everyone in unison : aliyaaaaaaa

Cabir: guys chup ekdum have patience...

Mukti: ya patience


Nandini n navya r chit chatting standing at one end of the corner of d entrance n dey started sharing a very good bond


Cabir: guys look our hero is here ...

And so all look towards the gate and.,,,

Here enters a brand new BMW from the main entrance..

Mukti: phirse ek new car

Aliya: but look at the colour ... I so loved it

From the car stepped out our very own manik malhotra ... He forwarded the keys to the guard for parking and entered the college premises

Druv: now happy guys.. Aa gya hai woh

Mukti: do u really think itni jaldi

Alya: yup abhi toh saari ladkiyon ko flying kisses dega aur apne charm se unhe maar dalega

Cabir: and firse koi ladki mujhe aur dhruv ko ghaans bhi nhin dalegi

As manik entered the college all girls were drooling over his eyes his hair his body ... And much more bt the most important one was his smile which never ever left his face.. Here on the otherside

Nandini:in sab ladkiyon ko kya hogaya hai apne apne boyfrnds of chodke gate ki direction main kyun dekh rhi hain

Navya: kyun tumhe nhin pta ki kaun aaya hai..

Nandini: kaun

Navya: its manik , MANIK MALHOTRA , fab 5 ka lead singer.. is college ka sabse hot ladka ..n trusty ka beta

Nandini : ya ya whatever

Here all the girls were busy looking at or rather checking out our cool hunk manik..

(bg song)

Who The Sexy Boy

Everybody Wants You

Who The Sexy Boy

Everybody Needs You

Who the sexy boy

Na Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Hai

Na Jaane Kahan Ko Jaayega

Deewana Kise Banayega

Yeh Ladka

Na Jaane Kahan Se Aaya Hai

Na Jaane Kahan Ko Jaayega

Deewana Kise Banayega

Yeh Ladka

Kisi Ke Haath Na Aayega

Yeh Ladka

Kisi Ke Haath Na Aayega

Yeh Ladka

Manik after smirking and winking at the girls went towards fab 4

Mukti: oh look who's here Manik ji welcome ... Aap itni jaldi kaise aa gye

Manik: sry yaar guys i was stuck in traffic

And then manik remembers his traffic oops nandini' eyes.. He was so much lost in them that cabir had to shake him up to bring him out of his trance.

Cabir: traffic ya koi ladki

Manik: cabir dude kuch bhi .. Achcha we are getting late ..

So lets go Fab 5 moved forward towards thier classes so all the other students gave a way to them

Nandini: koi VIP hai kya jo everyone is giving them way

Navya: VIP se kam bhi nhin hain

Nandini: navya we r getting late

Nandini without watching moved forwrd bumped in to manik. She was about to fall but jab humara hero hai toh heroine ko kaise kuch ho sakta hai, so manik saved her on tym he wrapped his arms around her petite waist which sent shivers down their spines.

Nandini properly saw manik face and remembered that he was the person with whom her car collided.. Whereas manik was lost in her eyes and thinking that he had seen them once before

Nandini after remembering their first encounter stood and went away from their without even giving a look to manik..though manik was lost in her Miss N' s dream so to break his trance cabir shook him

Cabir: manik woh chali gyi

Bt still manik was lost and smiling dreamily

Cabir: shouting ,, manik she has gonee

Manik came out of his trance

Manik: huh

Cabir: chale

Manik: han

They were going to move frwrd just them cabir shouted.

Cabir: omg ...I cant believe it

Aliya: not now cabir ab kya hua

Cabir: tum logon ne kuch notice kiya

All: what

Cabir: pehle baar kisi ladki ne manik ko ignore kiya hai

Mukti: ya ryt woh manik ke arms main thi but still she didn't react

Cabir: seriously

mukti: she didn' t even chipped a thank u

Cabir: bro tera charm is over

Dhruv: guys now lets go i think she is something different.

Manik pov

Pta nhin use dekhke aisa kyun laga ki isse pehle bhi mil chuka hun.. Wahi eyes... Manik stop thinking soo much... Bt miss different u have messed with the wrong guy main bhi dekhta hun ki mera charm tumhe kaise mere peeche bhagne panf majboor krta hai..