Complementing her cooking

''  This was some random way to find me though '' asserts the master. After taking one sip of the coffe the colour on his face changed. '' This is good really good. I want another cup '' he said finishing the entire cup in seconds.

'' But if you drink so much coffe you won't be able to sleep at night '' she warns him. ' Still I want to drink ''. She had to give up as he wasn's going to listen to her. '' Alright, coming up ''. 

He took out his phone from his pocket right at the moment someone called him. '' Yes Freya what?'' he asked picking up the phone. '' Here you go '' said the master giving him another cup of coffe. 

'' What? I am outside. If you don't like it then this is the end I want to end this I have had enough '' his tone went up. '' Yes this is the final goodbye for now. After all you can't take place of the real freya in my heart after all it's better if you go away ''.

He listened quietly for a while then ends the call. '' ANything wrong?'' she asked with carefully observant eyes. '' It's just,...''. '' Your girlfriend? '' she asked. '' Yes, she's always suspecting me for everything I have had enough. We had been together for over half six months but she's still like this. I don't like people who don't trust me '' he complains. 

'' Is that so? so you ended the relationship? ''. '' Yes after all we were just showing off I knew that she had a boyfriend from the beginning. I was just going along with the flow. Cause I still hadn't found something interesting to devote myself into yet. Ironic isn't it ?''.

'' How can you be so carefree I don't understand. It's great to be young I guess ''she asserts. '' No it's not. I wanna grow up quickly then... maybe I will find something interesting. Something which will drive me forward and a good hobby or something. Then I will be all set for life '' his eyes were shinning bright while saying that.

'' When will you find it ?'' asked the master while resting her face on her palm. '' I don't know , but it will come all suddenly I know it without any kind of warning. And then I hope I will be able to accept it all in ''. 

'' Youth is it ? maybe it's the effect of spring it's April already. Spring is here ''' she asserts. '' It's the season of new beginnings after all. I hope you find something interesting to do in the end '' .

'' I hope so ''. '' Food is here '' said Alice hurrying up with the plates. She placed everything all in front of him. Alice stood there by his side. '' Beautiful '' said the boy '' you made all of them?''.

Alice nods. '' She's a great cook have a taste '' said the master. The boy took a bite of the scrambled eggs. He ate up everything hurriedly. Then onto the cake. He ate from a side. 

He ate the whole cake hurriedly too. They both were surprised. '' Can you make something else too?'' he asked. '' Well...,,, curry and rice I guess ''.

'' Bring it hurry I can't wait ''. '' Alright '' she left right away. '' Did you liked her food so much? you wanna eat more? '' the master asked in wonder, '' Yes I am in love...with her cooking '' hsi eyes had a dreamy look on them. 

Alice hurriedly made the curry and rice and brought it to him. He looked at it carefully and took in the aroma then ate it. '' Beautiful... ten out of ten '' said the boy. '' You have won my heart ''.

'' I am glad you like it '' she replied smiling. '' I will come here everyday for the delicious food. Even fast food doesn't give this kind of service I really love the food here. Thank you Alice '' replied the boy with smiling face.

'' My pleasure '' she replied. '' How much do I have to pay though ?'' he takes out his wallet. '' This is one the house but now that you have enjoyed the food we will also serve these on the menu. No need to pay this time '' replied the master.

'' But I kind of feel bad about it though, I should pay back to you somwhow '' said the boy. '' Do you want to pay up no matter what?''. '' Yes '' insists the boy. 

'' Then introduce yourself Alice should know too who will be the regular customer from now on. This is my condition '' said the master. '' Well, alright then...'' he finally made up his mind about it. 

'' I am Jack Foster nice to meet you ALice '' he said with a smile. '' Want a hand shake?''. She nods holding the plate in her other hand. They both shooked hands.

'' Why does your name sounds familiar to me Jack? Maybe it's your surname I heard it somewhere where? I can't remember '' master asserts. '' No need to remember, I didnt wanted to lie to you that's why I didn't said anything about it. But I decided to tell this to you cause I trust you '' he said with a smile.

But Alice could tell that there was something wrong with him and she can't understand what it is though. '' How old are you ALice? old like this old woman here? '' Jack chuckled.

'' Who are you calling old?'' retorts the master. '' I am nineteen college student in the commerce field '' she replied. '' Then you have a good goal why are you working in this cafe ?'' he asked.

'' You can get a good job after this graduation and all ''. '' I know but in order to pay up the studying feees I have to do part time that's all. I can't burden my mom too much right ? we already live far away enough now that I am here. So I have to earn my own wage '' she gave a weak smile back.

'' A young girl like you is working to earn her own living I can't help but cry over this '' said Jack. '' But you have a dream right ? it's important to have a dream which will keep you going ''. 

'' A drean? well not yet ''. '' don't worry as long as you are around me you will find it '' said Jack assuring her. '' Are you done for the day? I am feeling tired and Alice has to go home now it's already 8pm '' complains the master.

'' Alright I am going , ALice do you want me to drop you on the way?where do you live ?'' he asked while getting up. '' I live in the third district of the western lane ''. 

'' Me too ''. '' What a coincidence , we are neighbours then '' said Jack excitedly. '' Then neighbour help her and escort her like a man. I am giving you the job '' said the master.

'' Yes Olivia as you say. Get changed then you won't go home wearing this maid uniform right?'' asked Jack looking at her. '' I will change '' she went away with her tinted cheeks.

She got back with her normal clothes as she had taken the maid outfit off. '' Looking good '' he comments. '' I am leaving then Olivia see you tomorrow goodmight '' said Jack. 

'' See you and goodnight ''. Jack opened the door for her. He walked by her side by side. They were walking among the crowdy streets full of people. The streetlights were making the ambiance good.

While walking Alice was all silent so Jack decided to speak up. '' So, when did you moved here? I mean you are not familir with the town right? ''. '' Ah yes I moved in some days ago ''. 

'' No wonder I hadn't seen you before. Don't worry I will show you around this place I am with you '' he gave a smile back at her. Her heart was beating in her chest. 

'' What's with this throbbing in my heart whenever he looks at me? is it because I am not used to stay around boys that much? is this the reason? '' she thought. 

'' You have pretty hair you know? those brown curls are really suiting you. I really like it ''. Alice stopped walking after hearing it. '' Why did you stop?'' he asked,

'' Do you always compliment people like that? I mean making comments and all ? '' she asked with a blushed face. She was looking at the ground. '' What's wrong with complimenting  about what you like? what I like is I like nothig else. Don't complain about it or else I will leave you behind '' he said with a serious face.

'' Then you will have to get back home at this time of the night all alone '' he said this to frighten her as he was about to walk away saying that she tugged at his sleeves from behind.

'' Don't leave for real though. You are unbelieveable '' she retorts with a pout. '' Now come with me '' he started walking again. But then he stopped. '' What's wrong?'' she asked.

He stood in front of a cherry tree which could be seen from the main road. '' Let's go there '' saying this he dashed out and dragged her by her hand. 

'' Where are you taking me ?'' she asked while panting. He took her into the park where is the cherry tree. The lights in there were making it look even more stunning and beautiful than ever.,

He finally let got of her hand when they stood in front of the tree. The wind was making the petals fall from the tree. Alice was panting heavily but she looked up to see the tree.

Jack also stood there in a daze. '' SOmetimes you know it's good to stay baack and relax keeping track of the things around us. Or else some things will go by as time passes and we will live our lives like that. I want to enjoy the every moment life has given to me '' Jack said.

She stared at his face. '' I guess I met someone who lives live more seriously than anyone else ''. The fallings petals dropped onto them being swayed by the wind. Some were stuck in her hair too.

He catched one petal falling. '' Hold out your hand '' he said. '' But why?''. '' Just do it ''. She did as he instructs. He gave her a petal in her hand and said. '' This will be your lucky charm , treasure it forever as long as you live ''. 

'' Your moment starts from here onwards Alice ''. From that moment onwards everythig in her life will change without her being aware of it. 

His radiant smile was something she wanted to treasure forever all her life. She took it in and placed it in the pocket of her pants. '' Thank you '' she replied with a smile.

'' Let'd get going then?'' he asked her. '' Ah yes '' when she said a strong breeze paassed by and she held out her hand to stop her loose hair from coming onto her face. She tucked it behind her hair.

'' So beautiful...'' he murmured in his heart. '' What is this that I am feeling? when she tucked her hair away from her face.. I could not help but feel her as beautiful. Then why could not i say it in her face? why? something is definitely wrong with me I am sure of it '' he thoughts. 

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