His and her circumstances

'' What's wrong? '' she asked. '' N-nothing I think we have been here for a while let's get going then, or else we will be late to reach home and we will be late. Let's get going '' he asserts and looks away blushing.

'' Alright then let's get going '' she replied smiling. '' Follow me '' he said without looking at her. '' Why aren't you looking at me?'' she asks noticing his weird behaviour.

'' It's nothing '' he replied. He started walking she was also walking beside her. Jack did not said anything to her while they walked. Alice noticed that he wasn't talking at all. 

That's why she decided to speak up. '' What are you studying in now? I mean as I am studying in college now ''. 'After a long pause he replied '' I am in college or not you can say cause I had dropped out of college before. Then,...it was my father who got me into college again '' he replied. 

'' I see, which college by the way?''. '' National university here ''. '' What? me too, then we are also in the same college ? which year ?'' she asked excitedly. '' 2nd year ''. 

'' I am first year so sad here I thought we will be in the same class what a disappointment ''' she asserts. '' What's disappointing in that? it's not like we have to be in the same class and I rarely go to college so don't mindd me. I like to live freely not be bound by anything I want to be free that's all '' he replied cheerfully. 

 ''You really are something huh ? but wait, how are you able to be in second year? are you older than me? ''. '' Yes of course I am twenty after all '' he replied. '' Didn't you knew this ?''.

'' You hardly said anything to me about yourself how would I know? ''. '' I know it's my fault anyway ''. While walking they reached their house. 

'' Here we are in front of your home now, go ''' he said arriving at the gate. '' I am going then, goodnight ''she said to him while standing near the gate. '' See you goodnight '' he went away.

She also went to her door. But before going away she looked back at him one single time, He also looked back at her. But they both don't know that. 

Inside her home, it was a tiny house that she got on rent a quite rundown place here. It was all cleaned as she doesn't like to see things dirty around her at all.

She had put her bag onto the chair in the kitchen and sat down onto the chairs. '' It was quite a hectic day '' she sighs. '' But it was fun ''. She was leaning back onto the table.

Then she touched the set of the flowers there andd picked one rose from the vase there. ''' He was also just like this flower '' she thoughts. Then she remembered that he gave the flower petal to her.

She took it out of her pocket and looked at her palm. '' I will keep it in as my bookmark '' she thought staring at it,. ''God I am hungry , what should I make for me at this hour? '' she thought looking at the clock.

It was around 9pm now. '' I need to look into the fridge if there's anything there '' she got up and went to the fridge. In there was a little pudding and a carrot and some beans there along with some mushroom.

'' What will I do with this? she thought. '' GUess I can make this into a hotpot '' . Then she took them all out and in a while hotpot was all ready. She started eaing happily by boiling it all down.

'' I wonder why does he likes my cooking so much? it tastes normal to me ''. Then she ate while thinking about him. '' I haven't called mom yet, I should call her and tell her about my work. She worries too much about it. I need to relieve her off her worries '' . 

''' Wish I can earn my own living, apart from working at the cafe I need to grab another job to stay here. Next month I need to pay my rent also with the college fees, glad I got a rent at a cheap rate here '' she sighs.

'' Now that I remember he told me not to sigh, I can't sigh too much ''. 

At Jack's place he got a pretty much big house than her. It was a big mansion with cars lined up. There were many maids and servants there inside. He went inside the maids and servants welcomed him. 

Without noticing them he went straight towards his room. Closing the door behind him he went to the bed and fell down. '' Wish I could stop staying in this house. I don't like all of this glamour and fame and lights ''.

Then someone knocks on the door. '' Young master please come and have dinner master is waiting for you on the table '' called a maid. '' Get out of here I am going '' he shouts. 

'' Why? even though  I don't like him then I will have to eat with him? just why? I hate him just hate him ''. He got up from there and was about to pass by the shelf then he knocked the picuture down there but it didn't broke.

He looked at the picture and got down on his knees to pick it up. It was the picture of an woman. Touched the picture. '' WHy did you had to go away and die mom? just why? and soon after you died dad remarried again. How could he do this ? I won't forgive him no matter what happens ''. 

Then all of a sudden he could see the face of Alice in the picture reflecting. '' What ? how was she here ?'' he thought. Then rubbing his eyes he noticed that it was not real. 

'' WHy is she in my memory ? am I getting absorbed into her or something ?'' he thought '' even though I only met her today ?''. '' I must be going nuts ''. 

The putting back the picture in it's proper place he got up and went out of the room. On the dinner table his dad was waiting for him. He was an man in his middle fifties. There was also his mom who was his step-mom.

She was a woman in her late forties. '' Come young master '' said the maid. Jack went to the seat and sat down far away from his father. '' So, son how was your day? I heard that you did not went to college again? '' asked his dad staring at him while eating. 

'' You know that how much worried I am  worried about your studies and all don't you want to be someone in your life? You want to waste away your life like this? You need to help me in my growing business right? '' asked his dad. 

Jack who was eating made a thud sound on the table. '' The food doesn't taste tasty at all this is not like her cooking at all '' he retorts. '' But master we all had prepared this well, what do you not like about this? '' asked the maid.

'' She's right , what do you don't like about this? '' asked his step-mom. '' Everything , I don't like all the things here at all. Thank you for the meal I am done eating '' he got up.

When he was about to leave his dad comments '' You are trying to escpae from the real situation here and that won't help at all. You need to grow up Jack. You are not a little kid to whine over foods you know? be matured ''.

'' I am more matured than you, than you who maarried a woman ten years younger than yourself. Don't you feel any shame at all ? But I feel ashamed about it. Your relationship with my mom it was a failed one and this one too. You can never succeed in your relationship just like I can't succeed in my career '' saying this Jack walked away.

'' I have had enough of this, will your son stop doing this all the time when I am here? I don't like to stay here as a result ''' retorts the woman. 

'' What can I do about it ? he's doesn't like you I have nothing to do here now stop this matter here '' his dad said. '' You never listen to me he's right you know our relationship is  a failed one. I am better off staying outside this house doing parties and all '' saying this the woman left from the table.