Valentina's Point of View

It was the fourth day of intramurals and this night will be our dance competition. The days ahead of the intramurals, I am just busy dancing, practicing, and especially preparing for my pageant day too.

"Are we good? You good?" our instructor asked us.

It was 5:30 pm and we're at the Medicine and Healthcare aerobic room. We're done preparing and changing our outfits. Someone knocked at the door that made some of us nervous. Akila opened the door and we saw Clint with Cion, holding four paper bags.

"Is Val here?" they've pointed me.

I walked towards their direction. I feel that all eyes are on me since a stockholder and the president has come to the aerobic room to see me.

"What is it?" he raised the four paper bags.

"You should eat. You're so skinny." while he's examining my clothes.

"We can't eat right now. The competition starts at 7." Clint put the paper bag in front of me and crosses his arms. I saw Cion, looking at me so I looked back at him.

"You have time to eat, Val. That's for your group. Eat up so you'll have the energy later. Can't wait to see you dance. Goodluck. We're going to the gym, the program is about to start. Eat." he patted my head and looked at me once more, securing that I should eat. I just nodded and bid him goodbye.

Cion is still standing at the doorway and looking at me. I raised my eyebrow that made him look away.

"Ace the dance competition," he whispered but I've managed to hear what he had said.

I just nodded and he followed Clint. I grabbed the four paper bags and saw 20 sets of meals, including bottled water. I've distributed among them the meals and told them that the stockholder has given each college a meal before the competition starts. I sat down beside one of my dance mates and began to eat. We've talked a lot and how excited we are in the upcoming dance competition.

When we're done eating, we still have 40 minutes left. We prayed and asked the Almighty for the blessing and we've cheered together inside the aerobic room. After that, we decided to go to the gym so that we can watch the others perform. There is an assigned bleacher for every college. I saw Nikki in the first row of the bleacher so I run towards her.

"Val. You look flaming hot like Cheetos, you girl." I laughed at her reaction.

"Thank you, Nikki. How's the pageant going?" I glared at her that made her read what I've meant.

"The practice is so tiring. I want to back-out. And I don't have any talent yet." she stammers as some of our colleagues are looking at us.

She moves and leans towards me, and whispered to my ear.

"You can do the practice, the intermission is easy. And I know you know what to do in the talent portion." she hugged me that's why I hugged her back.

"Slay at the stage, Val." she kissed me on the cheek.

I stood up when our instructor commanded us to prepare since we're the next one to perform after the College of Arts and Design. I smiled at Nikki and muttered "see you later" and waved at her. I followed them walking towards the backstage. We start warming up and stretching. We prayed again for the second time around. I can see in their eyes that they are nervous and some of us can't contain what they feel.

"Slay on the stage, Medics," we shouted together.

I exhaled heavily and tilted my head a little. I saw at the corner, parallel to where I am standing, Cion, looking at me. I looked away and continued to what I am doing to stop myself from being so pressured.

"Let's clap our hands, and welcome the competitors from the College of Medicine and Healthcare!" the host welcomed us that's why we run towards the stage.

I positioned myself in front and gave them my best smile. When the remix of our music starts, we start grooving and moving. I never stopped myself from dancing and just focused on the steps we've run through around. I saw Cion clenched his jaw when I raised both of my arms, revealing my sports bra. I just gave him a smirk and waved my body. I licked my upper lip when the beat stops, which means it's time to do the finale. I breathed heavily, and move my arms and do a back handspring and when I've landed, I did a split and smiled at the audiences.

I looked at Nikki who stood up from her seat and clapped while screaming and raising the small flaglet of our college. I scanned the place and looked at Clinton, who's seating in the left-wing of the gym, giving me a thumbs up.

"Go, Valentin!" I moved my eyes and saw Sajan, with his teammates on the left bleachers.

I stood up and moved backward so that we can fall in line and we bowed down. When we run towards the backstage, all of us shriek and hugged one another. We walked down the backstage and get back at the bleachers of our college. I run towards Nikki's direction and hugged her.

"Nikki. Come with me, please. I'm going to change." she nodded and we walked together to the aerobic room.

"I saw Cion, staring at me." Nikki looked at me when I started talking.

"Seems like he likes you." I shook my head and glared at her.

When we reached the aerobic room, I opened the door and let Nikki inside. I entered the changing room and grab my change outfit with me.

"He doesn't like me, Nikki. I just had caught him twice, kissing. I don't like those guys, Nikki. I had a trauma. Boys like him are just a no. I don't want to feel that trauma again, remember the last time I told you? My ex-boyfriend Wayne?" I sat down the changing room and began sobbing while hugging my knees.

I saw the curtain opened and a pair of sneakers in front of me. The curtain closes but the pair of sneakers, remained there, standing. I let my eyes filled with tears and sob even more.

"Val? Still there? Are you done?" Nikki shouted.

I was nervous and at the same time, my heart is pounding. I lift my head and saw Cion, looking at me. I wiped my tears and glared at him. I stood up and pushes him so I can get out of the room which is covered by a curtain. But before I can open the curtain, I felt his arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

I struggled in removing his hands away from me but I've managed to pull it off. I moved the curtains, I saw Nikki standing there in shock, I walked down the room, grabbed my bag, and walked away.

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