Chapter 16

She got paid for her article on the 10th.

But on the 15th, she had to pay for her rent.

The money she earned only stayed in her account for a few days before being transferred to the landlord.

She had a feeling that she was simply working for the landlord.

Fortunately, business was getting better.

Life would be easier when she paid off her debts.

Jack grunted, his dark eyes flickering.

Quentina explained in embarrassment, "Jack, my coffee shop hasn't been profitable yet. Currently, I still owe more than a hundred thousand dollars. The monthly income can only cover the fixed cost and the salary of the pastry master and the waiter. But don't worry. Although I'm not well off now, I'll definitely pay your money back in time."

She decided to write articles of more than twenty thousand words a day from tomorrow on.

According to the editor, her novel was popular online. She also promised that the more Quentina wrote, the more readers she'd attract. In this way, she'd be able to meet the minimum standard soon.

Quentina also paid attention to her daily income on the website personally.

She'd make much more money after meeting the minimum standard and at the same time, she didn't need to write so many words a day. Hopefully, her financial strait would be solved soon.

"It's okay. I can wait if you have difficulties. You know, I have a well-paid job."

Jack didn't care about the five thousand dollars at all.

He was rich.

In fact, he could pay for that bed himself.

But he preferred to sleep with Quentina...

Jack put his bag on the stool. "I'm hungry. Let's get ourselves something to eat."

Then he added, "My treat."

Quentina smiled. "Thanks, Jack."

They headed to the restaurant together.

"Quentina, we should act more intimate at your parents' place tomorrow."

Jack said calmly as if he was simply doing his duty as a rented husband.

Quentina tilted her head at him.

Jack explained, "You don't want your parents to know that we're married for other reasons, do you? Normally, newlyweds are intimate. Your parents will be suspicious if you keep treating me in this polite, distant manner."

Quentina was speechless.

A large hand suddenly grabbed hers.

Instinctively, she wanted to shake it off.

"See? You'll just shake my hand off. How's your mother supposed to believe we're in love when she sees you reject me like this? If she finds out that you rented me to be your husband, she'd scold you and arrange more blind dates for you."

Quentina opened her mouth but failed to say anything in the end.

What Jack had said did make sense.

She had to make everything more convincing.

Her mother had sharp eyes.

"So, I think we need to practice more for you to get used to the intimacy so that your mother won't notice anything wrong no matter how keen she is."

Jack was so persuasive that even Quentina, who always thought of herself eloquent, accepted his advice obediently.

She didn't dare to withdraw her hand held by him.

While they hadn't been strangers anymore since 11 years ago, Quentina didn't know much about Jack.

His warm hand held hers tightly. Quentina felt her cheeks turning hot too.

She complained in a low voice, "It's getting hotter these days."

Jack turned to look at her affectionately. Quentina blushed. Her bright eyes were like stars in the night. What attracted most of Jack's attention was her red lips.

(They must be very soft.)

"Yes, it is hot."

Jack replied gently, looking away so that Quentina wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

(Her cheeks were reddish. What an innocent girl.)

Although Quentina and Yale had been in love for years when they were students, she was so conservative in the relationship that Yale couldn't take any advantage of her.


They met an acquaintance on the first floor.

A middle-aged woman greeted Quentina with a smile, asking jokingly when she saw Quentina and Jack held hands, "Is he your new boyfriend?"


Quentina admitted with a smile.

"He's cute. No wonder you didn't hit it off with other guys."

Quentina also joked, "Zara, I don't judge people by their appearance. You know me. I attach more importance to the inner beauty."

"Yes, but the appearance is important too. At least, you should date someone who's good to look at." Zara always paid great attention to people's appearance.

Quentina was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood, so Zara always shared the food she cooked with her.

"Where are you going?"

"My boyfriend is taking me to the restaurant."

"Okay. Have a nice meal."

Zara left, smiling.

Jack kept a silent smile during the entire conversation.

He asked in a casual tone after Zara left, "Are there many guys hitting on you?"

"No! Otherwise, my mother wouldn't have urged me to find a boyfriend like crazy."

Quentina was upset that no man seemed to be interested in having her as his girlfriend.

She became more and more beautiful after 14, and there were many guys attracted by her beauty. However, no matter how exaggeratedly their eyes lit up when they saw her, no one asked her to be his girlfriend.

She had to muster up the courage to take the first step when Yale and she started dating in college.

Unlike other couples who stuck together every day, Yale and she only texted each other.

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