Chapter 9

"When did they get together? They have done a good job keeping it a secret."

In short, Zachary was in a mess. He wanted to fly to his sister immediately to ask her what had happened.

After picking up Zachary's call, Quentina and Jack were silent.

They returned to Riviera Café. Jack asked Quentina gently when she was about to get out of the car, "Quentina, do you regret marrying me?"

Quentina turned to look at Jack, who was gentle and handsome. He looked elegant in casual clothes. Besides, he spoke gently. He was a true gentleman.

(Why did Zachary call Jack evil? It's as if Jack will eat me if I am with him.)

Quentina felt that her brother had overreacted.

"Jack, we married because we reached an agreement. How can I regret marrying you according to the agreement?"

After thinking for a while, Quentina added, "I never do anything that I regret."

After careful consideration, she asked Jack to be her nominal boyfriend.

Jack smiled. "OK, I see."

Quentina blinked and felt that there was a subtext in his words. But she considered it carefully and didn't know what he wanted to say.


When Quentina entered the shop, her partner and good friend Xanthe came over. She pointed at the man sitting at the table in the corner and said softly, "Your ex-boyfriend is here. He has been waiting here for you for a while."

(My ex-boyfriend?)

Quentina looked over and found the man was her ex-boyfriend, Yale, who had been in love with her for four years and then abandoned her to be with a rich girl.

"What's he doing here?" Quentina muttered.

She had broken up with him half a year ago. Though she felt better, she still didn't want to see Yale.

Xanthe pursed her lips and said, "Who knows? When he comes in, he just needs a glass of boiling water and sits there for a long time motionless. If I hadn't seen him walk in with my own eyes, I would have thought he had died."

Xanthe and Quentina were good friends. Xanthe had witnessed how Quentina and Yale loved each other, but she looked down on a man like Yale who abandoned his girlfriend for his career.

When Quentina and Yale broke up, Quentina was so sad that she didn't speak all day. Xanthe was scared and scolded Yale a lot.

"Everyone here is a guest. Just entertain him. Remember to charge him for even a cup of warm water."

Quentina didn't see Yale for half a year, but she could stay calm.

Xanthe said true love couldn't be taken away and that it was better to see a man clearly before marriage than to see him have an affair after marriage. Otherwise, she had to sacrifice a lot to get a divorce.

Xanthe smiled and said, "Don't worry, I will let him pay for the cup of water."

Quentina strode in.


When Yale found Quentina, he immediately stood up and called Quentina affectionately as before.

Jack followed Quentina in and happened to hear Yale affectionately calling his wife "Quentina."

Jack squinted at Yale, looking annoyed.

Yale only saw Quentina. Seeing that Quentina didn't want to talk to him, he pulled out his chair and walked quickly toward her.

"Quentina, can we talk?"

Yale walked over and tried to hold Quentina's hand, but Quentina dodged.

"Quentina." Yale looked fawning. "Long time no see. Let's talk."

Quentina was more charming than half a year ago.

Yale didn't want to break up with Quentina. After all, they had been in love for four years.

But Yale was from an ordinary family. He had worked for a few years and had suffered a lot. He was ambitious and secretly vowed that he must become someone.

Coincidentally, the niece of the boss of his company took a fancy to Yale and insisted on marrying him.

Although the boss's niece became an orphan, the boss and his wife treated her as their daughter, even giving the niece the company's shares.

How could Yale resist such a woman throwing herself at him? After being with the boss's niece, Yale immediately abandoned Quentina.

Yale climbed the career ladder at a faster pace in the company. Those who had walked over him had to look up to him. Those were all the benefits that his current girlfriend had brought him.

"I have nothing to say to you."

"Quentina, are you still angry with me? I know I'm sorry for you. I apologize to you."

Yale smiled and apologized, but Quentina couldn't feel his sincerity. Even if she could feel his sincerity, she would not accept his apology.

"Mr. Sandgren, we don't know each other well. Don't call me Quentina anymore." Quentina wanted to leave.

Yale quickly reached out to grab her.

Quentina failed to avoid his hand this time and was held by him.

The next moment, Jack reached out and grabbed Yale's hand holding Quentina's hand. Quentina noticed that Yale's expression changed and then let go of her hand, perhaps because Yale was forced by Jack.

Jack stood beside Quentina. He was tall and half a head taller than Yale. Although Jack remained calm, he stared at Yale coldly, making Yale shiver. What a cool look!

"Who are you? How dare you meddle in my affair!"

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