M@fia's Love Story

Part 1

Cabir's pov

Just kidnap her...I want her at any cost...Manik said in dangerous tone..he seems very angry right now..

but kyu boss? I asked mustering some courage

it's the only way to take revenge from Dinesh Murthy ..he said angrily,his eyes were blood red and spitting fire..

Okay boss...I said simply,not choosing to ask anymore questions as he seems very furious now

Aaj raat ko kaam ho jayega ..I ended with this ...

Aur haan arrange a pandit also.,ask victor to do all shadi arrangements..he said stopping me while I was leaving

But Manik ye sab kyu?I couldn't stop myself this time as I was really confused why he needs a pandit for kidnapping a girl...

cabir please don't ask..It's my plan..

I want nandini at any cost. And rest you will get to know soon...he said irritated with my questions

Okay Boss ...I said


Nandini's pov

I am feeling a bit scared..but mom sent me to bring some necessary things for her do I had to step out ..Aiyappa please save me from this dark night...

I was lost in thinking and praying to aiyappa then suddenly I was pulled by someone into a car..

I could not understand what happened with me in no time..I was in a car and 4 men surrounded me

Two of them caught me with their hands tightly..while one of them was on phone talking to someone..he was wearing a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans but he seems dangerous among all

Boss it's done..I heard him saying over the phone..

I was trying to make my hands free from their grip and crying for help..I was shouting..help me.please...but there was no one to save me...

In 15 mins we reached a place ...it was so dark..I was unable to see things clearly...

2 men still holding my hands and they took me inside that place..

Sir she is here...I heard a man saying to another one...the man was wearing a black coat and white shirt under it with a black paint...

His dress shows that he works as a bodyguard here...but why am I here..

I was so confused,I was crying continuously...

okay...Now u can leave..I heard another man saying..he was sitting on a chair..

His face was not visible till now but he seems dangerous among all..even more than that white t-shirt guy in the car...

I waa sweating badly..why I am here..what they are gonna do with me?

This place does not seem normal ..

I dont want anybody inside except this pandit ..he said in very dangerous tone

Ok boss...the bodyguard said

kaun ho tum?N mujhe yahan kyu laye ho..I muster the courage somehow and spoke...

He dint pay  any heed to me as if he dint hear me

pandit ji shadi start kro...he said

shadi kiski shadi? I asked scared

Humari shadi.. he turned towards me and this was the first time when his face was exposed to me...

Author's pov

He was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans..he is handsome though but very dangerous at the same time...

He is 6 feet tall..slim ,have sharp jawline .

Nandini - what nonsense..tumhara dimag toh sahi h na .main tumse shadi kyu krungi...main ni karungi shadi.. anger...

Mujhe kidnap kar liya aur ab mujhse Shadi kr re ho...I will go to police..you can't do this..this is not legal...she said in angry tone

Manik- Nandini legal toh main kuch karta hi ni...he said with smirk on his face and rahi baat police ki toh jao..I am not scared of them and yes shadi toh tumhe krni hi padegi..he said with authority

Nandini's Pov

Who is this man and why on earth he wants to marry me , and ye police se bhi ni darta , ye hai kaun?and isko mera naam kaise pata hai..I was very confused and scared at the same time..

This man is not ordinary man.. Nandini you are in big trouble..jitna socha tha usse bhi jyda dangerous lag rhi ye jagah aur ye log..

Kaun ho tum aur tumhe mera naam kaise malum hai ..somehow I asked

You are so naive..tumhe kidnap kiya h toh tumahra naam toh maloom hi hoga..

In fact naam hi kyu mujhe tumhare bare me sab kuch malum h..he said mocking at me

please I beg you...mujhe jane do..

Please...I said in pleading tone

pandit ji start kariye..he ignored my request

Pandit starts but I was not not ready so he came towards me and holds my hand forcefully and pulled me to mandap...

He is holding mt hand all the time...his grip is so strong ..I can't move even a bit

Tears were rolling down my cheeks..pandit ji was chanting his mantra...

He was doing according to what pandit ji telling him to do...

He filled my hairline with sindoor...I had no option so could not do anything..he then tied mangalsutra around my neck ..

Ab phero ke liye var vadhu khade ho jayie..pandit ji said

then he picks up in his arms for phera ...we took seven rounds around fire...

Shadi comepletes...pandit ji announced

Now you are Mrs Manik Malhotra..

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