part 2

Here are the characters of my story...

Manik Malhotra -  Ruthless ,Arrogant, introvert

Biggest and richest Mafia king of World.

Everybody fears him even from taking his name...

Cabir Dhawan -  Manik's confidant ,best partner...

Manik treats him like a brother...

He is fun loving and always make others laugh by cracking stupid jokes

Navya Naveli - girlfriend of cabir Dhawan..

A good girl with kind heart.she is also funny..

Mukti malhotra - as arrogant as manik but loves her friends and family like anything..

Nandini Murthy - an innocent & naiva girl who just spreads positivity, spreads love...

Dinesh Murthy - Father of Nandini Murthy..

He is also in Mafia world..

Biggest enemy of Manik Malhotra..

Sarita Murthy -  Mother of nandini Murthy..

Nandini's pov

My dad won't spare you Mr. Manik Malhotra I said warning him...

He dint say but laughed at me like I was a fool who said a nonsense thing..

Now he put me down ...and pulled me by my hand...

he sat in the ,still holding my hand...

to my mansion, he ordered his driver

Ok sir ,driver said and started engine

After a ride of half an hour we reached his mansion

As soon as we reached one man came running and opened the door for him...

He seems to be working for him..

he got down off the car dragging me with him forcefully...he was treating me like an object...

He was pulling ,pushing according to requirements ignoring the fact I am also a human who feels pain.

I looked at mansion..this is not mansion only but seems like a huge palace..

2 men were standing at the entrance..

And the same man , bodyguard who was there where I got married forcefully..

Manik Malhotra seems very rich...and powerful as well...

We entered into the his villa ...

Author's pov

Manik has developed a society where more than 100 people stay with their family

And works for Manik.

Manik makes an announcement in loud voice and all gathers in the big hall after the enterce door

Manik - so all ladies and gentleman...

Here comes my new personal slave...he said mocking at Nandini

Nandini's pov

What ?what did he just say... personal slave..I was not able to digest his words...I was about to speak but he gave me no chance..

It seems nobody talks when he talks...

Nandini Murthy...

Aaj se ye meri slave hai.and mere sare kaam sirf ye hi karegi...Baki koi I clear?

He said in loud tone..

Yes sir..they all said together

I was feeling very humiliated , I started crying very badly...

Everyone leaves but that man,and 2 girls of mt age did not leave

Cabir's pov.

I was looking at the girl...she was wearing q white top with blue jeans ,crying but I was shocked when I saw a red color in her jawline..then I quickly looked at her neck to confirm my doubt.

Yes it is there...

Manik...tune isse shadi kar li?

I was in deep shock .

Haan toh..Manik said rudely

But kyu?I asked

Aur agar shadi ki h toh use slave kyu bol raha h? I asked again without getting a reply from him

Cabir kal baat karte h...Manik said..

And you come with me...he dragged the girl to his room forcefully..

Although this girl is daughter of our biggest enemy but still she seems innocent...don't know why I think..she does not deserve this...

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