Mafia's son


4.93k words

4 chapters



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Marco, the fifty years old Mafia king has every sin written after him. Human trafficking, murder, prostitution, smuggling, drug dealing and list never ends. He leaves no clue behind as he proudly shatters lives of others. He has been smart enough to escape the well established traps of the Police and the government.
FBI agent Anastasia is assigned to get hold of the leading Mafia king Marco. But when a stranger comes to help her she is little skeptical about it, can this be a trap? Why would anyone want to risk their life?
Life of a Mafia's son is not easy especially when you want your father dead. But what happens when the son of the Mafia king, the next ruler of the Mafia, decides to kill the king? Is this greed or is this a revenge? Will he be successful? What is the dark secret hidden from the world? Can Anastasia unveil it?
Join this filthy roller-coaster of thrill, fear, suspense and love.
Hold your seat and witness the dirty dark secrets uncover themselves.
Sit back and relax as you see the Maf



It's good, keep writing Anyway, I have an offer related to writing story and I'd like to talk about it. If you are interested, you can reach me on insta: ods.apa or message me at leonandre880 (at) g m a i l (dot) com Thanks.

2023/1/17 Reply

Sofa Novel

not good

2021/9/8 Reply

Netumbo Jerry

so good

2021/8/16 Reply

Jude Ehrieyovwe

Amazing piece again...

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