Mission Marco

I called Mary through the intercom and asked her to bring Ryan, Sam and Jacob in my office. Mary was sort of an intern, she was preparing to be an agent at FBI and also worked as an assistant to a few senior agents like me. This was just to help her understand how our agency worked and develop crime solving skills. She would also be a part of the team. I then called Zack and asked him to bring all the past information regarding Marco, he was also an intern like Mary. I started thinking of anyone else who could help us with the mission.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts.

"Come in" I yelled.

Ryan, Sam, Mary and Jacob entered my cabin.

"Beautiful Ann, I heard you were thinking of me" said Ryan flashing me his charming smile. Sam and Jacob rolled their eyes and Mary didn't react as she was used to Ryan.

Ryan was a flirt, he didn't leave any opportunity to flirt with anyone. That's just how Ryan was. Everyone loved him. I fake smiled at him.

"No Ryan, I wasn't thinking of you. I was thinking of Marco."

"Marco?" Jacob questioned.

Sam clenched her jaw, anger clearly visible on her face. Sam's brother Samuel was on of our agents and he lost his leg killing Marco. Marco shot nine bullets in Samuel's leg which made him handicap for his entire life. He was stuck with his wheel chair forever. Samantha hence always despised Marco. A knock on the door was heard and everyone turned their head towards the door. Zack entered the cabin with files. I was waiting for him to come with the appropriate files.

"Now that everyone's here, let's start the meeting. Please take your seats."

Everyone sat on their chairs, the environment suddenly changed to a very intense and serious moment.

"Director Joshua has assigned me to arrest Marco-"

Mary gulped and Jacob took a deep breath. Ryan and Sam had their jaws clenched. Taking a deep breath I started my sentence.

"According to director, activities of Marco are getting worse and it's high time we get hold of him. In order to arrest him, I need best of the bests agents and I have chosen you."

Jacob's face instantly turned red on the compliment, he always had been the shy (get awkward over a compliment) guy, I couldn't help but smile at him. Everyone looked at him with a smile on their face.

"What?" Jacob exclaimed trying to hide his blush. Everyone started laughing, Jacob smiled too. It was pleasing how fast the mood changed from serious to happy and funny. Working as a FBI agent, your life was always in danger, there always will be at least one person who wanted to kill you but, finding happiness in little things like these was what kept us sane. Just fooling around, making fun of each other and finding joy in senseless incidents. Everyone turned back indicating me to start elaborating on the mission.

"Alright, we all are aware of the past unsuccessful missions to arrest Marco."

Zack gave a slight nod.

"According to director Joshua, our agents are guessing traces of human trafficking in nearby locations."

"Are we sure that Marco is behind the human trafficking activities?" asked Mary.


"What is the plan Anna?" Sam inquired.

Everyone in the agency called me Anna except Ryan who likes to call me Ann. I took a deep breath to start elaborating on the plan.

"Zack open the map of Las Vegas," I ordered.

He quickly rolled out quite a big map of Las Vegas and everyone else helped him pin the map to the table. I opened the drawer to grab a marker. Circling an area and pointed towards it.

"This is the Night Owl Casino and it's owned by Marco, our agent Hussain is working there as a bartender under the identity of Gabriel and he has suspected presence of Marco in the casino."

"There are two ways to enter the casino: the front gate which is the main entrance for the customers and the back entrance which opens to the dark alleys of Las Vegas. No one except a few staff members are allowed to use this entrance." I continued.

"If Marco comes to the Casino, it's surely using the back entrance. I can spot a bank opposite to the main entrance and it surely will have a CCTV camera. Marco is very intelligent, he wouldn't risk it," Jacob commented.

"Agreed," I said.

"Absolutely correct," Sam pipped in.

"Two of us will enter using the front entrance and one will be keeping eye on the back door. Other two will be patrolling at a distance and will be keeping an eye on the front door. Do you guys want to make any changes?"

I patiently waited for everyone to think about the plan.

"I think we are good to go," said Jacob.

"Yes, please continue," Mary continued.

"Alright. Has anyone of you worked with or met Hussain?"

"As in Hussain who is working as a bartender in the Night owl under the identity of Gabriel?" Ryan inquired.

"Yes!" I replied.

"I haven't," Ryan answered.

"Neither have I," said Jacob.

I looked at Sam, Mary and Zack for an answer. They just shook their heads saying no.

"Okay. I've worked with him before so I will go inside the Night Owl with Zack. Sam will be on the back of the casino because I think she can easily tackle more than one thugs. Ryan will be outside the front gate and if anything happens he can easily help Sam or I. Mary and Jacob will be at a distance keeping an eye on the nearby activities. Any questions or suggestions from you guys?"

"What are we exactly going to do inside the casino?" asked Zack.

"I will meet Hussain and have a talk with him. Apparently he has some confidential information pertaining some illegal activities that Marco is going to perform. He has proofs with him which I need to collect. By the time I do this, I want you to observe the casino and have a look for any suspicious person or thing."

"There's a high possibility that smaller gang leaders and criminals will be on the spot. You can find out who else is supporting Marco in his sins." Jacob said to Zack.

"I shall do so."

"Mary and Jacob, I want you to find out other suspicious places near the casino where Marco could be possibly carrying out his crimes."

"Yes ma'am" Mary replied, Jacob just nodded his head with approval.

Ryan got up from his chair with enthusiasm and said, "Let's get this bread bitches!"

Everyone else smiled and bumped fist with excitement.

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