you will marry me

" I'll make you mine. Mark my words, soon to be Mrs. September Zachary Wilson."

I blinked twice to register his words in my brain and as soon as I realized what actually meant, my body froze in fear.

September Zachary Wilson.

Every nerve in my body screamed to earse those words from my brain and just disappear away from his eyes which were looking back at me with seriousness reflecting from them.

" Wha-t?"

I asked still in shock and that's when his lips curled into one of his dangerous smirk.

" You will marry me."

He said in his strong and dominating tone which caused a chill shiver to run down through my spine.

All I know is this ruthless, brutal , scary, killer dog will not take any other minute to throw me into the arms of death if I utter a single word against him.

" Say yes."

He demanded with a dark tone and I clenched my fists together to stop myself from falling on the floor.

Sweat beads formed over my forehead , I licked my lips nervously and took a small step back but before that can happen, he pulled me closer to him by grabbing me by my waist.

I shivered in disgust and pressed my eyes closed.


He yelled and automatically my eyes snapped in his direction which only reflects brutality.

I tried to wriggle myself from his hold but all in vain.

" P-please l-le-ave m-m-e."

I shuttered with tears continuously flowing down through my cheeks.

" Now now now. My little, innocent, fragile, soon to be wife. Would you say yes or take this bullet directly into your head?"

He said with a smirk and then only he pulled the gun from his waist band and after letting me go, he pointed that gun directly at my temple.

I gulped down my saliva in fear and slowly nodded in yes.

He smirked again and after few seconds he pulled me by my elbow towards him. I get collided to his strong chest and closed my eyes shut.

" Look at me."

He said and I followed his words.

" You are mine and don't ever f-cking dare to deny this fact. Understood?"

My mind started repealing his each and every word and with trembling fingers I tried to push him away.

He crocked up his eyebrows evilly and then tore my shirt apart.

I stood in front of him in shock but without wasting any single second, he placed his sharp knife over my bare shoulder.

I hissed in pain when he pushed that knife deeper into my flesh.

Blood oozed out and then only he let out satisfactory smirk after watching my vulnerable state.

" Welcome to hell.. My future wife."

He said and with that he forcefully claimed my lips with his.

His lips moved sickly over mine and when he realized he had enough, he pulled himself back and run his gaze over my body. I shivered under his dirty gaze and tried to cover myself with wrapping my hand around myself. He smirked then placed his thumb over my shoulder skin which he had already bruised. I clenched my fists to suppress the tears from falling down. He pulled me more closer to him by my arm and then pushed me harshly on the bed. My breath caught up in my throat and I quickly covered myself with a blanket.

He chuckled lightly and then sat in front of me on the bed.

I brought my knees closer to my chin and mentally wished that someone just come and whisper that this was all just a nightmare and nothing much.

What if he'll marry me? Then I will have no any option then staying with him who might try to r-pe me or more worst he might kill me too. No one get to know that what had exactly happened to me. Just like he did with my parents and Hunter. He killed them in front of my eyes but no one get to know that he was behind their murder. No one.

And talk about marriage. He had forced me to marry him but how can I? To the point of bullet or to the fear of being r-ped?

Marriage is a pure thing. It is a bond between two hearts but here this criminal doesn't hold a heart. He only knows how to broke hearts by killing their loved ones.

I only had a thought of marrying Hunter. I had imagined how perfectly will be our life after our wedding but nothing like that happened only because of this monster Zachary Wilson.

" Your body is mine babe and I have every single right to treat the way I want it to be."

He whispered and then pulled the blanket away from my body and then his eyes lingered over the wound from which now fresh blood had started to come out.

" You want to hurt me. Don't you?"

I asked weekly and pressed my fingers lightly over my wound to ease out the pain but it hurted like a bitch.

" No. I just enjoy watching your pain."

He replied in a mocking way.

" So just kill me. You'll also get the maximum opportunity of witnessing my pain and at lest I'll be free from a disgusting and cheap criminal like you."

I spat with a fake smile and then pulled the blanket again over my body.

His jaw gets clenched and he stared me with his eyes burning in rage. I licked my lips and tried hard to not to look at him because if I say that he wasn't looking scary then it would be world's worst lie.

" Don't test me September because I might not be able to kill you but I will definitely love to kill your remaining family of two."

He hissed and that's when my face drained it's color.

Claire. Chris.

How could I forget that now it's not only about me but also about them.I couldn't risk their life with this criminal. He would kill them for sure.

I gulped down my saliva and looked at him with tears filling into my eyelids.

" Please don't. I promise I will marry you."

I pleaded and rubbed my fingers together.

Really September? You are agreeing to marry that criminal?

My consciousness mocked me but I earsed that thought when both Chris and Claire's smiling face popped in my mind. My life had already became hell but I will not let anything happen to them. If marrying this criminal will brought security to their life then I am ready to marry him.

" Good. Now kiss me."

He ordered in a stern tone. I cringed at the words of kissing him but after collecting the enough strength, I shifted more closer to him and after forcing my actions, I placed my lips over his.

Everything in me felt disgusted at that moment but by remembering about Chris and Claire, I did. I did kissed that person who was on top of my hate list.

He smirked in between the kiss and then his fingers rested over my shoulder skin from where blood was coming out. He looked there and something strange happens with his facial expression because for a second I saw something regret like coming but it disappeared instantly into blank look.


The hell with you September. When he didn't regretted killing peoples then why he'll regret hurting you? Who are you to him? Just a simple fuck toy and nothing much. And I am damn sure that he will kill me the second next he'll get bore from of my body. Till then all I have to do is just to send Chris and Claire to a safe place.

" Will you marry me?"

I bite my lips in hesitation after hearing his question and replied the exact thing which he wanted me to say.

" Yes."

His lips twitched up into a smirk and then he stood from his place and then after pecking my lips, he went to nightstand and then pull out the first aid box.

I just looked up at him in confusion and when he returned to me, he sat again and slowly pulled the blanket away from my shoulder portion and then with blank look plastering over his face, he took out a peice of cotton and dipped it into the antiseptic liquid.

I said nothing just stared at his face.

Why he's doing this? First he had given me the wounds and then trying to heal it?

Now to which extent he can go low? I am sure there might be any other plan of him behind cleansing the wound. So that once again he can hurt me.

I blinked and moaned in pain when he rubbed that cotton slowly over my wounds. I clenched the material of his shirt when a deep burning sensation arose.

I shut my eyes,unable to handle the pain and that's when I sensed him putting bandage over my wounds.

" That little girl is your own daughter?"

He asked out of blue and I nodded quickly.

Yes. She's my daughter. I know I haven't given birth to her but still my feelings towards her are all motherly.

" With whom you had slept?"

He asked in a dangerous tone and I should have seen this question coming from him. This all asking about Claire was just a way of knowing that I was virgin or not.

" I am not virgin. That's all you want to hear, right?"

I lied in a straight tone and then removed his hand from my shoulder.

A displeased look took over his face and he clenched his fists tightly.

" Hunter. With him you had slept?"

He asked with his nose flattened and eyes narrowed.

I rolled my eyes but couldn't controlled my heavy heart which filled with immense amount of pain.

I was his girlfriend but we had always planned to had s-x after marriage because Hunter always said to me that you are already mine but I would make you mine both officially and physically after our wedding.

" Yes."

I lied confidently and turned my eyes away from him.

He didn't said anything just removed his shirt and after placing it over my half naked body, he walked out of the room.

I frowned in confusion.

What's wrong with him? In one second he was all ready to r-pe me but after a second next, he placed his shirt over my body.

I pursued my lips together and let my thoughts sink in about how beautiful my life used to be and how easily only because of one person, my life has became all sucked. I don't know what my future holds because one thing for sure with him, I will get only and only pain.

Whenever his face comes in front of me, all I can see was a criminal.

I tangled the button of his shirt quickly and as soon as his smell of Cologne entered my nostril, I hated myself for feeling the warmth and comfort.

But I couldn't take his shirt off as it was the only way to cover my body.

Suddenly someone knocked over the door and eyes went wider in fear. Is Zachary back again?

I didn't said anything just fixed my eyes on the door which flew opened after few seconds reveling a similar face but it was of not Zachary instead it was Blake whom I had seen that day.

What he's doing here?

" Err..Are you okay?"

He asked in a deep British accent with his fingers lightly brushing through his dark brown hair.

I took a chance to notice him. He was looking unsure and hesitant.

" I am?"

I asked back and we just looked at each other, dumbfounded.

He cleared his throat then took a step towards the bed and I nervously pulled the blanket more to myself and my fingers automatically started shivering.

" I will not hurt you. Relax."

He soothed and held his hands up in surrender.

My nerves calm down a bit and then I realized that he was not like that criminal Zachary. His eyes were soft unlike him.

He sat at the corner of bed and then passed a small smile to me.

I noticed him rubbing the back of his neck in hesitation. But just like a statue I sat and looked at him.

" Zach had told me that tomorrow he's going to marry you. Do you really want to marry him..I mean after what know after everything?"

" Yes."

I said and then averted my gaze away from him.

" You sure?"

He asked once again and with clenched teeth I simply nodded slowly.

What the f-ck with him? He's acting like he care? But I know very well that's he's also same like Zachary after all he's his friend. What else I could expect from him?

" Leave."

I said in a hoarse voice and pressed my eyes shut.

" Fine then be ready tomorrow for your wedding."

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