Chapter 14

A loud roar from the beast shook the ground, and rattled the sky. All the other goblins screamed in joy, then suddenly their grotesque forms started retreating. The Hobgoblin’s rooted their feet, watching as the Goblin Lord hit a cart with his club. It flew, smashing into pieces out of sight.

Pure fire rushed through her veins, heat filling her. The air seemed to crackle around her, and it wasn’t just the fire. It was as if reality melted away as she hyper focused, each detail of its marred flesh laid before her eyes. She dropped her quiver, bow, and bag, it was deadweight. Watching the beast, she tied her dragon tightly and securely to her front before gripping her sword from where it rested.

Her bastard sword seemed to sing in her hands, as if it ready for battle. She patted her chest twice, giving her dog a command. He was to keep at a distance for this fight. He backed up three feet, ears forward and ready.

She was ready, she took a step forward.

“You mustn’t!” Vivva’s deep voice alerted her as she felt a hand on her shoulder, a yelp followed immediately after. Her eyes trailed to the person who was now cradling said hand. Vivva’s eyes were wide and filled with fear. He must have gotten hurt from one of the fires, his hand bubbled with blisters. Behind him, people were retreating, gathering the children and running. He too, should have be running.

“D-don’t worry, r-run.” Her voice was steady as she forced a smile for the man. He stared at her, his jaw clenching. Before he could say another word, she vaulted forward towards the beast.

Air filled her lungs, and it felt as hot as the fire in her veins.

Adrenaline. It was not something she had felt in a long time. The Goblin Lord’s eyes fell on her, the only one who seemed to be going towards him. He roared once more, his thundering steps steering towards her, and club raised high. Despite his size, he was fast on his feet.

Hot breath passed her lips, and she felt shivers of excitement across her skin.

They were upon each other, the ground shaking, and screams echoing. The beast swung, the club was large and heavy, giving her the time she needed to sidestep. The club hit the ground, and it felt as if the world shook. She raised her sword, then brought it down on his bare arm. It was not enough, her sword embedded in its flesh, only two inches deep. His skin was thick, his muscle hard as wood. She imagined his bone would be steel.

She released one hand, before gripping the swords guard. She pulled while stepping back, tearing through the flesh and releasing her blade. It was only a minor wound, but it was a start. Its yowl of anger was enough to shake the trees, and the hobgoblins retreated.

It was her and it, now. The fire raged, the smell of smoke filling her nose as she watched the Goblin Lord look over its new wound. It grabbed the club again, this time with its other hand. He was ready, and angry. She grinned, crouching forward with her blade ready.

It swung, wide and sweeping. She rolled forward, between its legs, gripping her dragon to her chest and taking the brunt of the force on her shoulder. She could hear her dog bark, trying to get the attention of the beast. The Goblin Lord paid no attention to her dogs bark, instead it leaned forward, looking for her. She took the opportunity to get steadied on her feet, and swung sideways at its calf.

The swing was hard, and her sword embedded itself it its flesh. She gripped the hilt, pulling her sword free as she stepped out of the Goblin Lord’s next attempted to swing at her. The wound on its leg, and the large off handed swing was enough to stagger it. It stepped, blood squirting from the wound she had just created.


The beast limped, trying to right itself. She swung at the leg closest to her, her sword slicing the muscle below the wound created moments before. A large chunk of skin chipped off, hitting the ground with a light plop. Blood spewed, and the beast screamed in agony, lifting its leg in pain. He held the said leg with his injured arm. This would be perfect-

He swung again, she ducked it and stepped in, aiming her sword at its other leg. The beast brought back from the same swing, and she had to back out from her full force. She only nicked her target, but it was something.

She would chop this beast like a tree if she needed.

The fire was hot around her, and it felt as if she was burning up.

The beast righted itself, putting its injured leg down and widening its stance. Blood squirted from its wound and into the grass. It put both hands around the club, eyes ablaze.

Next, she would try go for behind the knee. It was a bit high, but it was prime area.

She felt her dragon wiggle against her chest, and she took a long breath.

She could do this.

The beast took the first step, and she mirrored its movement, watching it for indication of where it planned to strike.

It lifted its arms, the club touching the sky. She rolled forward once again, between its legs. It brought down the club faster than expected, catching her cloak. She unclipped it, continuing her roll with the remaining momentum. A bit unbalanced, she kneeled, before hopping into stance.


She needed to be quicker.

The Goblin Lord was already turning.


She swung at the tendon of the leg, but missed as he stepped sideways.


She lunged forward, driving the point of her blade into the spot between tendon and bone. It sunk though the flesh, and she stepped into it, driving the sword deep.

She released one hand, gripping the hilt, and forced her sword through the tendon, and outwards.

The beast screamed, its leg dropping unwillingly from under it mid-turn. It was faced sideways- now was the perfect time.

She planted her feet, and swung at its neck.

She watched as the beasts eyes widened in fear. It tried to raise its arm, but was too slow. Her blade sank into its jugular. The beast gripped her sword, and she quickly pulled it back, slicing its hand with the movement.

Big green hands attempted to clench the flesh at the neck, but it knew, and she knew, the blood fountain would not stop.

It dropped from its knee onto its side, still gripping at its neck. Wet, warm, and slick, the blood was putrid when paired with the smell of smoke. The beast did not move its hand from its neck despite her approaching steadily, two beady eyes watched her, red and full of fear.

She raised her sword, then, brought it down into its eye socket.

The arms released, flopping, and there was no more movement from it.

It was dead.

“SCreeeEE.” She heard it before she felt it.

She looked down. In her lower right abdomen, she could see a pike emerging from within her.

Where was her pup? He was supposed to warn her of attacks!

She gripped the pike, steading it as she turned. Whatever got her- had no other intentions after impaling her.

It was the goblin she had let live, the one who ran in fear. The goblin cradled itself, eyes wide in the same fear. Red was across its face, and beside him was none other than her beloved dog.

She swung her sword at the goblin, killing him a bit too swiftly. His blood sprayed onto her beloved friend.

Tears filled her eyes. The fire was hot, burning hot. Dizzy, so dizzy.

She dropped to her knees, grabbing her friend. He was limp, but warm. There was a possibi- Then she felt it. The- …. She sobbed, her body shaking.

“It will be okay… It will be okay…” She said to her friend, holding him tightly to her as she buried her face into the fur of his neck. She could hear him breath ever so softly, but it was not enough. The tears would not stop, blurring her vision along with the pain. She gripped him tighter, feeling his little tongue lick her cheek. “Please, please be okay.” His breath was slow, ragged. He was hardly clinging on. She sobbed, her body quivering as she felt his tail wag once more for her.

That was it. That was the last of his energy. He went limp in her arms, and she could do nothing but hold him as he took his last breaths.

She could feel his last breath, small as it was.

He was gone. It happened quickly. No.. This couldn’t be…




This couldn’t be!

Pain, so much pain. The pain in her heart was many times worst then the pain of her body. It was… So much. So much. It was clawing at her, tearing her apart.

She screamed, holding her friend close to her chest with all her might. All the air in her lungs was gone, and her head was light, too light. Her vision dotted, and she swayed.

Everything went black.

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