04 ╸breathe

BUCKY AND STEVE were at the bar, talking about both of them going back into the battlefield, together, when Peggy had come up to them and was listening in to the conversation. They didn't mind, they liked her company, and let her jab in remarks to the discussion. That was when his eyes landed on her, the mystery woman. She wore a sapphire blue Ancient Greek style dress that brushed along the floor as she walked, a sleeve longer than the other, her hand sneaking up behind her as if searching for something, and whatever her hand landed on made her face look a bit more relaxed than before. She was pretty tall, almost six feet in height, probably taller, with warm, tanned skin and sparkling brown eyes. Her brunette hair was put into an elaborate bun at the base of her neck, and he noticed that all the men had stopped talking and began staring at her.

When she had walked up to them, her eyes were hard-set, like she was still in battle, but small traces of happiness lined the corners, which were crinkled up as she smiled. A tiny dimple at the top of her cheek, on the upper right-hand corner of her ear, had come to life when the corner of her lips tugged up. She introduced herself as Diana Prince, her voice having a thick accent, one that made her say Steve's name weirdly: St-eh-ve.

Her eyes landed on him and they looked worried. Steve and Peggy had started a conversation of their own as Diana leaned in and whispered, "Are you alright?"

He didn't know what she was talking about until he felt his manhood press tightly against the fabric of his trousers, and, with an embarrassed flush on his cheeks, he excused himself as coolly as possible, hiding the boner from unwanted eyes. She looked truly troubled, hands gripping onto the sleeve of her dress, watching him as he walked away. Bucky persuaded the blonde secretary to come into the bathroom tents with him, her eagerness of having sex after going for a few months without it, but Bucky was quiet. He didn't want this blonde woman. He wanted Diana.

She attracted him towards her like honey attracts flies. From her full lips to her warm brown eyes, the blonde female giving him oral was nowhere near being as beautiful as the Amazon. He shook his head and reminded himself that he had just met Diana, he shouldn't be having feelings towards her beside friendly feelings.

His manhood turned flaccid in the blonde's mouth before he could chase his orgasm; he was done with the sexual feelings and peeled the woman off of him. She muttered something about him having to have sex with her in return, which he replied with a 'no thank you.' She slapped him and walked away, Bucky rubbing his cheek and sliding his pants up. 'Fucking bitch,' he thought.

He walked out in the chilly night and followed the sounds of the loud chatter and music. The only light source came from the small slit in the tent, but he made it far enough without tripping to actually pull it open, letting the light and sounds flood out and the cold rush in. Many didn't care, but others moved out of the way to the warmest spot they could find.

"Where were you?" Steve asked as he drew nearer.

"Uh..." he thought, "I was in the bath tent."

"I saw that you went with Miss Doyle there. Why?"

Bucky knew not to lie to Steve; he somehow always knew. Bucky still sputtered as he tried to answer. "Uh, well you see Steve. . . when a man ―"

"Diana turned you, didn't she?"


DIANA WENT TO sleep that night thinking about the blue-eyed, brunette boy from Brooklyn.
He was really nice to her despite rushing out within five minutes of meeting her, a mysterious bulge in his pants, his cheeks painted red with blood blush. He talked about how Steve used to be short and small, how they both used to sleep together in order to keep Steve warm during the winter, and how they both used to go to the library and scope out old books.

The man she saw in front of her seemed like the man he talked about; sincere and caring for others despite the fact he, too, has gone through some hardships over the years. He told her about his parents and his younger sister, Rebecca.

He then asked her how many family members she had and she replied with a quick, 'Just my mother.' He asked her about her life, though she lied most of the time, she told some truths. She told that her family had a long line of soldiers from another country (Greece), how her aunt had died when she was younger and replied that she was currently twenty-four years of age.

Diana wished she was able to speak to him even more, but duty called and she had to be ready to answer it.

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