Mrs Rodriguez


"Yo, Trent! You're gonna be at my party right?" Trent's best friend Cole asked from the bench.

Trent was practicing with the other players for Saturday's game, we were at the top and it was just normal to remain there... Or Coach would have our heads.

"Yeah, but I'm sure your fans would want an invite too," he said, jutting his chin towards the girls drooling by the side. "Don't break their hearts partner."

From the giggles and squeals he could hear, Cole was definitely working his charm.

"Trent, fetch!" A newbie we just recruited yelled before tossing the ball and it hit Trent square in the chest, but he was more bothered with the newbies attitude.

"Yikes! I've heard a lot about your legendary throws and great partnership with the ball, maybe that's why you can't catch." His confident smirk only grated Trent's nerves. "Bummer. How are we going to get by Saturdays match?"

Weighing the ball in his hand, he threw it right back at the newbie, a loud snap and a pained yowl filled the air.

"Bummer, I guess you'll never be able to catch a simple ball, that was my weakest throw. You'll be a liability out there on the field." Trent fired back.

"You'll pay for this you bastard! Just wait, I'll get you- the principal will get wind of this." He gritted his teeth probably for the pain.

"An accident during training?" Trent pulled the most innocent look I could muster. "That's not worth reporting."

Realization then defeat showed in his eyes, but from the vibration of his body Trent had a feeling he would deck him if everyone wasn't watching.

"Get off my field newbie!" Coach screamed from the sidelines.

His ugly pale skin glowed an ugly red, mixed with his sweat–Trent had never seen anything uglier.

"It's Pres-"

"I'm not your mother kid I don't care about your name, get your ass off my field and TRENT!" Coach exclaimed, stopping the newbie in his tracks.

Trent sighed, stretching his legs in advance as he already knew what Coach was about to say.

"10 laps, do it running. Jog once, you start over, stumble and break your neck, I'll give you a gaddamn burial!" Coach yelled.

The newbie walked off the field like an atomic bomb. Anyone would be wise to steer clear.

"Ha! Just don't be late to my party, Trent. Now, run around like an ostrich." Cole said and Trent pushed him into his admirers, they tumbled down like it was a game of bowling.

"Start over, Trent!" Coach yelled.


"Damn! You reek." Cole continued to taunt Trent till he walked into a shower stall. "You know you tell me not to break hearts, but you broke the ice queens heart, Tren Tren."

Gwen, AKA The ice queen, the school's blond barbie had been out to get him since he became popular. An unusual smirk adorned his face as he thought about how he got to be popular.

It wasn't always fan girls and crappy letters in your locker, he was a nerd, still was a nerd just without the glasses and less awkward.

No one noticed him till he made his debut on the field, his legendary throw had kept them champions for three years or rather it was the person he threw to... Cole.

We were always in sync on the field, his rhythm always matched Cole's. Above all, he could catch and that was the best feeling ever!

Yep, I'm fan girling.

He mopped the extra water off his hair after he traded his smelly clothes for new ones.

“Atta boy, you look almost ready, let's go. Maybe our blond barbie might take your virginity.


He could feel the bass of the speakers from the beginning of the street, his introverted feelings almost swallowed him whole, but he wasn't that shy kid anymore.

Cheers broke out when they walked into the house, they were handed beers and got slapped on the back.

He scanned the crowd briefly catching blond barbie headed towards him at full speed and Preston downing shots like a pro, while he glaring at him.

“I'm glad you finally made it baby, now I can finally have some fun.” Gwen trailed her manicured fingers down his torso, but it only made his skin crawl.

“I'm glad you're having fun, but I'm just here for Cole.” he stated, disliking her over painted face.

“Can't Cole share you?” She blinked her big probably fake eyes at him before shifting them to Cole “Can I just borrow him for a bit Cole? I promise he'll have a lot of fun.

“Sure you can, Mi casa es tu casa after all.” Cole smirked, throwing a wink her way.

“I told you Cole didn't mind me being with you.” She looked at him from below her lashes. Fake.

“And I told you I was here for Cole, I'm good just where I am. Thank you for offering.” Pushing all her limbs off his body, he walked to the bathroom to catch his breath. He didn't miss the reddening of her face or the amusement on Cole's

When he was sure he could handle another Gwen episode he exited his comfort zone. Plastering a smile on his face, he weaved his way through the crowd.

“My man, who rejects free food?” Cole slurred.

He wrinkled his nose in distaste, he wasn't even gone 5 minutes. “I didn't want a tummy ache.

He cringed when Cole barked out a laugh.

“Well guess someone else gets to have the eaten apple.” Cole pointed to a spot where Preston looked like he literally had his tongue down Gwen's throat. Trent mentally gagged when Gwen winked at him.

“I've had enough for one night, I'm turning in. Happy birthday man, I'll see you tomorrow.” Cole waved him upstairs before making a beeline to the beer keg.

Walking straight to Cole's room, he didn't want to imagine the disasters going on in the guest rooms.

Cole was going to have a fantastic hangover tomorrow and coach was going to have him for lunch. He snickered at the thought of Cole running round the field when he heard something drop in the room.

“Damn! why isn't he here?” Gwen's voice broke through the silence.

Shit, why couldn't she leave him alone?

Walking as silently as he could, he hid himself in Cole's closet. The bathroom door creaked open and Gwen poked her head in before cursing out loud, she stomped out of the room before slamming the door.

Cursing under his breath, he shoved his hands through his hair. He couldn't sleep here tonight that was for sure.

Unlocking the door as silently as he could, he scanned the hallway before taking the stairs to the top floor of the house.

It was a restricted area, but he didn't think Cole would mind besides all he wanted to do was have a good night rest.

“I see you made it earlier than I thought.” A commanding husky voice said from the top of the stairs, but it was hard to make out who it was because it was extremely dark.

“I'm s-”

“It's fine, let's just have some fun shall we?” She pulled him past the door letting it shut behind him.

All he could smell was danger still no feeling of fear.

Her hips swayed as she walked in front of him and his tongue was glued to the roof of his mouth.

What did he get himself into?

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