Maria huffed for the third time as she read her daily magazine.

Dean had called her to gush about the increase in sales and inflow of sympathy notes immediately Cole's accident hit Daily times.

Her phone kept buzzing, she loved the attention but right now all she cared about was why Trent kept avoiding her.

It had been three days. THREE!

How could he be ok avoiding her while she was shaking with need.

At exactly 3pm Trent walked in, the exact time Maria was supposed to leave.

He nodded his greeting totally ignoring her afterwards focusing solely on Cole. She watched them for a while before deciding she had had enough.

She picked her bag, signalling the driver to pull out in front she kissed Cole goodbye before locking eyes with Trent.

It was just a matter of time, he would be where he needed to be soon. Maria consoled herself with that thought already formulating a devious plan in her head.


Trent heaved a sigh of relief when Cole went back to sleep.

He came everyday to help with Cole's memory lapse, the doctor advised he be treated the way he was, telling him about his condition might worsen it.

Cole was still very far back in time, Trent prayed he would heal just in time before the finals if not his friend would have a very tough year ahead of him.

Trent had received three letters from the three schools he had applied for respectively.

He promised he wouldn't open them until Cole was well enough to open them with him, if worse came to worse he would attend the city college so he would be close.

It would be a slash in his dreams but Cole was the priority right now.

Closing the door behind him, he waved at the nurses walking through the halls, he liked to stroll around the hospital before going home, occasionally greeting the patrons he moved to the next floor.

Trent finally got to his destination, the children ward.

There was this particular baby he always wanted to see, she was born prematurely at six months with a poor set of lungs, the doctors said she was fighting for her life, every day she survived was a miracle.

Placing his hands on the glass he knew this was something he wanted to do, this was where he wanted to be.

He was going to be a pediatrician, he wanted to make life easier for them, cooling the hell they were going to grow up to endure.

The broken bones, the bully report, the over dosing, he wanted to help from the root, a child's heart had to be protected at all cost.

Once their innocence was ripped to shreds then life would begin for them, things would make sense and decisions would have to be made.

Good or bad Trent wanted to start from the basics, heal from the basics and learn from the basics.

Giving up his dreams sounded fun minutes ago but now he wasn't sure he wanted to be a book keeper after going to the local University.

Cole would be fine, he had to be. Trent wanted to be the last person to leave him behind.

It looked like he wouldn't have a choice.

Rolling his car keys, he didn't recognize the silhouette standing beside his car till he got there.

“Well waiting 3 hours can be very amusing.” Maria said with no softness in her tone.

“I didn't ask you to wait.

Maria chuckled tapping her fingers rhythmically on her jeans. “No you didn't Trent, I waited here because it seems I need to make an effort for you to not see through me.

“I don't know what you're talking about Maria.” Trent relished the way her name felt rolling round his tongue.

Maria took a deep breath fighting with her head and her hormones, the former wasn't going to win anyway.

“You're going to LA with me”

Trent raised his eyebrows waiting for her to scream 'April fools day' even though it was late July.

“I'm sorry you lost me at 'you're' can you repeat what you said.

Grabbing his shirt Maria brought him the few inches down to the point where she could kiss him.

It was anything but playful, pushing him into the sides of his car she grinded on him till she felt him grow.

Trent groaned trying to force the law of biology back into place.

When Maria teased his tongue into her mouth common sense was thrown out the window.

Grabbing her ass he reversed their positions leaving no space between them.

Maria moaned when he pressed his full length into her, breaking the kiss so they could both breathe; Maria traced his face with her fingers trying to memorize everything.

Trent inhaled her scent, she still smelt like a lively meadow, he was never a fan of flowers but she rocked it.

“Trent” Maria whispered hoarsely. “I'm sorry, I know I said some pretty mean things but I'm not that shallow, I don't want to ruin what we have, it feels so good, it feels good to me.

“I wanted to forget you but you've bought every slot in my dreams, you're the only woman I've ever wanted this bad but what of Cole?

“Cole will be fine, what I need now is you, come to LA with me.

“I can't, I have scho-”

“I've taken care of everything, all you need to do is just say yes.” Maria nipped his chin.

“How'd y-”

“Doesn't matter just say yes.” Maria cut in.

Trent growled at the interruption, trying rapidly to think of something else.

Bingo. “Uhh my mom won't let me.

Maria laughed that throaty laugh he only heard once in a while. “Your mom thinks you're going for a field trip, she was bothered you didn't take any clothes but I had my driver sneak in and out of your room to make it seem like you did.” Trent stared wide eyed at her in shock. “Oh and nice house by the way, I loved the decor.

“Fine I'll go with you.” Trent grumbled half-heartedly.

“You didn't have a choice either way, I always get what I want.” 

Trent recognized the gleam in her eyes, his body responded in kind.

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