Trent stared un-amazed at the private jet in front of him but inside he had ran round the jet multiple times.

Maria had said just one or two words since they left, she walked ahead of him into the jet, he just walked behind taking her cue.

She nodded to the hostess before buckling herself in. 

Trent frowned at the odd behavior before taking the seat opposite her, the pilot did his usual check-in, the hostess had an everlasting smile on her face.

They really pay her to be nice and friendly. Trent marveled at the thought of flying all day just smiling and being nice.

The jet was in the air in no time, Maria took her hand bag disappearing somewhere he couldn't see.

Trent furrowed his brows while he played with his fingers, he hated not knowing what to do, he didn't even understand what was going on.

Should he follow her? Should he not? Did she want him to? But she didn't say so. Damn.

He sighed staring out the window, he had flown a couple of times to see his dad Dave in Greece during the holidays.

His parents were divorced, he didn't know why but he knew Dave had other kids and he was the only one allowed to see him, his mom never allowed his siblings meet Dave.

Eyeing the beautiful horizon Trent imagined life in three years, maybe he would be using glasses then. Ha

The air hostess spoke into her earpiece before smiling at Trent. “Mr. Trent Mrs. Rodriguez asked that you joined her in the bedroom.” she said as she pointed down towards the rear of the plane. “Just keep walking down Mr. Trent” she finished with a smile.

“Uh-h tha-nks” Trent stuttered almost tripping over his feet.

He blushed when she giggled at his clumsiness, hurriedly making his way to the rear he let out a sigh of relief when he finally found the door.

Knocking softly before entering, Trent stared in awe at the interior of the bedroom space.

It had WiFi, working space, a huge gigantious bed and a wardrobe. Trent fan girled in his head.

“I can see you like it” Maria drawled from the bathroom door. 

“Uh yes I do, I l-ike it ver-y much.” Trent stuttered for a different reason this time.

“What's wrong Trent, you don't like what you see.” Maria smiled cockily as she sauntered towards him.

Trent loved what he saw, Maria was clad in an attractive lingerie cut with a plunging neckline, her breasts were full and succulent.

When she turned to smile over her shoulders, her ass stopped him dead as everything in him suddenly came alive.

“Are you trying to kill me?” Trent turned towards the window begging his brain not to listen to his balls.

“I wasn't but I am now.” Trent heard shuffling behind him before silence. “Turn Trent”

“What mischief have you planned now?

“Nothing you wouldn't admire if you would just turn.

So he did and there lying before him was Maria with her legs wide open, her pussy an offering for his eyes. Her next words propelled him forward.

“Come eat” she said

Just like he was in a trance, he took slow steps before kneeling in front of her, he worshipped her with his eyes before breathing in her essence.

With a deep growl he swiped his tongue over her pussy.

“Lesson two, don't bite, don't suck too hard and lots of tongue Trent, a whole lot of tongue.” Maria said breathily.

Sucking on her clit in response, she moaned when he entered her with his tongue.

Trent separated her folds with his fingers then located her clit with his tongue, when Maria pushed his head deeper into her pussy he sucked it into his mouth.

“Oh my God tr-ent” Maria cried out.

Taking that as his cue, he swiped faster while sucking her clit into his mouth.

“Trent i-m clo-se” Maria grabbed a handful of the bedsheets so she wouldn't rip his hair off.

Trent flattened his tongue over her clit before shaking his head side to side.

Maria came screaming into her palm with thighs shaking, Trent kept at it till she came down from her high.

“Oh my God” Maria whispered.

“How was that?” Trent smiled licking the remnants of her essence off his lips.

“Why don't I show you” Maria smiled wickedly guiding Trent to lay on his back. She got rid of his belt, his trousers came off next. “Oh my, just looking at you gets me all wet but I want you in my mouth.

Trent grunted when Maria licked the tip of his d**k, he took in breaths slowly so he wouldn't get carried away, he was really close but Maria couldn't know that.

Maria sucked the tip into her mouth all the while massaging it with her tongue, when Trent threw his head back she took him deep till she gagged.

Trent pushed her head till she took all of him, he stretched her throat trying to fit all of him in.

“Fuck Maria” Trent gasped

Desperately trying to put down a choking fit Maria slowly released Trent's d**k.

Turning so her pussy was in his face, she initiated the 69 position so she could take him in to her fill without him interrupting her with his hands.

When he buried his face in her pussy she realized she might be the one in trouble.

It became a battle of wits and tongue work, Maria sucked him like her life depended on it while Trent took no breaks eating her pussy.

When he began to grow in her mouth she knew it was just a little time before h-

“Fuckk!” Trent yelled as he spilled in her mouth. “I'm done, I'm d- Fuck!” Trent shook as Maria kept sucking him.

He slapped her ass as he moaned into her pussy, the vibrations Maria felt on her clit sent her over board again as she sprayed her cum on Trent's face.


“Is this what happens when they say she squirted?” Trent asked wiping 

Maria tried to hide the blush creeping unto her face.

“Awwwwn are you blushing, I thought I would never see the day high and mighty would turn re- ow” Trent yelped when Maria hit him.

“Don't even start you disco light.” Maria teased.

“I am not” Trent mumbled.

“Are too”

“I am not”

“Disco say what”

“What?” Trent asked in confusion.

“Got you” Maria laughed hysterically.

“I don't like you anymore” Trent pouted 

“Well I like you” Maria whispered in his ear before walking into the bathroom.

Trent joined Maria in the bathroom to save water. Wink.

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